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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Reported Losses: $813.00
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Where's the chicken?

Banquet fried chicken has been a great go-to when we are rushed. Good chicken for the price. Imagine going from 5 to 6 pieces of chicken, to 4, to three big breasts/thighs and one little leg.

I paid $6.79 for each of two boxes I got, thinking I would have an extra box to use later. That’s $13.58 for 8 pieces.

If I wanted to be robbed, I could have gone to KFC and paid their prices.

I will no longer purchase Banquet fried chicken, and I will advise my 10 children about the “assorted” pieces that are offered.


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Paid $8.59 for 4 pieces of chicken that was mostly breading, didn’t even taste the way it used to (good), won’t ever buy banquet chicken again. Will also think twice about buying other Banquet products. What a farce, 4 pieces of chicken, really? there used to 6 or 7 pcs. You are robbing people.

Where. Is. The. Chicken. I. Bought. A. Box. Of banquet.fry. chicken. Oh. My. There. Was only. 5. Pieces. Small. Pieces. I. Played. High. Price. Near. 8.00. Put. More in The. Box Or. Way. Lower. The. Price. Can’t pay. That. Any. More. Thank. U.

I have been buying Banquet frozen meals for quite some time and have mostly enjoyed them. But a while back, the plastic film on top was replaced with this crappy, THIN film that would just shred when I tried to remove it. I spent longer opening the thing than cooking it! That seems to have gotten at least partly addressed. But, at the same time, the quality started going downhill. The chicken strips got smaller, there was less rice in the Sweet & Sour Chicken (as well as almost NO chicken). I kept buying them, as they are fast and… Read more »

We paid $7.99 for four pieces of chicken. If I wanted to get ripped off, I would go to KFC. I can buy chicken for $.99 A pound.

What a disappointment! I expected to find a decent amount of chicken in the box of original crispy fried chicken. I opened it and found 3 drumsticks and 2 pieces of breading. Finally, we found a small amount of meat in the mess of breading. I guess we are done buying Banquet chicken. Used to just love it. Muriel Peterson 21500 247th av. S.w. Ryder, N.D. 58779

I want to just say I love banquet Salisbury steak family dinners it comes in a8 pack set the brown gravy is so good also I have tried stouffers Salisbury family steak and the gravy is so bad tasting it only took one time on stouffers and I also tried oncor I think that the way its spelled but none can come up to the great taste of banquet because the gravy is so good and believe it banquet was the best price I buy around three Salisbury family packs a week so this is not a complaint it is… Read more »

I am not a happy customer after having a chicken patty and finding a BONE in it. It’s not the first time. Never eating them again!!

I purchased chicken patties and these b*****s had bones in it. I almost choked on that thing. Such a disappointment. Almost had a law suit coming your way. I don’t want to have to worry about dying while eating a chicken patty.

What the heck is this meat I purchased the Salisbury steak dinner and it was the most soft beef…if it is beef at all…just disgusting to say the least…what is it? I want to know!

I brought a box of Banquet Fried Chicken at Moffet Field Commissary. I paid $5.39 . Once I opened the box I noticed six pieces?

dear banquet I have to agree with a lot of things that I have read here, the price for a family box almost equals the 20 meal deal at KFC. Your pieces have gotten smaller and by count much fewer as well. And the price continues to rise. The size of the pieces and small amounts make me think your running out of chickens or chicken chasers, get better chickens or better chasers, fix this problem, make it right with those of us that do/did like your chicken. Your batter now weighs more then your meat..

what is up banquet? You keep changing everything about your chicken dinners and truth be told, they suck now. I paid 13.00 for a box of chicken and all we got was 5 pieces of over battered crap. We always bought your chicken but never again if I want high priced chicken I’ll go to kfc at least their chicken looks good and tastes good as well.. Used to say that about banquet.

