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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Business Name: FTD Companies Inc
Corporate Address:
4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, California 92121 USA

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Phone Number: 877-237-7437
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Company Contact: Kevin Beresford - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.36 out of 5
Based On: 157 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 313

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Reported Losses: $5,261.04
Average Reported Losses: $33.51

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Shameful Mother's Day Roses

I ordered a dozen “Rainbow Roses” and chocolate swirled Strawberries for my mom for Mother’s Day. I heard the advertisement on the radio and then saw that they worked with ProFlowers. I have ordered from ProFlowers in the past and have always gotten good service.

I was charged a Saturday Delivery charge of $9.99, a Rural Delivery charge of $3.99, and an Extra Gift delivery charge of $9.99, on top of the normal $16.99 delivery charge, and Guaranteed May 12th Delivery charge of $4.99.

The delivery charges cost as much as the actual arrangement. Of course that was posted after I gave my PayPal information and completed my order.

What was delivered was sub-par roses that looked worse than what you could get at a grocery store. I actually have gotten nicer roses at a grocery store.

But my mom lives 3 hours away, so I couldn’t just hand deliver them myself.

They had wilted leaves and a note saying they would open up in the next 12 hours. The photo my mom sent looked like some of the roses were about to lose their petals.

This is not what I ordered from the site, not the quality I expected.

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More About Sharis Berries

Shari's Berries ( is an online novelty gifts and edible treats delivery service.

They offer chocolate covered berries among a variety of desserts and gift basket options, marketed and designed to be sent for special occasions.

Shari's Berries claims that they hand-dip and craft every gift with care, and that their attention to detail ensures your order arrives in perfect condition. They assert that their hand-packed, temperature-controlled layers keep delivery items cool, and prevent melting.

"We take the fast lane and ship your gift express so it arrives fresh, delicious, and on time" - Shari's Berries

Ftd Currently owns or operates the following brands:, Ftd, Interflora, The Mercury Man Emblem, Proflowers, Proplants, Shari's Berries, Cherry Moon Farms, Personal Creations, Redenvelope, Florist Express,, Sincerely, Postagram, Ink And Sesame Gifts | FTD Companies Inc - 3113 Woodcreek Dr Downers Grove Illinois 60515


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Don’t order anything advertised on Sean Hannity’s show.

I have bought the berries several times for special occasions for family so I had a groupon offer that i tried for myself. I had the berries one day and they were fermented and nothing special average sized berries covered in chocolate. extremely disappointing.

I ordered a set of strawberries and cheesecake bites and it never delivered the day it was scheduled because they said they “didn’t have the correct address info” When I called in and talked to their outsourced customer service (which I can’t stand btw, its like talking to a robot they’re always so unhelpful) they had the correct address info so there was no reason as to why it wasn’t able to be delivered. Then then were delivered the day after and by then the cheesecake bites had melted , and the strawberries were all sweaty and runny, not fresh.… Read more »

We received a box of delicious chocolate covered strawberries but no return or name of who sent them. We have exhausted all the potentials & can’t find out who sent them to us. Do u have a way of finding out who sent them to Carol Paulson 716 Armstrong Blvd N. St. James, Mn. 45081? Thanks, Gary Paulson

order the on line that order and then I found that charge to send more to send om dec 24 it was shpwing on the date on the date I ordering. so I when I saw when t 2as concering the order ,iwent to the site to stop the order so I was sure it was stoped since I didn’t a a cormerm the tragking number ,and it show yhat I didn’t have any more showing it was on track, so I change the date to the day before and since it I receive the tracking number and showing showeing… Read more »

You should proof read your comment before posting, It makes no sense…

My son sent me the strawberries with roses, half the roses never bloomed, just turned black. A few were beautiful. The strawberries shells were cracked. I didn’t tell him since he he wanted to treat me and said the shipping cost were so much that it had to double as my birthday as well. He is Navy and just getting out after 12 years waiting for benefits. I feel bad that it set him back so much and they were not specisl

I received this as a gift, it was packaged beautifully . So looking forward to sharing with friends Christmas Eve. Only 4 of the 12 strawberries are in tact. The shells are broken on all the rest and the strawberries are mushy. I do have a picture

Trying to e-mail for fast response, message says keep trying to send!

Order of half dozen strawberries should have been delivered today 12/23/17 have not received.

Extremely disappointed in the size of the strawberries, very small! In the future I will be using a local business in my town.

