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Last Updated On: December 5, 2017

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Business Name: Los Lunas Consumer Finance New Mexico
Corporate Address:
267 Courthouse Rd SE
Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031 USA

Customer Service

Company Contact: Chris Cordova - Manager


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 1

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $30,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $30,000.00

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The Rich Man begging a drop of water from Los Lunas Consumer Finance

I bought a brand new Motorcycle On July 2010. I have never missed any payments Now I check my credit scores at least 5 times a year so I noticed that Los Lunas Consumer Finance was not Reporting my payment history to any of thee 3 credit Bureaus. So I called that office and requested a person to person conference with thee Manager Ernesto.

Now when I arrived and waited I also spoke with thee assistant Manager and also informed her of my purpose and visit to there office. When Ernesto called me he looked at his computer screen and told me that his screen was showing the proper payments I then showed him my 3 hour old Credit reports and told him show me where that report is because My REPORTS are Not showing anything. Ernesto then began raising his voice to me. I Then spoke to Ernesto and said You folks are the ones doing me wrong and cheating yet your raising your voice to Me I then told Ernesto you { BETTER TAKE THE THUNDER OUT Of YOUR VOICE WHEN YOUR TALKING TO ME }.

So as I looked at his Computer Screen I also Noticed That there were 3 payments Missing and not listed and some payments I made were not deducted from my Balance. I Then asked him why are them payments missing, He then said to me I am Running this Business not you. I Replied by saying what does your position here have to do with what we are talking about, I then replied and said so I just threw away $1275.00 dollars and he said, Yep you sure did. Then Ernesto began getting LOUDER and LOUDER.

Ernesto REFUSED to Credit my Payments Ernesto has REFUSED to REPORT the correct payments to the 3 Credit Bureaus. I have written and sent that Finance Company Several CERTIFED Letters Threw thee USA Postal with Receipt’s Request.

So This Finance Company and its Manager Ernesto and Thee Assistant Finance Manager Andrea Have been Notified many times since December of 2010 and present 2013. I went into thee office on 08-16 2013 with my wife, I wanted to Payoff This Loan BUT Ernesto REFUSED to CREDIT DEDUCT. the Payments that were not Properly Credited to My account, And as I sat with my wife Ernesto Has Created a VERY HOSTILE UNPROFESIONAL Attitude. As My Wife and were walking out of that office Once again Ernesto shouted to US, I’m Running This Business not you. I never mentioned anything about running his Business. But since Ernesto Did Take full Responsibility for how that finance Company conducts Business, And since Los Lunas Consumer Finance Company is under Ernestos Management Ernesto will also be held Liable for all the Damages and wrong Credit Reporting to the 3 Credit Bureaus or which ever Credit Bureau they Report to. Since Ernesto and Andrea Management of Los Lunas Consumer Finance Has caused My wife and I Emotional Stress Health problems Due to there Unprofessional LACK of communicating Proper Professional Skills, with My Wife & I. Since Los Lunas Consumer finance has been aware of thee Wrong Credit reporting and Not Properly Crediting My Payments to my account. Since Los Lunas Consumer Finance and Management has REFUSED to Comply with My Written and Verbal Request over thee past 3 years This has Caused My Wife Diane and to Pay Higher Interest Rates we have even been Denied Other Credit DUE TO False Credit Reporting By Los Lunas Consumer Finance.

Ernesto and Andrea Have DONE NOTHING to Correct this Matter. Therefore Ernesto Manager and Andrea Assistant Manager of Los Lunas Consumer Finance. Should also be held accountable & will also be held accountable for WILLFULLY WILLINGLY INTENTIONALLY REFUSING to address these matters. After asking Requesting By Mail and in person By Phone Ernesto and Andrea have done nothing. Yet Ernesto has made Comments and has made it Known That he is Running That Finance Company, Ernesto Has Created a Very Hostile Relationship with My wife and I.

Therefore for the SAFETY of Others My wife and I we no Longer wish to Communicate with Unprofessional Childish Poor Communication PreSchool Level Uneducated Management of Los Lunas Consumer Finance. I Have tried to Communicate with Ernestos POOR Communicating Skills. I Have had to Lower My Standards But To No Avail Nothing seems to Improve Nothing has been done to Correct the Wrong account Balance, Nothing has been done to Report thee Correct Payments History to thee Credit Bureaus or Credit Bureau which ever agency Los Lunas Consumer Finance Uses, I do have a New Credit Report which My wife and I got on August 20th 2013, From a Well Respected Car Dealer here In Albuquerque New Mexico.

Due to the False and Missing Payments Not Reported by Los Lunas Consumer Finance, { Ernesto Manager, and Andrea Assistant Manger } Los Lunas Consumer Finance My Wife and I were DENIED a Loan for a NEW Vehicle DENIED a Lower Interest Rate Due to The Facts Listed above, My wife and I had to settle for a Used Vehicle and Higher Interest Rates BECAUSE of The Willful Intentional Wrong Credit Information That Los Lunas Consumer Finance REFUSED to take Proper Steps to Correct this Very Important Matter and Due to Lack of Concern and VERY POOR if any Communicating Skills by Management of Los Lunas Consumer Finance Company, Ernesto, Andrea Management and since Ernesto has Created a Dangerous VIOLENT Atmosphere a VERY UNPROFESIONAL HOSTILE RETALIATION Environment. ATMOSPHERE.


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This is by far the worst company to barrow from. Their interest rate is ridiculous. I called Friday my dad was supposed to pay off my loan but didn’t make it on time. So I call Monday morning and they charged me $20 from Friday?! Wow thank God for other loan companies. I will never barrow a loan again from these ripoffs!!!!!


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