I have used Banquet Chicken for years and found them to be very good and reasonably priced. In 2016 I bought a box and found the chicken to be terrible and mostly fat and skin. I thought it was just a bad box. Waited about 2 months and bought another box. Same thing, (disgusting)!! I wrote to Banquet and told them my story. They simply sent a coupon and said, “Hope you will give us another try. I waited another year and just finished a couple of pieces and it was disgusting. All Fat and breading. Sorry Banquet, I give… Read more »

I recently purchased the Salisbury Steak dinner. It was less than $2:00. That was good. But the meal is tiny. I got all the apple desert on one spoon. Same with the corn. And the sodium content was a whopping 1340 mg. If I want that much sodium, I’ll just buy a container of salt for about the same price!

When I read all the complaint comments I knew I was in the right place.After eating Banquet chicken my entire life I am now fed up with all the price increases and less product. The way Banquet is going, soon there will be a wing in the box for $16.00 and Banquet will reply because of an increase in poultry prices. I bought 3 whole chickens and they were big at Krogers for $9.87. Then the following week my wife brought home a 29oz box of Banquet chicken for $9.99 from another super market. There were 4 small pieces in… Read more »

I have bought your product 2 times and this time the chicken was all day and 2 of the pieces where spoiled I can no longer spend $12.00 on things I have to throw away.

We have enjoyed Banquet Fried Chicken for many years but have been very disappointed the last few times. We use to get 6 pieces which was great. Then it went to 5 pieces. Now we only got 4 pieces. What is happening, $8.00 for 4 pieces is unacceptable. I have found where I can get 10 pieces (4 thighs and 4 drumsticks) which is what we like for $9.00. Good-by Banquet.

Seems you have taken the All American Patty & Fries away. If you replaced it with the mash potatoes with corn — my grand kids will not eat that. Ive check all the stores around here. They all say cant get it no more.

We bought a box of Banquet frozen original fried chicken. Took it out of the box to find only 4 pieces! What a shock. Noticed it smelled different. Not bad or anything just different. At about $9.00 a box to only get 4 pieces is insane! But worse than the price was the taste. It was terrible. Uneatable! Had to throw it all away ..could not get it down! Whatever changes you have made, disgusting! With changes like this your sales will certainly decrease! We will not be buying anything from your company in the future!

Use to be really good especially boxes of breasts only. this new receipe is disgusting. Please bring back. I’m eating Swanson when I have a craving now.

This was good at one time. Just bought 2 boxes and what a surprise 4 legs and a 1/2 of breast. And it taste like s**t. All soft fat under batter. What a rip off going to bring the other one back in the morning. This is not even Chicken. How can they sell this crap.

I paid $9 for a box of original crispy chicken (not the family size box the regular box I guess) & only got 3 measly pieces of chciken, bought on Xmas Eve to make for dinner today (Xmas) & can’t even feed my family let alone only myself with this crap, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! IF UR GONNA BE THIS CHINCY WITH THE CHICKEN IT SHOULD AT LEAST HAVE A WARNING OF BULLCRAP SERVING AMOUNT ON THE PACKAGE FOR UNKOWING CONSUMERS SUCH AS MYSELF SO THEY AT LEAST KNOW WHEN PURCHASING THIS CRAP THAT THEYRE BEING RIPPED OFF INSTEAD OF… Read more »

I bought the banquet Salisbury steak meal which is one of my favorites. the very small tablespoon of corn was tough the apple dessert had 5 small pieces of apple – really! do like the steak and mashed potatoes but very disappointed in the corn and apple dessert.

I have noticed that the texture and taste of the Salisbury steak meals have changed since I was a kid. I can taste the difference in their meats. They are blending low quality meats with the old recipe. It’s so nasty I will never buy another one ever again. It’s almost like cow tongue or hotdog meat which is the same thing. I’m dissatisfied with the direction that the company has been going

While shopping I noticed a new product from Banquet. I never buy Banquet because it is always awful. This new product was Banquet sloppy Joes. I love sloppy Joes so decide to try it. and avoid the steps of making real sloppy Joes As expected,it was in inedible/ A funny little note on the box reads “makes 12 sandwiches? For who dwarf,miniature,newborn tiny ants ANTS.The entire contents of the box is about 90% gloopy “sauce”.with 10 percent ground mystery meat. I don’t think it was beef/Didn’t taste like beef.After microwaving for 12 minutes I had to strain it to get… Read more »

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