My wife ordered cookies for my medical care givers on 12/04/17 with a delivery date of 12/18/17. when the items did not arrive my wife called them and was placed on hold for 45 mins.! When she finally spoke with a representative she was told that they were very busy and that the order would be delivered on 12/24/17 ?? the office will be closed, when she asked why she wasn’t notified of the change they hung up on her! never order from this company

A gift of Christmas Chocolate covered strawberries arrived from my sister in beautiful condition and taste great. There was a $15.00 discount coupon to be used on a future order of $30.00 or more included in the gift box. I went out to the website to place an order of 2 different items going to the same address and both to be delivered on the same day. When I got to the checkout last page it showed 2 separate $9.99 delivery charges & 2 separate $14.99 delivery charges for specific time of day that I did not specify (2 for… Read more »
Never had a problem before til this year. for one the cost of the product is missing leading and when you have a 25 per cent coupon it should be taken off the sales price with in the price range stated. two when i ordered the product the man could not speak english very well an did not understand what is was saying. It took me over an half hour to make clear what i wanted an for the sale price an to use my coupon. On top of that is wanted it delivered for December 12 never came. I… Read more »
This company Sharrie’s Berries totally misrepresents the pricing for berries. i ordered a gift to be delivered 5 days later. The berries were listed at $39.99. With a ‘special 25%’ discount, it dropped the berries to $29.99. Fine. I proceeded to the checkout where I didn’t discover the REAL price until I submitted my order. Which ended up being $65.95. Not happy! What is THIS? $29.99 for berries $15.99 for delivery $ 3.99 extra for rural delivery $ 9.99 additional for Monday delivery. What’s so special about a Monday? $ 4.99 tax ______________ $ 65.95 Lastly, this will be my… Read more »

I ordered a dozen chocolate strawberries and some “turkey” chocolate pops to be delivered before Thanksgiving. They were ordered about 4 days before the desired delivery date. Anyway, they never were delivered and sat somewhere over Thanksgiving in 90 degree Phoenix heat. When they were delivered the day after Thanksgiving, they were smelly, soggy and uneatable. Sheri’s berries said they were going to refund my money – too early to know for sure – but I ordered the berries for a Thanksgiving treat which I didn’t get. Will never use them again

Well… I’ll join in too. I say about 8 out of 10 orders were wrong since I started ordering from them. The shipping is very expensive too. It frustrating dealing with them on the phone as english is difficult for the operators. Online orders don’t seem to go through. Im done with this company.

I ordered a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for a friend and she only receive two. Then I called customer care and the calls are taken in South America. I’m done. SMH

I recently ordered a basket of jerky for my dad for father’s day. I wanted it to be delivered on Saturday. So when I called NY dad in OK he told me had received nothing. I called the 800 number and spoke to a Linda, who had a thick far eastern accent on Sunday (fathers day) She told me they could refund my shipping charges and that my order was just delivered by UPS right now at 3:21pm eastern time. I was thinking UPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays, do they? So I said what happens when I call my dad… Read more »
I am glad I decided to check reviews before ordering. I, too, was going to order after hearing a promotion on our local radio station. It sounded like a good deal….6 dipped berries for 19.99, which was 10$ off…and you could double the order for 10$ more. So..a dozen berries for 30$…sounded great. I went to order and I noticed that they kept the shipping charges secret until after you put in your I was a little skeptical because I wasn’t getting a total. When the total finally popped up, I figured out why. They wanted to charge 25$… Read more »

Thank you for the two deliveries toAdrienne & Mary, these are two women in my life for over 54 years, they were more then pleased with the selection, and I thank you for giving me the pleasure of giving a little brightness to their lives. Your co should enjoy the happiness you bring to people. Again THANK YOU, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Harry Fradin

I called to place an order and the customer service person did not speak English. I called back hoping to get someone that spoke English. This did not happen. I had to spell my name and the recipient of my orders name several times clarifying each letter. After 35 minutes of JUST spelling the names, I asked (again several times)where Sharis Berries was located and was told “California.” I asked to speak to someone that spoke English and I was put on hold. After waiting 5 minutes, the same person came on and asked how I was going to pay… Read more »

Same issue here. I’m tired of American companies sending their customers to another country for customer service and YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND THEM AND THEY DON’T SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH. I was not able to place my order for an extra 12 strawberries for $5.00 more (according to the radio promotion they had going on) online and that is why I had to call “customer service”. Like you, I will NEVER do business with this company.

Is anyone at home ProFlowers and Sharis Berries? all I could reach was customer service out of the good ol’USA that couldn’t help me and couldn’t transfer me to anyone who could!

another unhappy customer

Just received a gift of melted chocolate with very warm strawberries

My husband ordered Sharis Berries for Valentines Day for me to be delivered on V Day. they were delivered but the berries were not at all chilled and beries and chocolate were broken into hundreds of pieces. For the advertisement of chilled berries and huge berries, we did not get what he ordered. We will never,ever order again and we have told all our friends too. Absolute waste of money!

I agree with you, my sister sent me some and they was not fresh at all the chocolate was all broken up. The strawberries were rotten. A waste of her money, I’m reporting them to the BBB.

Nena Sergent Harville
My daughter organizes the Heart Gala in Knoxville TN. I wanted to send her some berries the morning of the event. The berries started out at $44. After delivery fee+Saturday delivery fee I paid $73! It was fine because it was a special occasion and I wanted her to have them THAT DAY! I tracked them. They were delivered to Knoxville Saturday morning at 7 am. Of corse I thought they would be delivered. Sunday I called her and she said she had not gotten anything! I tracked them again and now the estimated date said Tuesday!! I called customer… Read more »

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