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Last Updated On: April 3, 2017

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Business Name: Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Corporate Address:
1 Kraft Ct
Glenview, Illinois 60025 USA

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Oscar Mayer Phone Number: 877-535-5666
Company Contact: W Anthony Vernon - Kraft Foods, CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.69 out of 5
Based On: 16 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 31

Oscar Mayer Reports

Reported Losses: $1,064.99
Average Reported Losses: $66.56

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Bacon Fraud

A recently purchased package of the OM thick cut bacon contained 2.5 oz of fat trimmings tucked under the layer of viewable bacon and above the window pane on the back of the package. This had to be intentional as no automated process could do that. This deliberate action by an employee of OM is fraud.

Obviously, the package had been rejected from their final weight check and was topped up with fat trimmings. I made pictures of this for future reference. thumb_DSC03602_1024thumb_DSC03603_1024

This has happened to us once before on another OM bacon package so OM owes me 5 oz of good bacon to replace the fat trimmings. I also reported this to the OM customer services agent at their 1-800 number shown on the back of each OM package.

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Your response to my Oscar Mayer Thick Bacon complaint was a letter dated march 28, 2017 sent though the mail with Manufacturing Coupons expiring March/31/ 17.
They coupons arrived today April 3, 2017. Thanks for nothing.
Please respond with eligible coupons. Very disappointed with the Bacon
and the service response. DL302536478

Purchased 1 pound of your bacon.it looked lean and good.from the unopened package.when I opened the package I saw that the fat about half of the package was pure fat!! Not nice at all Oscar mayer!! It was a dirty trick!! To play on a loyal consumer for decades of buying your products!! It is of my opinion that you have become greedy. And only Care about your profits!!! After all what do you care about poor hungry familys?? Shame on you!!’s. After all where is the pork? Needless to say you ruined my family’s meal. Then when I tried… Read more »

Black forest ham is pastrami. I recently purchased a package of black forest ham and it was the color of pastrami and had a pickeled smell. It also tasted of pastrami. I threw it away. I have purchased black forest ham before and it didnt look taste or smell like my recent purchase. I purchases it at meijers at the end of january in michigan, so buyers beware if your allergic to pastrami do not buy.

Ginny Fredrickson Osborne

you must have changed your hot dog recipe, because they taste nothing like they did.
they used to be my favorites, and now theyre awful, i wont buy them anymore.

no buy date on bacon I bought

Can’t find my fat free Bologna !!! Or the fat free hot dogs. Why would they discontinue this !!!

Do not be fooled by Oscar Myer Natural Slow Roasted Turkey Breast. It states NO NITRITES OR NITRATES ADDED in capital letters and then in very small print underneath it states :Except Those Naturally Occurring in Celery Juice and Sea Salt. Within half hour of eating their meat, I got a migraine, the kind that I can’t see and get nauseous and have to go to bed for the rest of the day. It’s been years since I had one. I never eat any Oscar Mayer products, but I couldn’t find any non nitrite sandwich meat at the grocery other… Read more »

I purchased OM hot dogs a couple of days ago and they tasted awful. I loooove OM and if you guys can’t get it together and bring it back to the old flavor, then I will no longer purchase any of your products

I recently purchased a package of Oscar Mayer bacon. The smell nearly choked me when I began frying it. The bacon wasn’t spoiled, it was a chemical smell, just gross. I will not buy Oscar Mayer products again!

What ha happened to Oscar Mayer hot dogs? For years they’ve been my favorite brand but of late I’ve noticed a change in the texture and taste of them. Then after eating them I tend to get an upset stomach. I fear that my long standing love of these hot dogs has come to an end and plan not to purchase them ever again. The most recent pack that I purchased has since gone in the trash. It’s a real shame too. I really enjoyed the brand for years but, these aren’t the same.

What happened to your Bacon for the Microwave? It use to be in a package with two or three pieces with a piece of paper between the slices and they were easy to get apart. Now they just throw them in the package and they are hard to get apart as I only like to do three pieces at a time. Well maybe you have been bought out! Guess I will have to go for another Brand.

