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Last Updated On: December 15, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Ashley Furniture Industries Inc
Corporate Address:
1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, Wisconsin 54612 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 608-323-3377
Company Contact: Todd R Wanek - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 49 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 23

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $55,310.77
Average Reported Losses: $1,128.79

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Rude Delivery Drivers

On June 13th I had a scheduled delivery from Ashley Furniture. Initially, I was not given a timeframe for my delivery. I did receive a call from the automated number but it hung up before it gave the delivery timeframe. I was not worried because I knew I would be home all day.

Early the following day, I received a call saying that my delivery would be arriving within the next hour. Just like it stated they arrived within an hour.

I was upstairs during the first few minutes of the delivery, but when I can downstairs I saw they were placing the console on the wrong location of the sectional.

I explained to the gentleman I would like it on the other end. He then questioned me and said that everyone puts it on the other end. I again explained I would like it on the other end and to slide the sectional down, so the end wont be poking out of the living room.

He hesitated and acted as if I was bothering him. He stated that he could not slide the sectional down, because it would be cause a large gap from the back wall.

I explained that sliding the couch a few inches would not be a problem and wouldn’t cause such a large gap. He continued to act as if I was completely asking for too much.

There were times that they both completed ignored anything I was saying, and was completely rude. I asked him what was his truck number because I was definitely going to file a complaint against them. He acted like he did not hear me at first, and then said truck 5.

He finally shoved me the clipboard to sign and walked out. They left the trash in the middle of the floor, never said goodbye, thank you, have a nice day, nothing.

I later found out that he lied about his truck number, and they scratched my wall while setting up my delivery.

I couldn’t believe the type of people Ashley has contracted to deliver their furniture. If this is the type of service they feel is adequate to paying customers I will never purchase from them again.

I have since contacted the Ashley store in Chesapeake, VA that I purchased and a message suppose to be relayed to the manager in charge of the delivery trucks. However, I will be contacting them again to ensure the message was received and contacting corporate.

Ashley Furniture Truck 9 – Chesapeake Virginia

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I ordered a panel bed and mattress on 11/4/17 to be delivered in 3 to 4 wks. I called delivery service and they said they were behind because of Thanksgiving so delivery would be the so I call on the 12/4/17 they said they were waiting on the headboard and rails to come in on th 12/12/17 and delivery would be the 12/15/17 so I called on the 13 and still waiting on count of snow they behind and if comes in the can deliver it on the 22 but don’t know if it will come So I called the… Read more »
I ordered a Couch and not only that it came with the bottom torn but they brought me the wrong couch. Then I went to the store and complained they cave me $75.00 gift card when back to use it and the customer rep horrible, stating he can not take the gift cards but his manager was just as horrible. I explained the situation, but he also would not take the gift card, he reason was they “Turned Corporate” and it will not be honored. I’m just so disappointed in Ashley Furniture. so now a have gift cards I can’t… Read more »
In 2010 I spent $2,100.00 on a modular sofa I thought would be my focal point of the living room and the last major expense on sitting I would spend. Now in 2017 the whole sofa is peeling. I have had to remove 1 module already into the back room it is so ugly. The other 5 pieces are doing the same: no animals, no kids. The customer service said “wow, aren’t you lucky to have had the beautiful sofa for such a long time”. This is not a long time. I am furious and know I have been ripped… Read more »

I purchased a mattress from Ashley furniture about 18 months ago it is now sagging in spots they sent a Ted with a ball of string they said that I would get a call in a few days it has been two weeks when I call they con have a answer!!!!

Worst furniture buying experience ever. I purchased a mattresses and living room set. The quality is poor and Ashley would not consider replacing the furniture.

i ORDERED A RECLINER, IT CAME ON TIME, NO PROBLEMS, AND GOOD SERVICE. Best place ever. I would buy again and again. I live in Georgia.

A Law Suite needs to be filed and placed on all social media channels.

Well… after reading these reviews and seeing the rating of this store, my fiancé and I should’ve known to stay away from this place. But, we decided to check it out and thought maybe WE would be that one couple to experience satisfactory customer service. Haha, wrong. I’m laughing because of how put-together these crooks think they are. FROM START, we called to get a price on a furniture set and worked with good ole Tommy from the store. The price we were told was awesome! But, it was durablend, so what do you expect. Anyways, Tommy said that he… Read more »
How is this place still in business?This is the worse company. If one is considering buying anything from the this store, run far away. Worse customer service if any company I have ever dealt with. Poor quality furniture. I purchased a sectional couch at the Manassas Virginia location in September of 2016. It took a month for delivery. Upon delivery, we discovered half of it was broken. I called customer service and requested a new couch and was promptly told they do not replace, only repair. But, I could have anything repaired with it for the first year. After 2… Read more »

Purchased leather furniture and after 1 year the leather began to peel away leaving a large area in the head rest section. To make matters worse I purchased the warranty for $300 under the salesman’s word that it covers “everything”. When I went to file a claim it was rejected saying normal wear and tear is not covered. This is clearly a defect. If this is what $3,600 of Ashley Furniture looks like after 1 year you would be a fool to ever step foot in that store.
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I’m having the same problem with the insurance that I purchased from Ashley . HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I’m filling a complaint with BBB and my daughter is a lawyer I’m taking Ashley and the insurance co MONTAGE FURNITURE SERVICE to court. They are taking our money.

