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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: Avas Flowers LLC
Corporate Address:
373 South Main Street
New City, New York 10956 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 877-638-3033
Corp Email: contact@avasflowers.com
Company Contact: Jorge Delgado - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.07 out of 5
Based On: 470 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 305

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $30,255.51
Average Reported Losses: $64.37

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Beware of Ava's Flowers

A dear friend recently wed for the first time, out of state. She planned a beautiful wedding but family was bickering, to the point where she finally gave up and got married at the courthouse.

I felt terrible when she sent a selfie via phone snapped by the judge who performed the ceremony. No family, no friends, no party, no flowers. But they looked happy and it was the sensible thing to do.

I decided the least I could do was send a fabulous bridal bouquet asap, so I looked online for a local florist to deliver. Avas Flowers came up and looked so promising that when I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on their site, I called them.

I was able to find a perfect bouquet for $49.99 with a white ribbon added. When I asked for the card to read “Congratulations! With Love” from me, I didn’t realize that costs another 5 dollars. I thought the card was the small card that always comes tucked into floral deliveries, not a full-size card.

Forget the last minute sale, and same day delivery promos on the website, It’s all marketing hype.

I ordered Saturday. On Sunday, 15 limp tulips with a card and white ribbon were delivered and I was charged $107.00.

I called Avas as soon as I saw the photo. They offered to retrieve them and give me partial store credit! Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Eventually they agreed to correct the mistake and send the right bouquet.

On Wednesday another bunch of droopy tulips, and 5 small iris buds were delivered. Still not the lavish, Premium bouquet as pictured and paid for.

This time I was offered a 20 percent discount, which apparently I should have taken because now there is no communication at all from the company.

Avas might be “Family owned” and local alright, but in NJ, not in my friend’s neighborhood. Telling me a 20 percent discount (off 107 dollars for a bunch of sorry tulips instead of something really special ) is the best they could do for me is outrageous.

I sent pictures of what I ordered and what was delivered, and pointed out specifically what was missing, to no avail.

Do not be lured into doing business with this outfit.

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Ordered two funeral arrangements – sent them some messages to confirm they understood the cars messages – no response. I did send another message to chance the delivery date – no confirmation bir they were delivered on correct date.
Both arrangements were disappointing- will mot order from them again.
I ordered the premium size.
The red-white blue was wilting, spraw and sloppily constructed.
The colorful arrangement was anbit fuller however quite sloppy looking

This is the WORST Florist ever. DO NOT USE THEM. I just ordered a Christmas arrangement and they sent an arrangement that looked nothing like what I ordered. THEY LIED and said they tried to call me. Which I have no messages or missed calls. This is the worst scam ever. DO NOT USE THEM> They also will not make it right.

I will never order from this place again. My buddy’s father died in Arkansas and I ordered a $145 standing flower arrangement for his dad’s funeral. When I called them, I told them that I had another florist cancel on me because they had 8 funerals and didn’t have enough flowers. The agent I spoke with put me on hold and called the florist and assured me that they had plenty of flowers and guaranteed me that my order would arrive on time for the funeral. I paid extra to ensure all would be delivered on time as my father… Read more »

These people don’t know tail holes from tulips. Flunked weedology! Total scammers! Go thru FTD or anywhere but them!

Placed an order today prior to 11:00 am paid @ $20.00 for delivery said scam company reports they attempted delivery; TOTAL LIE. SHE WAS HOME!! took me 4 calls and severals hours on hold to even get info about non delivery!! IDK where these jokers are from but I doubt they know the difference in a rose and ragweed!!!!!! I tried to make an an occasion special for a loved one; was a total darn NIGHTMARE!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE SEEDY SCAMMERS!!!!

I thought I was dealing with a small town florist in Ohio. Placed order 4 days in advance of a 104th bday. On the morning of the delivery I was awakened by 6 a.m. “urgent” texts from Ava. I called the number in the text and it directed me to a random marketing company. I called the number on invoice and went through an excruciatingly awful number menu that never recognized my number entries and which I could not bypass. Neither customer service “manager” had any discretion nor would they connect me with their supervisor, Jesus–who was always on the… Read more »
I too have been scammed by Avas. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought they were dealing with a local florist, except mine was in New Mexico. I ordered some flowers for my mom’s 76th birthday to be delivered the following day. I received a phone call late on delivery day, explaining they couldn’t get one of the flowers that was in the arrangement and asked if the could subsitute that flower and then since it was so late if they could deliver the following day. The arrangement waa a blue and pink flowers. It consisted of roses,… Read more »

Don’t call any florist with an 800 number. They charge 20 percent higher than the local florist and then turn around and contact a local florist who may or may not have the flowers you saw online. Local florists can make suggestions on what they have on hand, or if you want something special, call a day or two ahead of time so they can get it for you from their wholesaler.

ORDER ELSEWHERE! Absolutely terrible experiences with this company.

YEP SCAM only I called my bank my card is hot WHAT THE HELL. THEY ARE LIERS. ORIENTAL SCAMERS!

Ordered flowers for Aunt’s Wake. Paid $120.09 for a “special” bouquet. Called while viewing picture on there website. Flowers sent were brown around edges and petals were falling all over floor. Was first offered 20% off, refused. Offered $40.00 off. Refused again. This florist is a ripoff. Have NO idea how they can stay in business. They are robbers!

