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Last Updated On: March 26, 2017

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Business Name: Provide Commerce, Inc.
Corporate Address:
4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, California 92121 USA

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Sharis Berries Phone Number: 877-237-7437
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Company Contact: Kevin Beresford - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.36 out of 5
Based On: 156 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 291

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Reported Losses: $5,157.58
Average Reported Losses: $33.06

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Lost $50, an on-time delivery and had to order from another website and pay same day delivery fee b/c they couldn’t get my order right.

I placed an order on Tuesday for delivery Friday. The Sharis Berries Website checked me out with birthday greeting, delivery address and confirmed time (before 8pm Friday).

Apparently Sharis Berries did not process my order, however, there was no notification about that fact. When I realized it had not gone through it was too late according to them and the only offer was they would help me place my order again (for the same price I paid and the same delivery fee).

After some back and forth they offered to pay for $15 shipping fee on a new order. Ridiculous.

In this day and age when there are companies who can get items to me within 2 hours, I don’t need to give money to a company with horrible customer service and a weak online site. I hope to see Sharis Berries go under soon. Sounds like others have had similar experiences.

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Alternate/Additional Business Names: Proflowers | Red Envelope | | | Cherry Moon Farms | RedEnvelope | Shari's Berries | Personal Creations

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Is anyone at home ProFlowers and Sharis Berries? all I could reach was customer service out of the good ol’USA that couldn’t help me and couldn’t transfer me to anyone who could!

another unhappy customer

Just received a gift of melted chocolate with very warm strawberries

My husband ordered Sharis Berries for Valentines Day for me to be delivered on V Day. they were delivered but the berries were not at all chilled and beries and chocolate were broken into hundreds of pieces. For the advertisement of chilled berries and huge berries, we did not get what he ordered. We will never,ever order again and we have told all our friends too. Absolute waste of money!

I agree with you, my sister sent me some and they was not fresh at all the chocolate was all broken up. The strawberries were rotten. A waste of her money, I’m reporting them to the BBB.

Nena Sergent Harville
My daughter organizes the Heart Gala in Knoxville TN. I wanted to send her some berries the morning of the event. The berries started out at $44. After delivery fee+Saturday delivery fee I paid $73! It was fine because it was a special occasion and I wanted her to have them THAT DAY! I tracked them. They were delivered to Knoxville Saturday morning at 7 am. Of corse I thought they would be delivered. Sunday I called her and she said she had not gotten anything! I tracked them again and now the estimated date said Tuesday!! I called customer… Read more »

Worse customer service ever. Berries were sour and green. Horrible experience. First and last time. Warning don’t do business with this company. Stars would be 0…

I was redirected to Sherri’s Berries by my credit card company with some discount. So i browsed the website…then I decided to check the reviews…Thank goodness I did…It looks like I dodged a bullet! Thank you everyone who took the time to write a review…It helped stop me from a bad decision!!!

My birthday was 2 days after Valentine’s Day and my cousin sent me a gift of chocolate covered strawberries. We they arrived they were already a little bit mushy. I feel they were supposed to be Valentine’s Day shipments and these were leftovers that were sent to me. Not fresh at all. I would not recommend these to anyone! I did call customer service and they did offer to send me a new box but I really didn’t want them!

I ordered strawberries for my fiancé for Valentine’s Day. They never arrived but when I tracked the shipment, they said delivered. When I called to complain, the offered to send me a replacement that would arrive two days later. That also did not arrive. They again offered to send another shipment that should of arrived today, two days later. It never did. I asked for my money back and gave up. Alllll shipments said delivered. I’m so over them. Never again.

My husband ordered chocolate covered strawberries for me for Valentines day. After having trouble ordering them and asking to speak to a manager 4 times and never speaking to one he was told the order could not be stopped. We were charged $107.00 for them after we cancelled the order. We ended up getting 1 small box and 1 large box and they were horrible. The berries were mushy and the chocolate broke into pieces when you tried to eat one. Our order #’s were 331368182252-1 &331368182252-2. Very unhappy with this order and unless this is resolved in a matter… Read more »

comment image My husband ordered roses and strawberries. The dead rose bush arrived and an hour later I got the slimy inedible strawberries. Check out the pictures. They don’t even do it justice by the next morning the “roses” were brown.

