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Last Updated On: December 6, 2017

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Business Name: From You Flowers LLC
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455 Boston Post Rd #6
Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475 USA

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Phone Number: 800-549-5670
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Company Contact: James Amendola - Operations Manager
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Average Rating: 1.07 out of 5
Based On: 48 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 48

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Reported Losses: $1,440.19
Average Reported Losses: $30.00

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I ordered flowers from this company to be delivered on the Friday before Mother’s Day, and utilized the “same day delivery” offer on their website. About 30+ hours later, when I discovered the flowers hadn’t been delivered, I contacted the company.

First off, I was placed on hold for almost 30 minutes before I ever spoke to anyone.

After I got ahold of a “customer service” rep, named Cheyenne (allegedly) , I was told that the local florist in the area of delivery, had rejected the order, but yet no one had called nor emailed me to let me know.

Now it’s Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, by the way. She offered me 20% off of my order and to have the order delivered by Tuesday, May 16, which is 2 days after Mother’s Day, and to have the bouquet “bigger and more lush” than the original from the order.

After some haggling, and being placed on hold 2 more times, the best she could offer was now offer me 50% off my order. And the re-delivery was supposed to happen on Tuesday.

Then I found out two things. #1 – the 50% off was only off the order price, excluding the shipping charges, which was most of the expense; so the money they were willing to take off my order was only around $10.00. #2 – they couldn’t or wouldn’t provide me with a tracking number, or even the name of the local florist in the area my mom lives that would supposedly be doing the delivery and filling the order (for security purposes).

So after all this, including being on the phone with them for now 45 minutes, the best “you” can do is offer me $10 off my order, have it delivered 2 days AFTER Mothers Day and by an unknown florist after first said florist rejected the order?

I told her to forget this, I don’t trust that they’ll do it and they gave me nothing to feel I could trust them, they already caused me to have nothing to be sent to my mother because of their EXCUSES and most likely, lies and cons. I demanded a refund, and once again was told she needed to talk to her supervisor and “please hold”.

After yet another eternity it seemed on hold I was told they will refund the money, but it may take ” a few days to show up” and they would email me an confirmation on the refund.

Again, no professionalism as they couldn’t provide a confirmation on the refund so I had to “take her word for it” that I’d receive an email. Not only did they leave me without fulfilling their obligation, they took my money when the order was placed, left me with no way to order from a legitimate company because it was too late; they didn’t even offer anything to try and compensate for their many mistakes.

I certainly wish I’d read the reviews and not ordered until I did so. Lesson learned – unfamiliar company = read reviews.

I believe they are a scam and just take people’s money and half of them never confirm delivery, so they just scam the money and onto the next dummy.

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Absolute worst flower shop I have ever delete with. Ordered the flowers at 9:30am paid 38 dollars. Assumed the flowers were delivered “same day” the next day at 12:30 I received a called that they would be delivering them on the following day and that they would give me a 20% discount. I said absolutely not I want a refund in full. they refunded my money and were suppose to upgrade my flowers and deliver them anyways. the following day at 3pm they called and said they couldn’t deliver them and that the best they could was deliver them by… Read more »

Product delivered has nothing to do with the pictures shown in the website, it is a total scam.
What is delivered is not worth half what they charge.
Stay away!


Bought a surprise for wife for her birthday and these guys messed it up. They didn’t even provide what I ordered (no ballon and the smallest flower arrangement compared to what they advertised. Total waste of my money and waste of a good surprise.
They offer to give me a refund for 25% and the trick was it’s actually a credit that expires in 2 weeks.. These guys are not honest when dealing with you. Stay away from these guys. Never again.

I ordered a bouquet from Send Flowers for a friend in the hospital on Sat Sept 23, 2017. I received an email later that day apologizing for not being able to deliver same day with the assurance they would be delivered Mon Sept 25 ASAP & my same day fee would be refunded. Called Send Flowers @ 2PM on Monday as there had still been no delivery. First agent ‘lost contact’ w/me. Second agent took 30 minutes to let me know there was no order number matching mine (even though it was in my email) & no order matching my… Read more »
I ordered a bouquet from Send Flowers for a friend in the hospital on Sat Sept 23, 2017. I received an email later that day apologizing for not being able to deliver same day with the assurance they would be delivered Mon Sept 25 ASAP & my same day fee would be refunded. Called Send Flowers @ 2PM on Monday as there had still been no delivery. First agent ‘lost contact’ w/me. Second agent took 30 minutes to let me know there was no order number matching mine (even though it was in my email) & no order matching my… Read more »


I ordered a balloon bouquet for my Mother’s 91st birthday. It was not delivered. When I called – 3 times during the day for the status – I was told ‘the florist we placed the order with does not answer their phone’

DO NOT use this company. I ordered flowers for a funeral and they were never delivered. Had an excuse for everything. WARNING if you need flowers do not use.

