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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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17895 Sky Park Cir #H
Irvine, California 92614 USA

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Phone Number: 800-580-6298
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 19

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Reported Losses: $218.00
Average Reported Losses: $54.50

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Florist Scam

I ordered 3 Funeral Sprays to be delivered for a death in the family. I received an email 2 hours prior to the viewing that my order was refunded. Since the viewing was a distance from my hometown, I was not familiar with any florists in the area.

I was extremely embarrassed and upset since the flowers were ordered not only for myself but for other family members. I do not even want to rate this Floral website with a 1 but rather with a 0. I would not recommend anyone using this website.

There was no explanation for the cancellation. My husband left several messages since you only get a machine and we never received a return call or email.

This company should not be allowed to function and promise delivery and their website should be removed!


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I ordered a floervarrangement for my sisters caregiver who had an operation. I ordered a beautiful Christmas arrangement . It looked nothing like the picture. No holly no pine baby’s breath or roses. Just mums and two red carnations. I am embarrassed at such a cheap arrangement(. Kim’s in Naples Florida) Contacted them twice by phone and twice on email. No response. I just called credit card company with complaint. They are working to get new arrangement or money refunded. Don’t use this florist

I ordered 18 roses for girlfriend for a special occasion They never were delivered called just got a voicemail, emailed no replies I should of known since there credit card page was not a certified by Norton or Mcafee I feel takened. This world is full of scumbags They should have a***s beaten to hell

I paid over $60.00 for a flower arrangement. I thought this organization was in my state. They are a fraud and need to be shut down. Scam artists. I’ve tried to contact them and request refund of my money – no response. I have contacted the BBB and also the Attorney General – not that any of this will matter.

I ordered flowers on 12 October 2017 to be delivered on 16 October 2017 for Boss’s Day from Kim’s Florist in Carrollton, Tx.. That evening I receive an email stating that I would be receiving a refund from Kim’s Florist within 5-7 days on my card. No explanation, no information or telephone number I could call. I looked up the 800 number and left a message. No response.


Do not use this firm.

I ordered a floral arrangement as they had an address near the hotel that my friends were being married. It turned out there is not such place just and interface to send an order to Irvine California, these crooks first cashed my credit card and then cancelled the order?? and then said it would take five or more days to credit my account.

They are bad news do not use them!!

I ordered flowers from Kim’s Florist for my grand baby because they appeared to be a local florist in Toronto–they are not. The picture showed roses with baby ornamental box but there was not a single rose in the delivery. They charged me 1.38 exchange rate and I got a bill of 98.40 CDN for $50.75 plus delivery. Try calling the 800 number–it directs you to go online. I have sent them a message using their form as suggested on the website but no answer. I sent two voice mails but no answer. I have sent another written mail today… Read more »

I received a planter for my mother’s funeral from my local florist who said they were emailed the order from Kim’s Florist out of Irvine, CA. The planter did not say who it was from. I called my local florist and they said to call Kim’s who since then has not returned my calls or emails. I feel very badly that I have not thanked whoever sent me this arrangement. It seems like it would be very easy to look up the info for me and let me know.

Just got scammed out of $54.90 on a order that appeared to be a local florist. No order arrived on what was supposed to be same day delivery. Tried their 800 number numerous times with no reply.. this operation needs to be shutdown. They are definatly crooked.

We ordered a bouquet for a new baby. It wasn’t delivered on time so I canceled the order online. It showed, “canceled” on their website but they charged our credit card two days later. No flowers were ever delivered. Something needs to be done about this fraudulent company!

I ordered a large bouquet of lilies for my uncle’s funeral, what they delivered was a cheap piece of crap consisting on about 6 flowers (not a single lily) that could not be worth more that $15. I had paid a lot more. I wrote to Kim’s several times and all my e-mails were ignored. I would not recommend dealing with them, they are thieves.

This flower place is a fraud! I ordered flowers and they charged my card. No flowers were delivered and they don’t answer the phone or emails. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

Do not use this site. Made a very important order for a 90th Birthday. It did not arrive! I was so embarrassed! Have no idea if I will get refunded or not! I hope so..if not then I paid $80 for nothing!

Hundreds of customers can’t be wrong! Kim’s Florist advertising as if they were a local florist in more than one state, the voice mail that no one ever answers and the horrible service. In January of this year (2017) I ordered a beautiful display that is advertised on Kim’s web site entitled Ocean Mist. The arrangement was for the funeral of our sister, in another state. This particular arrangement “should” have been made of, blue hydrangeas, yellow rose buds, purple iris, carnations, just a beautiful display. Luckily the director of the mortuary contacted us when the actual arrangement arrived and… Read more »

This company should be shut down. I’m reporting them to the BBB and Paypal and the Attorney General of my state. I ordered online. They were the first to come up, and though I normally check things out like this, I honestly thought they were local. My fault for not searching for them before ordering. They refunded my money on paypal, but flowers for a funeral were not delivered. I’ve learned a valuable lesson. THESE PEOPLE ARE DISPICABLE!

I am so livid right now…ordered flowers today send to my mom today 3 days ago…was never delivered!!!! This company should be removed from the internet listed as “best florist” in Henderson NV!!
I am beyond fuming!! $100 charged to my cc and nothing …ruined my day and sentimental moment–SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!!!!

Took my money, then refunded it because they did not make the delivery. No notice….No warning….The worst of the worst. I work evenings as a post secondary instructor and did not get home from work until 9:15 pm….. Find an open florist then!!!!!
I am so angry……Valentines day! The wife wondered all day what I was going to come up with…..All she has now is a receipt that shows my efforts……Sorry, receipts don’t save the day.
I will NEVER EVER use these folks again. On to leave the next review!

Same. Spent 87.38 for flowers that were never delivered. Posed as local company in New York State. Never answer the fake phone that sounds like an old answering machine. Had to lock account and change my card number. Bastards.

Carol McDaniel Dawson

Spent $150 for flowers that have never been delivered. Their 800 number, 800-580-6298 is never answered. Funds have already been collected through credit card. They also represent themselves as a local florist in your area. Do not use them…..EVER! My husband ordered flowers for me to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and never got them. He thought they were local. Wanted a specific arrangement only they could fill!! What a bunch of bs!


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