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Last Updated On: December 2, 2017

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Business Name: Western Union Financial Services, Inc.
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12500 East Belford Ave.
Englewood, Colorado 80112 USA

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Phone Number: 720-332-1000
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Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

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Reported Losses: $21,783.00
Average Reported Losses: $2,178.30

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No one named John Smith is eligible to receive moneygram

After being in existence for 163 years, Western Union decides that absolutely no one named John Smith is eligible to receive money via moneygram.

My son initiated a money gram to me through Western Union. I am a 54 year old male. I have never had a problem receiving money grams via Western Union. 2 hours after he had sent the money, I went to a Winn Dixie grocery store in Lakeland, Florida, to get the money. After I had filled out the required form to receive the money, I went to the service desk to get my money. The clerk said that he couldn’t give me my money because, “It was under review.”

I then called Western Union and, was connected to someone, I can only guess, in India. I asked them what they could possibly be reviewing. Whether or not the bills were counterfeit? They said no, it was because my name was John Smith. Now, mind you, I am the only John Smith who lives at 1672 poppy Circle in Lakeland, Florida; that I was the only person, besides my son, who had the specific tracking number or MTCN number, as they call it.

After going through several telephone agents, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The “supervisor” told me that I could scan my I.D. and e-mail the scanned image to him. I asked if I could give him my Social Security number, he said no. I told him I was at a grocery store and that scanning and e-mailing for customers was not one of the services that they offered the public. It didn’t matter. I was irate by this time, having been put on hold numerous times, because I was irate. So, I hung up.

When I had cooled down at bit, I went home, scanned my Drivers License and, prepared an e-mail to be sent. I called Western Union back and asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained what had transpired and, that I needed an e-mail address to send the image of my I.D. to. They said that the money had been refunded, which it had not been. I had called my son and, they told him the same thing, that the money had been refunded. He returned to the Mobil gas station which he had initiated the original money gram, got his money and, initiated a new money gram. This time he put a security question in as part of it.

Feeling that this would surely get the money in my hands, I returned to the Winn Dixie store and, filled out another pick up money form. I felt confident that with all this specific information, I would surely get my money. Same thing ! Then it was intimated to me that NO ONE named John Smith could receive money via money gram through Western Union. This sent me over the top.

They ruined my plans to go to my first Grand Baby’s, first Christmas. I am going to pursue legal action against them, (* Western Union ), if I can. I was discriminated against in a major way and, I feel they should pay, in a major way.

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I purchased a western union money order at my local grocery store and sent it to my friend as I owe him money. After a month, he returned it to me saying that no one, not even his own bank, would honor the money order. They all told him that it looked as though it had been altered. I filled out the money order exactly as one is supposed to. the store where I purchased it won’t refund my money and I can’t get through to a human when calling western union. According to the recording from western union, I… Read more »
I was using Western Union for years to send money to my relatives in Europe. Not any more, On April 19, 2017 I wanted to send $300 but was denied. I was told I cannot send $300 and I have to reduce the amount. I asked how much is the limit and two minutes of denying that answer I was told the limit is more than $7000 per transaction but they still denied to send my money. The name of the lady was Sandy. I asked to talk to a supervisor and after five minutes a lady with name Jan… Read more »

In general you need to sell to MoneyGram because your service sucks!

Mary Ann Aragon Torella
I triedI tried doing the online money transfer, for convenience so I don’t have to go to an agent. After the transaction, it says it is on hold and an agent called me from western union, i think it is a call center from the philippines, asking me questions not even related to me! She said it is a public record! Wtf?? The agent was asking me questions based on a public record not even related to me and because of that they declined my transaction? Talk about convenience and customer service! You just don’t pull up someone else’s record… Read more »
Just had my first transaction and it was a terrible experience. I decided to use Western Union because I wanted the money to reach my Mom in the Philippines as soon as possible as her birthday is tomorrow. After sending the money, I was surprised to get a message that says I had to call. When I did, I was told to provide my driver’s license number which I don’t have as I don’t drive. I was told that my transaction will be cancelled but the money will be refunded only after seven days. I was shocked as there was… Read more »

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I will never use western union and will tell people don’t use it. I’m stranded and need money to get home. They treated me like I was trying to scam someone. Now I can’t get home. If you judge a book by it’s cover then f**k all you mother f*****s. Get better phone systems and better speakers. I couldn’t understand the people on the other end. So kiss my a*s and hope like hell you go out of business. You are some sorry Mother F*****s. Kiss my a*s and wish you nothing but bad luck.

I tried registering and sending money online and it disgust me!!! While trying to register it would always kick me out after I enter my information. I tried chatting with them but that did not help. It kept taking me to a page saying page unavailable. When I explained what happened they just told me to change my browser. My browser works perfectly fine….I have been trying to register with that website like 10 times and will never try again. I probably will never use Western Union again….EVER!!!!!!!!!!

I tried sending money to my son in Ohio from Florida and it would not go through on their lousy website. so I called them and got some agent telling me that my bank card is invalid. WHAT?!? Neither one of my two bank cards are invalid and all of my information is correct. SO, now my son is in Ohio needing money for his daughter and I can’t get it to him unless I use MoneyGram (which I hate). Now, he is gonna have to wait until her gets it via money order in the mail. Western Union is… Read more »
I have used WU to send money online from my USA bank account to a recipient in South Africa for the last 8 months. I reside in Costa Rica. It is a very small amount each month sent to my brother to enable him to buy his groceries. Now out of the blue WU says they no longer offer this service to South Africa and when I tried in person at an agent here in Costa Rica they say that the WU site was offline. Now WU tell me " "we are deeply sorry bit if you are in Costa… Read more »


Western Union: Head of the Nigerian Connections Fraud (419scams)?? Here my answer to an E-Mail from Western Union advocates. I am myself victim of the Western Union fakes in a height of 19.000.00 USD (approximately) ATTN: Mr. James C. Thank you for your E-Mail of today but the response attached means nothing to the complaint.The answer of the collegue is a general fake that does not touch the complaint in any way. According to the two complaints the reasons why the money was sent, is absolutely uninteresting as it is Western Union that is accused of Money Embezzlement having done… Read more »

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