The TRUSTED name of Oscar Mayer has taken a really DEEP DIVE after I bought their “One Pounder” of “Smoked, Shaved, White Turkey.” WOW! It was neither smoked, shaved, nor white turkey. It was simply turkey bologna. Seriously. I’ve just done a brief overview of comments on this site. Am I the only one objecting to this grossly misleading product identification? Judging from many of the posted comments, it may well be that Oscar Mayer has been bought out by some larger conglomerate. The product quality seems to have taken a dive in relation to other products. I’m pretty disgusted… Read more »

I would like the Chicken strips deli meat with Italian seasoning back on the market. It was the best.
I am on a diet & this was what I ate every other day. It was working

Stomach pains and Bathroom isssues with the One Pounder Shaved Smoked Ham & Roasted Shaved Turkey. I fried it so it would not be so watery and sent my husband off to work with what I thought was a good sandwich. He told me what happened so I tried some because I didn’t want to throw it away and the same thing happened to me. Must be something they put in it because It tasted good &smelled good. I bought it the day before. #44700 05876 Exp date 08JUL2014 10:02 E #44700 03399 exp 11JUL2014 15:36

Why? Because you don’t want to ruin your reputation? Sorry, for you.

I have never seen any bacon so full of fat in all my life and I am 71! This was the worse bacon….I had to pull the good bacon (which was very little…not even 3/4 cup) from the fat before I cooked it. What a shame because it looked pretty good in the package but when I opened it, I was terribly surprised….just FAT! You should look at your products before you package them. I spent $4.99 for something that could have been put in a jar and shook! Sorry, OM, you did not make the grade.

I recently purchased the New Mini Smokies. All I can say is I’m glad I tried them before I gave them to my little boy. Not only did they have a " perfume " type smell…they were very spicy. I doubled checked the package and no where on it does it say spicy. Going back to Hillshire Farms original Lil Smokie.

I purchased the one pounder and found grizzly hard to chew parts in the smoked shaved ham. I threw it away

I have purchased Oscar Meyer hot dogs for years, especially the all beef bun length. they are the only hot dog I buy. However I have recently purchased the Mini Smokies that are NEW and they were horrible. They were so peppery and rubbery that my company would not eat them. You even have a choke warning for children on the label but you should have a hotter that heck label for everyone! They were as flavorful as a pencil eraser. I will never buy them or recommend them to anyone. I cannot even feed them to my dog!
My husband and I have been customers of Winn-Dixie since our move to Ocala, FL 20 years ago. Our experience with the management and employees has always been a pleasant one. Most of the time employees have gone out of their way to be helpful. When a product was no longer on the shelves all we had to do was ask and before we knew it the product was back. Now we are so disappointed in the store. We have purchased Vita herring every year we have been shopping for our New Year’s celebration. Now you carry some other brand… Read more »
Oscar Mayer Mini Smokies After missing them for several years, I was so excited to see they were back albeit with a "New" on the label. They did appear slightly different, but they were sooooo good that time may have changed my visual memory. But not my taste buds. They are really bad. I don’t know which is worse; the gross over processed texture, or the overload of pepper. The originals were mini somewhat coarsely ground beef or pork sausages with smoked flavor from SMOKING the meat from wood. This "New" concept is definitely new, and entirely mislabeled. Served them… Read more »

I am a customer of many years as I my 71 years old. The last time I bought the Deli Fresh combos – turkey breast and smoked ham. It was terrible. The ham was terrible. I was very disappointed. I am a senior citizen and on a small income. To have to throw away and not eat is in excusable. Please send a refund to me. Code number is 44700 03407. Very disappointed in product. will not buy again.

My husband and I just tried the Mini Smokies, they are horrible. What ever spice you are putting in them does not work. Cooking makes them like eating straight pepper. Cold they have a very weird taste to them. I am afraid to even feed them to our dogs, they might upset their stomachs.

Just got some Bologna with an expiration date of Dec 2013, and again it was cut funny, some paper thin, some cut thick, and a lot of waste around the edges of the package, very unappetizing. This time it also had some kind of fatty material or ?? going from the top of the meat all the way through to the other side. I took pictures and am going to send it to Kraft Foods. The smell was also very bad. I naturally put it down the garbage disposal trying not to touch it much, as I am not quite… Read more »

I work at DC9 in NASHVILLE TN .The HR lady changes the rules when she wants .that way she hires who she wants.Also the warehouse manager lets happen, there both Black and they screw over people when they want of course not black.At o reilly auto.parts .I work their but I want buy the parts .This is the most uncareing company Pass this on and their hireing part time workers


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