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Close allows users to complain about Food companies, businesses, or websites. If a Food company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

Everyone has their own sense of taste. Some people may love spicy foods and others may prefer foods that are more bland. You may love sweets but your spouse may hate chocolate. You may like your coffee black and all your friends buy specialty coffees loaded with flavor and sweeteners.

No matter where you go or what food you buy chances are someone out there will disagree with your review of the food. That doesn’t mean that how you perceive the food is wrong it just means that you do not like it as an individual. And chances are you are not completely alone. There will be others that will share your same food assessment.

So have you bought a particular brand of food in the grocery store and didn’t like how the food tasted? Have you bought the same food brand for years and suddenly they’ve changed their recipe and you don’t like how it now tastes? Perhaps with enough people informing the company that their chances are disagreeable they will consider changing back to how the food was prepared before.
Were you unfortunate enough to purchase a food item and something was inside that shouldn’t have been there? You can find plenty of pictures online of animals or insects that have been found in food products. Not all pictures may be legitimate and few may be faked but there are times when food processing can lead to unwanted surprises.

Have you gotten food at a restaurant that was so bad you wouldn’t go back? Was it because the food tasted bad or was it because the food itself had started to go bad? Did you get sick after eating food and know exactly what the food was or where you got it from? Was it undercooked or not prepared safely?

If you purchased food or work somewhere food is prepared and have complaints about the food than share them with us here at Everyone has their own sense of what is good food or what is bad food but you can still share your complaints here at forewarn others that they may not like what it is they are buying. If you know the food was prepared bad then you can take it upon yourself to help warn others from eating potentially bad food.

You’ll feel better knowing you are telling others about what foods they should avoid and why. If your complaint is about a change in recipe than tell us what is different about it now. What was it they changed and why has it made such a difference?

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