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These days, it’s hard to watch more than ten minutes of the news without hearing of yet another financial scandal.  Unfortunately, the finance sector is rife with all kinds of unethical (and sometimes illegal) behavior.  If you are personally aware of some bad practices in the finance sector, you owe it to those in your community to file a complaint with  Complaints can include a variety of categories: banks, collection services, credit cards, insurance, loans, mortgage services, tax services, and so much more.

Unethical Practices

Of course, this is the most common type of complaint may people will file on Complaints List.  From abusing a contract to using intimidation techniques to stealing your money outright, many areas of the finance sector operate less truthfully than you might have previously thought.  If this has been your experience with a bank, credit card company, or some other institution/company, don’t hesitate in filing a complaint with today.  You don’t deserve to be treated unfairly, and no one else does either.  However, others might not know about an institution’s dishonest reputation unless you share your story.

Outrages Fees/Charges

Whether you’re dealing with a p****y loans institution or your mortgage service, chances are you’ve run into some outrageous fees or charges on a bill.  If this has been your experience – especially if the charge has not been resolved – you should definitely file with Complaints List.  Others will want to know what companies, banks, and services they should avoid.  Again, your story may be the only warning they have.

No matter what your issue with the finance sector is, file a complaint with Complaints List, and let others know!

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