Have never been disappointed in a simple flower order, but boy did Ava’s Flowers change that experience. Please don’t use Ava’s Flowers if you want your order to arrive, as you ordered, and on time. 1) I ordered an arrangement for same day delivery around 8am on a Monday. 2) I received an e-mail saying “unable to deliver” on Tuesday–and a statement saying a re-delivery would be attempted. 3) I called the friend receiving the flowers (had to spoil the surprise) to ask if flowers were received on Tuesday evening–no flowers. I e-mailed Ava’s customer service. 4) Ava’s customer service… Read more »
Avas Flowers is an absolute RIP OFF! I ordered flowers from AVAS FLOWERS for my Mom for Mother’s Day…I ordered them early because she just got out of LIFE THREATENING surgery and I wanted to cheer her up and make her feel better. At 7 PM…we are still waiting…still no flowers. We get a text saying the flowers HAD BEEN DELIVERED! NO, they had not! I called their “Customer Service” at Ava’s Flowers and they REPEATEDLY hung up on me! Their site says they are open 24 hours “Call us” BUT THIS IS A LIE! Their phone service is awful.… Read more »
I ordered flowers from AVAS FLOWERS for my Mom for Mother’s Day…I ordered them early because she just got out of LIFE THREATENING surgery. At 7 PM…still no flowers. We get a text saying the flowers HAD BEEN DELIVERED! NO, they did not! I called their “Customer Service” at Ava’s and they REPEATEDLY hung up on me! Their site says they are open 24 hours “Call us” BUT THIS IS A LIE! Their phone service, after being on hold and negotiating through one of the worst phone systems, it hangs up! Their rating is ZERO! The only thing they did… Read more »

I have used them several times and everyone seems to be very happy with the arrangements. Many have sent pictures and they looked beautiful. You are aware that a LOCAL florist fills these orders.

Avas Flower is flat out horrible!!! I dont recommend anyone ordering from here for busniess or personal! Still have made it right!!!! Ruined a very specail day, which i could never be replaced!!!!

I believe it is a total scam as I am reading through all of your experience, I encounter the same thing in the last 3 days. I ordered flowers on Thursday to be delivered, today after numerous phone calls, speaking with agents, supervisors since 8:51 am and last with Henry ( I don’t believe its his real name) but is the floor manager, I get the same answer, they need to call the shop in California to make sure it was or wasn’t delivered in order for me to get my refund. Let me tell you, whoever the company (… Read more »
very dis-satisfied customer
I placed my order on Sunday April 9th, 2017with the Avas Flower Shop in Landisville, PA and the man promised me that it would be delivered to the funeral home Mon evening by 7:00 p.m. April 10th so it would be there fresh for the services at 10:00 am. On Tuesday, April 11th. I had a phone call on Tuesday, April 11th AM to tell me they did not deliver the flowers and they did not get to the funeral home. They promised then they would deliver it to the daughter of my deceased sister at her home. She did… Read more »

Ordered flowers for my mother in the hospital on March 30th was suppose to be delivered the next day. They never showed up. Over 1 week later, still no delivery and several phone calls trying to get a refund, with no luck. They said today they will refund, but I won’t hold my breath. Will NEVER use this company again!!

paid for premium and sent something way less. claim substitution policy but customer service is terrible. order local and save yourself. dont care about anything but taking your money

This company is a SCAM – Wrong plant flower arrangement was delivered – AvasFlowers representative verbally admitted multiple times that what was delivered was a mistake but nothing was done to fix the issue. FYI – Plant Flower arrangement was a JOKE! Could have put the arrangement together for less than $15 and was charged $86. This was their Premium-Large item too. Company admitted delivering the wrong item but did NOTHING to correct the issue and has kept the money. Please share so no one else is scammed. FYI – I guess one must never talk on the phone anymore.… Read more »
COMPANY IS A SCAM! DO NOT USE THIS FAKE COMPANY. Ordered a plant for my sisters birthday on 3/13 to be delivered 3/14, for her birthday on 3/15. Avas immediately charged my credit card on the date of the order. There was no information available on the sight that I was referred to for tracking my order, so when I didn’t hear from my sister by the 15th, I started to call the company. I was not able to get through until a week after I placed my order, and then only after spending more than 2 hours on the… Read more »
I will not use this on line order service again my order was not delivered on time and canceled by avas for some reason. I called and one person said thay we deliverd and another person said there was no order and there was not one fluent American agent that I could understand and on top of that my order was charged $18.more to use this service. was the worst customer service ever and I asked for a refund and use anther service and they said flowers were delivered and the recipient said they were not I did get the… Read more »
DO NOT USE Avaflowers.net This is what I ordered and this is what I received. I know better to order flowers from a place like this but I really thought I was going through a local florist. Because I didn’t complain within 48 hours they REFUSED to give me a refund. Instead they first gave me a $15 STORE CREDIT (as if) and then after a very heated discussion they still only gave me a 10 percent discount. $8 from an $80 purchase!!!! So not that it will do much good and I hate when people ask me to do… Read more »
My first experience with Avas flowers will be my last. My order was supposed to be delivered to a friend in a hospital on the 12th or 13th of February. The Avas location several towns away was apparently given the order even though there was one in the same town as the hospital. I then found out that they would not deliver it to the hospital. They delivered it on the 14th to my friend’s husband who then had to deliver it himself. The product (the large dish garden-$100) came instead in a birdhouse rather than a basket which is… Read more »

My daughter did not receive the flowers that I ordered for her birthday. I also was lead to believe I was speaking with a local florist in Williamsburg, Va. I am now trying to get a response to my complaint and so far my emails that I am sending to the address I was provided keep bouncing back. The arrangement that was sent was disappointing because of what I paid.


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