I would like to express how I am totally dissatisfied with your product. My order arrived a day later than scheduled AND the product was horrendous! My daughter opened her box of dipped strawberries to find them smashed and melted. I paid an additional delivery fee for my order to arrive on 2/13/17 and it did not arrive till 2/14/17. I realize the 14th is very busy as why I asked for the delivery to be on the 13th. At any rate the fact that the product was a total fail is such a disappointment. I don’t believe I would… Read more »

I ordered 6 Valentine berries, and was able to apply the code to double the order., S&H seemed steep, but arrived on time in an insulated box to the Chicagoland area. The temps have been around 30 degrees average lately. They all looked good, but my wife had to throw them out. The berries tasted bad, and were all mushy. I did not try customer service…why get more of the same?
Looking back on it, I see no products are rated on their site. I wonder why?

What if we call some of the outspoken sponsors and tell them what a rip these products are and that by advertising they the sponsor have no credibility.

Strawberries were good the “mixed dozen roses” not as pictured and wilted within 24 hours. Horrible value.

Customer service is HORRIBLE! Ordered two dozen strawberries for valentines day on feb 9. They were delivered to the wrong address. Called on 14th, turns out they got address number wrong….after clarifying SEVERAL times on original order….Said they would make right, partial refund and next day replacement to correct address( again, several repeated attempts to clarify correct info). Called on 2/15 because of no delivery and AGAIN, same exact thing to the exact same wrong address. I have no issues with “outsourcing” , but d**n! At least be able to take the info properly. Side note : No where is… Read more »
On Feb 7 I ordered from Shari’s Berries for my niece for valentines day. I ordered the 10 dipped cherries and half doze fancy strawberries. This offer was supposed to come with 10 additional cherries at no charge. I paid a total of $25 in shipping charges for her to receive them on Feb 14. The delivery finally arrived at 6:45pm. Unfortunately it only had 10 cherries with the strawberries. The strawberries had a funny taste (preservatives maybe) they were completely covered with chocolate so my niece found out the hard way that they never even took the stems off… Read more »

typo correction… chocolate came off of a lot of the berries. I ate one berry.

My husband ordered these for me for Valentines Day. A dozen. There were 6 large berries and 6 very small. The chocolate come off a lot of the berries, and the berry juice had seeped through as well. I hate one berry it tasted fine, the other 11 had to go in the trash! They were overly ripened and almost rotten. Very disappointed with my 1st shipment of these berries. Wont order again. What I received for my Valentines/20th wedding anniversary looked NOTHING like what is pictured.

I spent a lot of money and one didn’t go to right address and the other did not show up on 14th and speaking to Cust service they took forever and always system problems. I asked where the call center was out of several times and she finally hung up on me. Apparently didn’t want me to know so I am guessing it is overseas

I kept hearing about Shari’s Berries on the radio and other places and thought okay i will try them out. 1st they did not honor my product code for double berries “thought what the hell- order them anyway”. So i ordered 6 “Gourmet” berries for Valentines day.
They arrived and were so small, and looked like i could have made them from the local grocery chain. Def not worth the 20$ plus tax. I advise get some from the grocery store and make yourself….or get them from a chocolate store!!!

This was not my 1st time eating from Shari’s Berries nor my daughter’s. She ordered me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. When I received them on Sat. 02-11-17 I had 4 little strawberries… the others were big but they were bitter. I may have had 3 sweet ones. Well my daughter paid good money and postage for that order so she sent in a complaint. I received another dozen of the same strawberries and this time 10 were small and 2 were medium size and all of them were bitter. I was soooooo disappointed in the taste… Read more »

What a shock! I’m so disappointed and feel totally ripped off. I was excited to treat my family on Valentine’s Day to what was hyped in the advertising as huge, delicious and beautiful berries we’d all swoon over. My jaw dropped when I opened the box to find 6 measly little berries. Thank goodness I ordered the cheesecakes too (one squashed), or our dessert would have been pitiful. And the berries? Absolute garbage-pale, watery, mushy, flavorless-as though they had been previously frozen. Shame on you, Shari’s Berries.

My Mom ordered me 6 chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines day. They were supposed to arrive on February 10th, and never did. When I called for a re-order, the second shipment went to the wrong zip code and also never arrived. I called to re-order once again and change the zip code so that the berries actually made it to me. I was on hold for 15 minutes waiting for someone to answer. After someone finally answered, they told me that they could refund me, change the address, and re-order for the third time. Out of nowhere, the call failed.… Read more »

I ordered a half dozen strawberries the box was ripped the ice pack that comes with it was all water and melted the strawberries were falling apar the strawberries were soggy and all juicing they didn’t taste good my wife was so disappointed when she got them today I want my money back this is bullshit


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