Fly These Three Budget Airlines to Save Money

Flying is likely the greatest advance in transportation since man invented the wheel thousands of years ago. A journey across the oceans that used to take years can be made in less than a day. A trip that would take over 40 hours by car can be made in five or six hours by plane. You can be on one side of the earth and fly to the other side all in the same day. It truly is amazing.

But with that amazing speed comes a cost. We have a lot to deal with as consumers and citizens when we fly. There is a lot of security, which can be frustrating for the everyday person. Airports are expensive to travel through with food and drinks being marked up over 200 to 500 percent! Then of course we have layovers, problems, cancellations, and a variety of other issues that can turn your plans to chaos quickly. Plus on top of that you have to deal with expensive ticket prices and customer service that sometimes doesn’t quite satisfy.

But if you’re a smart consumer who does his or her research on companies and services before you spend money on them, you might want to check out an article on about the best budget airlines you can fly to save money but not get more hassle in return.

The best three budget airlines are Southwest, AirTran (which is merging with Southwest), and JetBlue. For example, Southwest “doesn’t collect for onboard refreshments” and “will check not one but two bags for free.” AirTran has “courteous staff and complimentary snacks and (nonalcoholic) drinks.” JetBlue offers similar conveniences that have since gone the way of the dinosaur on other larger airlines.

The article also says that “the challenge with low-cost carriers is finding one that flies to your desired destination.” This is definitely true, as they are much less widespread than their larger competitors. But with a little extra work on your end finding the right flights, you can save lots of money and hassle. It’s definitely worth using a budget airline!

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