Dresser that I did not order was delivered and my son dresser was delivered broken. I was under the impression I was ordering a dresser from the Zelen Collection but because they did not have it on the floor the sales person showed me the Juaro Collection and told me it was the same color. He sent me the Juaro dresser even though I requested the Zelen dresser. When I went to the store to tell them about the mix up the sales person and another manager told me that there was no difference and that they was the same.… Read more »
Ashley’s Furniture @Cincinnati Northgate Mall. Went in with my dad and was approached by Sales rep – George, who said hi and gave us the expected greeting and acknowledgement when someone walks into a store. Great! We looked around and saw a recliner, but I had to also looked at other stores to see what they had. Came back that evening with my husband, walked around for 20 minutes. During thst time we crossed paths 2x with a sales rep, who just kept walking and said nothing. greeting, and rudely ignored by sales rep. We were ready to purchase… Read more »
Ma’am, The store is located in Woodbridge or Dale City VA. My wife spoke with someone last-night and was told that this claim was not referred or routed to higher authorization for approval. Also, she was informed that the person with that authority will return on 17 November 2014 (Monday) and if she can wait until then. Any Suggestions on how we can expedite this issue. I have $1200.00 tied-up at this establishment with no solution but to select something that I do not need. I know for a fact they would not treat their family-members or the CEO’s family… Read more »

I use to work for Ashley Furniture, I could tell you some stories about the owner of the Ashley Corparation and their Ashley Home Stores. Save your self from a lot a lot of headaches. Buy from different manufacture!

My husband and I purchased a reclining loveseat from Ashley Furniture. We are both retired and on Social Security. The amount we paid for this loveseat was a good portion of our monthly checks. After the delivery people left and in a different light we saw that one side of the loveseat looked dirty and one of the arms had beading on it. It seemed as if this was a floor model that had been delivered as new. We called and were told that a person would come out to take a look in about 10 days. He arrived and… Read more »

I’ve a plan for buying some furniture for my bedroom and Ashely furniture conception is able to gives me a vital look about his furniture. But the company’s policy that says that they make exceptional furniture and stand behind their product conception makes me impress to enjoy your furniture.

I have contacted the BBB on Montage (insurance company) and Ashley. I purchased my furniture paying over $3000 plus insurance $500. Loveseat and sofa both have burn marks in them. I have received since 5/29 2 bags of foam and one bag of material which nothing is correct. I have about 30 calls to Montage with the BBB they are on top of it. Today Montage informed me I should receive the correct stuff within 3 weeks. Save yourself frustration, time, effort don’t buy from Ashley or get insurance. Anyone who does have issues should contact the BBB its worth… Read more »

Montage Insurance is a joke HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE . They are taking our money for the insurance and they don’t do anything if you have a problem

– We did have 120 days to make sure this was the bed for us, but after a month we were tired, crabby, and hated this mattress, Called to have it returned and were told we have to give it a chance and use the 120. we called back on day 115 and were told we would have to pay the return shipping, and prorated the time we used it, plus we could not get money but we would have to choose from the beds in their store. Well if you have already bought their "BEST MATTRESS" where do you… Read more »
PART1 of 2——We purchased a memory mattress (Top Line most expensive in the U.S.) from Ashley. We did all of our homework as to what mattress we wanted for over a year. We then received it from Ashley Furniture and understood it would take a few months to get used to. for the first week we slept in the guest room to allow it to conform and reach the home temperature (We were told) Well finally started to sleep on the bed and it was hard as a rock, I’m not kidding you, it was THAT hard, room temp was… Read more »
When will I ever get my furniture??!!!! They haven’t even bothered to call, I had to call them today and was told the warehouse was backed up. To make matters worse the receptionist was rude and chuckled when I asked if they could deliver it tomorrow. Now my order is backed up. Maybe if they delivered more than twice a week that wouldn’t be an issue. I should have commissioned some Amish guys to make it, I wouldn’t have probably gotten it by now. (Next "delivery" day it’ll be 31 days since I placed the order, and no guarantee I’ll… Read more »
Ashley Furniture delivery men arrived at our home this morning and would not bring a bedroom set into the house unless we signed a damage waiver, exonerating them from all responsibility to our walls, floors, carpets and ceiling. This is both absurd and nowhere to be found in the purchase agreement or any other document that we received. Our home was prepared for delivery in every respect, including the removal of a front entry storm door, all furnishings in the room and in route to the room. Even the dog (a mini schnauzer) was crated and fresh coffee was brewed… Read more »

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