File a Complaint About a Company or Business offers one of the most effective, legal, and easy ways to get justice on a Company or Business who has done something wrong to you.

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File Consumer Complaints about a Company, Business, Website that has done any type of injustice to you!

Has a Company Ripped You Off? Stolen From You? Treated you Bad? If so submit a complaint here telling your story to the public and let it be known what this company has done. Help warn others from potential danger from this company or business!Use the form below to submit Company Complaints and Reviews!Do you ever feel like businesses and companies get to take advantage of whomever they want with no real consequences? Are you tired of being pushed around by store managers, customer service representatives, and dishonest entrepreneurs? Very few companies this day in age believe in the age old proverb that customers or consumers are always right.

If so, then you should let them know about by filing a business or company complaint with us! Here’s how it works… You provide us with your basic information and the information that you know about the company you’re filing a complaint against. Then, you tell us your story, as it happened.Feel free to include as much or as little detail as you like. (It’s worth noting, however, that complaints with more details tend to generate more results.) Once you’ve shared this information with us, we immediately post your customer complaint to the website. Here’s where the action really starts…Businesses today are more concerned than ever with their online reputation. In this day and age, just about everyone searches for information about a company online before they do business with them. This fact makes the consumer voice more powerful today than it has ever been in years past. For this reason, it can also be a scary world for businesses that don’t deal honestly with customers.More and more businesses are waking up to the truth that there are consumers like you who aren’t going to take it anymore.

Customers like you are turning the tables, lending more power to the consumer’s voice.Complaints List is proud to be joining you in this movement. Together, we want to see the world totally transformed from a “seller’s market” to a “buyer’s world.”Help us in our mission by filing a complaint against a company or business that has wronged you in the past. Simply share your story, and we’ll work hard to ensure that your complaint is seen by both other consumers and the business that wronged you. File a complaint with Complaints List today!

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