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Few things are more important than food. It’s the energy that keeps us going, it’s the focal point of many social gatherings. And, when people mention “the finer things in life,” they usually seem to mean: good friends, good family, and good food. So when a food product turns out to be less than what you thought you were getting, it’s understandably disappointing. However, just because a food product you purchased isn’t living up to its name, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with no options.

Complaints List exists for people like you who have gripes or grievances about people, products, services… you name it! Below, you’ll find just a few of the various complaints you might have about food products. Of course, these are only the more obvious issues. Any complaint you have about food products has a place on Just because you don’t see your issue below, does not mean you shouldn’t file!

Poor Quality

Of course, the most common complaint about food products is that they’re of poor quality. Unfortunately, food production standards are not always as high as you might first think. While the United States has come a long way since Sinclair’s The Jungle, there are still many practices and methods that are a part of food production that would send a shiver down your spine.

If you’ve become aware of food production methods that directly affect the quality of a product, then it’s important that you file a complaint on Filing a complaint is a highly effective way of letting others know which products to avoid. Your voice could be the only warning voice someone else hears. Don’t hesitate to file!

Under-/Over-Prepared Food Products

Next to production and quality issues, many consumers are concerned about under- and over-prepared food products. For many foods (especially animal foods), under-preparation doesn’t just affect taste, but it also puts your health at risk. A product with undercooked meat or eggs that are too runny can carry diseases and pose other health risks.

Over-cooked or over-prepared foods may not carry much of a health risk, but they can certainly end up tasting disgusting. As a consumer, you shouldn’t have to deal with improperly prepared food products. Let the manufacturer know that you’re not going to deal with improperly prepared food products, and file a complaint today!

Corporate Practices

Social and ethical issues are becoming more important to many consumers today. It’s no longer just about the food, but also the practices that are a part of the company behind the food. It’s important for many consumers to consider corporate practices when they make purchasing decisions. If you’re one of these customers, and you are dissatisfied with a corporation’s social or ethical practices, file a complaint with It may be the only way to have your voice heard!

Price Gouging

Lastly, unfair prices are a big issue for many consumers. If the price of one of your favorite food products recently jumped up, you should file a complaint on Complaints List so that the manufacturer knows you’re upset. By filing, you may find that there are others who feel the same way you do!


Remember, these are just a few of the various complaints we hear about food products. No matter what your food products-related complaint is, we urge you to file on immediately!

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