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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Business Name: ConAgra Foods Inc
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One Conagra Dr
Omaha, Nebraska 68102 USA

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Company Contact: Gary Rodkin - CEO
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Average Rating: 2.57 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 100

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Reported Losses: $25.00
Average Reported Losses: $3.57

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There was a hair in my pot pie

I enjoyed the flavor of the chicken pot pie. The texture of the chicken was strange.

Then I took a bite that was connected to a very long piece of hair. That was very unpleasant.

You might want to make sure everyone has head cover. I am only posting this so you will know that you may have a problem.

I tried to contact someone by phone, but could not reach a department and stayed on the line with a very irritating answering system.

Conagra Marie Callender’s – PO Box 3768 Dept MC Omaha Nebraska 68103

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Just opened a Golden Battered Fish Fillet dinner to put in the oven and the dish it came in is broken and crumbled inside the box. Tried to fix it by lining what was left of the dish with parchment paper, but I’m sure my husband will not eat it. it will surely be thrown away.

Most of your dinners are very good but the mashed potatoes turn to soup when heated. Mashed potatoes should be firm, not runny so please firm them up. Thanks!

I’ve enjoyed the Fettuccini chicken & broccoli for years. I got one last night, and it was awful!! NO chicken and the sauce made me I’ll!

Grilled Chicken Alfredo Bake, Had no taste and absolutely no Chicken. Very disapointing. Was expecting a much better meal.

had the turkey dinner. potatoes meat and stuffing were ok,but the green beans and carrots tasted like cardboard. never again.

I just tried to eat a Salisbury Steak dinner and I was only able to eat half of the meat as there were so many little pieces of bone in the meat, I would not eat anymore. I will never buy this product again.

I don’t have a complaint just the opposite. I lost 75 pounds eating your dinners and lots of salads It was a great diet, It change my life. The dinners are great. taste was good. Some of the dinners were 270 cal. some 320cal, I wood have one of your dinners ., a mix salad with apple cider vinegar and Splenda it makes a sweet and sour salad. tomato twice a day. That would be 370 to 420 cal. that’s under a 1000 cal. a day. If you get hungry eat lots of salad. so you see your dinners are… Read more »

I bought a frozen Razzleberry pie to serve at Thanksgiving. The crust was thick and not edible. I was disappointed because I have bought them before. The number on the box was 5446 711010 02:31, Best by APR 10, 2019.

Yesterday I took 14 of my relatives to dinner in the Marie Calanders restaurant expecting a good turkey dinner, instead we received pressed turkey roll instead of fresh turkey. This to me was a rip off of $25.00 per person. This was the restaurant on West sahara in Las Vegas, Nv. I love Maries but this was so disappointing.

I’m wondering what kind of beef is used in your slow roasted beef dinners. It was really hard for me to chew up. I started to swallow a piece that I thought was chewed up and I almost chocked on it. I purchase a lot of your meals including the Healthy Choice Steamables. However, the beef and chicken inside these meals does not taste like real meat and the guricle in the chicken and the stretchy ness of the beef concerns me.

I tried 1/2 hour to get through to the Santa Ana restaurant for hours on T-Day, tomorrow. When they did pick up they slammed down the phone immediately. What a bunch of jerks- no wonder you have been closing restaurants- they don’t want customers.

I have really enjoyed the Fettuchini Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli in the past. But lately the chicken does not seem like real chicken and tastes awful. Now sure what they have done to it. I will no longer buy this product.

We recently purchased a box of 8 chicken pot pies at the Denver Costco business center store. My wife became violently ill about a few hours or so after eating the first one out of the box. We have had this product many times before with out any problems but now my wife says she will never be able to eat a Marie Callender product again. I have not seen a recall on this product. Is there one? Should there be? Needless to say, the rest of the box is being returned and We will not be buying your products… Read more »

If you are on a lean cuisine diet or only as hungry as a sparrow then get turkey dinner for 2. So meager not worth cooking for an hour.

Marie just ripped me off ….so mad and disgusted with her dam Dutch Apple pie! The picture on the box shows a pie loaded with apples! Wrong! False advertisement! I just purchased one to try. All sauce, maybe 5or 6 little chunks of apple! Anyone want a “bowl” of apple tasting soup? So yeah, crust, goop and a crumble top! Never again will I spend money on one of her products!

Just made one myself and never happened before, but all watery, very little apples. Like soup is right.

After seeing an ad for Marie Callender’s decided to try the product. Selected the Sweet & Sour Chicken one of my favorites. Sorry but the dinner was horrible. The chicken had a strange texture and no taste. The sauce was ok. the rice texture was clumpy. and the vegetables were a joke. Chopped up baroquely stems and some thin carrot slices. Luckily I bought only one to try it. I love trying these types of meals because it saves me time when there is no time to cook. Sorry but Marie Collenders will not be on my go to menu.

opened a package of orange chicken,only to find only one piece of chicken in the meal.with no means of recourse i ate it. lots of veggies no meat,bummer.usually have good luck with the quality of these products,i guess we cannot expect perfection

I have always enjoyed the Sweet Sour Chicken frozen dinners. But the last one I ate was so spicey! Have you added pepper (or whatever) to the sauce? If so, I would appreciate them done the former way!!

We had a Marie callender creamy mushroom chicken pot pie for dinner it was terribly dry ,did not overl cook9min. .we will not be purchasing this product anymore .

I just tried the Steak and Roasted Potatoes.

They should call it Potaotes . Beans & 3 little pieces of meat. What a joke.

I don’t know what dinner you had but every Steak and roasted pot, ones I had were great

I tried the Beef Pot Roast and was very unhappy with the quality of the meat and the overall taste of the product. The meat was very tough and I really think it must have been from an old goat and not a cow. It was anything but tender and savory.

just tried to eat a Marie Callender’s Grilled Chicken Alfredo Dinner was terrible the meat wa hard and so fatty that it was not eatable. I never thought about it but when you purchase a bag of frozen broccoli florets what happens to the stems and other trimming. Well I found out there are in Marie Callender’s dinners made by Conagra Foods. They have a nice picture of Broccoli Florets on the package but you will not find any in the dinners. Had three more dinners in the freezer they are now in the trash. Sorry meals will never buy… Read more »

I just tried to eat the Grilled Chicken Alfredo, I say tried the meat was not uneatable, the vegetables sten and other parts that would go in the trash. I have used this product off and on fro years it wen to hell after Conagra got the brand. Bought my last Meal that has Conagra Brand

I have enjoyed Marie Callender’s Turkey Pot Pies for years. Not sure if there has been changes in production quality, but the two pot pies we had last night were not up to par. The peas were old and the gravy was very thin. Everything else was fine. We have purchased four more pies and will give them a try. 5014 723510 P2 22: 05 EST P45 sell by FEB 14 19 Please reply. Thanks John

just had a Beef pot roast that was uneatable-meat so hard chewed and chewed and toss out-brought 6 meals as was to be out of town-none good 5014 7163 10c1 15;48 est 1058 upc 021131 50490 8 love the pies so thought these would be ok sorry to say I wont be buying anymore dinners


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