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Last Updated On: May 25, 2017

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Reported Losses: $40.00
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Broken Sharp Stick

My wife and I bought Popsicles for our son only to find out at about thirds of the way done my wife felt the sharp pointy wooden stick poke her tongue and nothing serious but what if my son would’ve cut his tongue?

It’s definitely dangerous and worth looking into this incident that took place on January 30 2015.


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I bought a box of creamsicle’s and we ate several from the box but the last one I started to eat had a bad chemical taste that burned my tongue. I did not smell anything unusual from it. I rinsed my mouth out and wrapped it up and put it in the freezer. I called the 800 number but was left on hold over half an hour so I gave up. I filled out the online customer feedback form and heard nothing back. Emailed and heard nothing back. This company has some problems with customer service. I still have the… Read more »

They added sucralose which tastes terrible. You can find out about the ingredients only by reading the fine print.

Just to let everyone know, there is a distinct difference with the new 20 pack. The 8 pack still has the old taste and I have reverted to only buying the 8 packs. I contacted Unilever twice. Once they sent a coupon which I made the mistake of using on another 20 pack from a different store which had the same bad taste. I contacted them again and told them of the difference between the 8 pack and the 20 pack. They have not gotten back to me. I think I will forward them this link since I am not… Read more »

Just thought I’d add my voice. First they changed the number of popsicles to a box, then they changed the taste. Hate both changes. I can’t even identify what the red ones are supposed to be. If it’s cherry, their taster had a bad cherry experience somewhere along the line.

I am diabetic and we were eating at least 2-24 packs of the regular sugar-free popsicles. All of a sudden a few months ago they started tasting disgusting! We returned them and bought at another store. That box was OK. (It was older stock, most likely.) I was able to stomach the cherry and threw the orange and grape out. The grape was the worst! Definitely a chemical, nasty taste. The last box I bought, even the cherry are gross! I just stopped buying them. I also noticed they are piling up in the freezer section at the grocery store.… Read more »
I also have purchased sugar free Popsicle Brand for years and since about Septt/nov 2013, they have been inedible because to the strong chemical taste. Originally Popsicle company asked that I mail the receipt and box number for information for them to look into the problem. They obviously did nothing because the same factory is still in business and producing the awful tasting popsicles. The second time I called to complain in Jan 2014, they just ignored my comments and did nothing. I am sure that over time that chemical will be harmful, and will not purchase again. My problem… Read more »

My husband and I noticed a funny taste and color to the regular sugar free popsicles — not necessarily chemical, but we don’t like and have called and complained. Three boxes, all from Safeway. It was like they changes the recipe or added fruit juice or weren’t sugar free…I don’t think this came from milk — and I notice they haven’t recalled the sugar free ones.

There is a recall for milk contamination but over the last month I have noticed that chemical taste in multiple boxes from three different stores. It tastes like disinfectant or something similar.

I think the milk contamination is a cover-up for something else that is going on.

I have been buying sugar free popsicles for many years. Recently the popsicles have a very strong chemical taste. We have been unable to eat at least 6 boxes of them. I called the company and reported it and gave the information off of the boxes to them but I have not heard back from them. The woman told me that she had not had any calls about this, yet I am finding many posts on the web about this. I really feel the popsicles should be recalled. Jill C

They do have a really strange chemical taste!!! I’ve stopped eating them altogether and I used to love the orange ones! Wonder what they did to them??

Same here they taste bad so I am switching

Regular popsicles – what happened to them?? They taste terrible! I got one box that was full of ice crystals all over the pops. Now, the new box (cherry, orange, grape) is completely different than it used to be. They’ve changed it. The colors are different and the flavors are AWFUL. I really looked forward to eating them. No more. I won’t be buying any Unilever products again. I think the company is bad and run by unscrupulous money-mongers.

I am also a popsicle fan but there is a chemical or sulphur taste to them. I just threw out a box because of the taste. Not all had that taste but most of them did. What is going on. I am so disappointed. I purchasted them in Schenectady New York at Hannaford and at price chopper stores and they all have bad tasting pops. What is going on wioth your product?

I bought a box of sugar free tropicals last week and returned them after discovering that horrible chemical taste – it’s like a cleaning solution or something, I would think. Did an entire batch get contaminated? I returned that defective box to my local Safeway here in Hawaii. I bought a box of the regular flavored sugar free popsicles today, bit into an orange one and got the same chemical taste. Needless to say, I am returning them to Safeway tomorrow and will not buy them anymore until this problem is solved. I am afraid that I may have gotten… Read more »

I suggest that all of you experiencing the Chemical-tasting Tropical Popsicles contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission at http://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx

I wrote an online email directly to Unilever at their corporate website and also posted on Popsicle’s Facebook page where they provided me with another email address = consumer.services@unilever.com (and I emailed them directly from my personal email account).

This is not good. Luckily neither my Husband or I have gotten sick.

I am another customer that purchased Popsicle brand Sugarfree Tropical popsicles (20 pack, last week) that have an extremely odd chemical-like taste. NOT Edible! Purchased (I believe) at Safeway but can confirm this part of the equation. I don’t have the box top but the bottom states the following:
Tastes Best Before

I just purchased sugar free pipsicles which I buy all the time and I can’t believe the string salty taste. I am calling them in the morning!

I just bought a box of the sugar free tropical today of which I buy all the time! There is a horrible chemical taste to them and even the odor in the box is bad:( I keep wondering if this is dangerous especially to children. I think they need to be recalled.

I have been buying the sugar free brand for some time for my little one. We bought some the week of 1/7 and they taste like there’s a chemical in them… it’s horrible. My daughter didn’t mind and ate some then I tried one I could not believe it. They are sort of flavored by like everyone else here has pointed out, they break in half. I think there’s something wrong here. For me to hit the web to figure out what is in here means this is really a problem… just like everyone else writing about pops is not… Read more »

I have found the same problem with the weird chemical taste. I emailed the company and they say they are going to look into it. I don’t have my hopes up. I have taken the popsicles back to the store and they have graciously refunded my money. I bought more, but with the same problem. I am now done buying them and will make my own too..

The tropical flavor sugar free popsicles I bought had a chemical taste as if floor cleaner had been added to the recipe. I took the box back to the store for an exchange and the second box had the same taste.

I purchased a box of 18 root beer, banana, and lemon lime popsicles. the root beer and lime were very good but the banana had very little flavor and a very pale yellow color to them. The whole box was the same. Very disappointed since this is our favorite mixture in a box.

I bought a large box of Sugar Free Popsicles, and took out a popsicle only to find a half popsicle and the other popsicle was missing, no popsicle only air in a sealed bag. When I go back to the store and buy another box I will find the address and send them their empty sealed bag of air. Don’t they have any inspectors on the line, this never happened before and I hope the inspectors are a little more careful from now on.

I bought Sugar Free Popsicles today at Kroger. The taste was horrible. I buy a package of 20-24 popsicles weekly. The popsicles are smaller, melt quickly and taste horrible. I wish there was another producer of "old fashion" popsicles, they would have my business today!

Sugar free popsicles are one of the few treats I can have. because of diabetes.. but I am no longer going to buy popsicles. because you have reducedthe number of popsicles in each pack and made them smalller. You di it with out telling anybody.

shame on you. It wiill not be the same but I will make my own.

Jim W

WalMart sells(when they bother to stock them)sugar free popsicles for something like $1.99. You get 12 double pops to a package. I caught on to the shrinkage when I compared the size of the popsicle stick in the present popsicle with some of the older ones I saved for stirring paints, etc. Shrinkage of product is now the norm and it pays to search out cheaper substitutes of name brands.


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