I ordered flowers on Friday, May 11, 2017 at 1:15 pm, through, which went through fromyouflowers, LLC. I was told they would be delivered on Sat. May 12, which is when I chose. These flowers were to go to an aunt, but not just any aunt! This is an aunt whom I never knew in all of my growing up years, and we just found each other 3 months ago. An aunt that I really wanted to pamper, and show my love, gratitude, and respect to. I’d never got to celebrate “her” on Mother’s Day, and since I couldn’t… Read more » are scam artist and will be held responsible for stealing money from people.

Ordered an arrangement to be delivered the next day, in time before Mother’s Day, website states ‘same day deliveries’. I checked with the recipient and they had not received the arrangement. I called customer service and was told the delivery was not scheduled to be delivered until Tuesday (two days after MD). Then I was placed on hold, and then they contacted the local florist that was supposed to arrange/ deliver and then I was told that they needed to contact a new florist because the original florist could not deliver to recipients area….had I not called I would not… Read more »

Do not bother. They delivered flowers , nothing like what was ordered. Do not use this service.

Horrible company….never delivered flowers on the day I requested. Do not waste your time or money…

Do NOT use this company. One excuse after another for why they didn’t deliver what they promised. 1st BS excuse… too remote, no local florists. I told them it was my home town and there were TWO florists within a mile of mom’s house. 2nd BS excuse… no delivery person. I told them the delivery guy at the nearest florist was a childhood friend and offered to call him. So they said the only thing they could do was to send me to a DIFFERENT website and I could order a more expensive bouquet and have it delivered a day… Read more »

Embarrassing arrangement was sent! Paid $50 and was livid when I saw what was delivered! I was offered $15 gift certificate! I am hoping to recoup some of the money lost. I will warn everyone I know about this terrible company!

I ordered some flowers for my grandmother’s birthday and requested they be delivered on a Saturday. She never received them. I called to see what the hold up was and they tell me they were unable to send flowers to her area because of an issue with the local florists…that was the only explanation. They reassured me they would be sent to her Monday (today)….At 4:30pm my aunt tells me the flowers never arrived for my grandmother. I call again and they tell me, after a 20 minute hold, that the flowers couldn’t be delivered because there were no florists… Read more »

comment image

What she got vs. what I ordered. This was a premium arrangement for a new baby girl… NOT A VALENTINE! Cannot believe they can do this!

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! I thought I was ordering these gorgeous flowers for my moms 50th birthday, on top of that I order the premium! Of course my mom thanked me for the flowers & when I asked to see a pic because I was excited to see how they turned out.. I WAS FURIOUS! I immediately called SendFlowers and expressed how upset I was. They offered to resend another batch or 20% off my next order. I will NEVER order from this website again for their false advertisement! Long story short, I was able to get the number… Read more »

Never again, what you pay for is not what you get, even after a supervisor call and a promise to deliver the right order..not what I paid for, let’s see if I get the refund I was promised

sent a plant to my mom for valentines day. Received an email saying the plant was delivery yesterday 2/14 BUT IT WAS NOT! IT DID NOT GET DELIVERED UNTIL TODAY. 2/15 FAIL!!!! WILL NOT USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

Never again! I sent flower to my wife and they didn’t deliver lost $236

I ordered flowers for two coworkers and neither were delivered. I called twice and both time was told they would look into it and call me back. That has not happened. I demanded a refund, but have not received one. This company sold $82.22 from me. I notified BBB.

I ordered the Best Wishes Mixed Bouquet, which has beautiful red, yellow, green, purple flowers in a round vase with rainbow ribbons tied to it, for my mother who had open heart surgery. I ordered it to show up the following day, which I paid extra for. It did not arrive, so I called to find out why, was told that the florist tried to deliver it, noone was in the hospital room. The day it was to be delivered the day after her surgery, no way she wasn’t there. Was told they would try again the following day, guess… Read more »
I am upset with myself for not finding this list of complaints prior to placing an order with this company. Like so many others I spent much time searching the site for the perfect arrangement. My granddaughter had surgery. Her favorite color is purple. I found the perfect rectangular basket containing two purple violets adorned with purple ribbon and two little butterflies. Perfect for her, I even add a small box of chocolates to the order. Her mother sent me a photo of it when it arrived. I WAS LIVID!!!! It was instead all done in ORANGE!!! A round basket,… Read more »

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