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Last Updated On: May 9, 2017

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Business Name: Quality Is Our Recipe LLC
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Dublin, Ohio 43017 USA

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Phone Number: 614-764-3100
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Average Rating: 1.86 out of 5
Based On: 26 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 15

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Reported Losses: $167.59
Average Reported Losses: $6.45

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Night shift messes up

I stopped at Wendy’s Saturday night for a quick snack; double cheeseburger and small chili from value menu.

It took a long time. Then when I paid with the debit card, they told me they were not printing receipts, so I didn’t get one.

I got home to find a bacon single small burger, instead of double burger, had lettuce and mayo, no tomato.

So they screwed up a simple 2 item order, and I didn’t even get a receipt to help complain about it.

Wendy’s Location – Corner of Jefferson and Center St Joliet Illinois

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in Smyrna ,I had ordered chicken nuggets and then I got home and there was NO CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!!!!I thought I was going to die . I was so upset.


ACQUIRED LOSSES – Medical bills $27,_ _ _ due to injury of D.V.T. blood clot in leg and Pulmonary Embolsim.





ATTN: INSURANCE CLAIMS DEPARTMENT ATTN: RISK MANAGER, MATT TOBAN TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN SUBJECT: FORMAL COMPLAINT/CLAIMS DEAR SIR OR MADAM:OUT OF TOWN …BUT, ON THE REBOUND Husband and I were handling business in Mishawaka, IN. Decided to stop at Wendy’s 320 Dixie Way South, South Bend, IN. on June 19, 2015. Husband …diabetic likes the ceasar apple pecan salad. I like the fries, especially when they’re hot. Placed order, waited approx. 10-13mins. Decided to dine-in in the lower dining area. as we approached the area, even from the counter you could see the BIG, BOLD, BLACK ARROWS POINTING DOWN… Read more »

my name is jim r.from n.s. canada.im a diebetic . i resently bought i book on how to cure
diebettes. this book covers exercise,diet as well as other important things to do. my sugar
was totally out of control and was about to be put on insulin. i now have this problem under control .your mediterranean salad fits my diet perfect !!!! now when im driving any distance
im planning my trip which includes a stop at wendys. thank you

My family and I go to Wendy”s on Saturday and Sunday before we began work. They have gotten to orders wrong every time. so we have decided to NOT go back. If the food is good, it is really good.
But when you order when you order hamburger and you get cold fish ..uh not thanks.It is really sad
that these people can’t get the orders right and give you a receipt with out being asked. We have had enough.
DQ will be getting our business from now on.
This i Wendy’s is located at Kingston Dr. In Daleville, Va.

I am just getting over foodposioning. I was the only one to eat a chicken sandwich. It was cold. 48oo Menual, alb, NM, 87110. Will never eat at that location again.

I LOVE Wendy’s chilli but it’s a crap shoot every time! There is so much inconsistency in the product and definitely the customer service. I vowed today to never go to one of our local Wendy’s locations because I’m tired of wrong orders, being rushed and not listened to, etc.

6-21-2016 good news !!
I ate at #8478 in Lilburn, GA at 11;00 AM. The 4 for $4 was very good and a great buy !
The service at drive thru was excellent. !!
No problems !!!
Thought you would like to have some good news !
TWO comments which are not complaints;
1) Hope you are paying your people enough to live well.
2) The fries were to large. I would like the next smaller size as I am trying not to gain weight.
Have a Good Day !!
Homer Overstreet

Hey I would like to say that managers should work the front line every now and then I go to the one on 181st and very little to i see Managers working the front line i would like to get a feel what the Managers are like as well
WE recently went to Wendy’s near 31 Mile and Van D**e in Washington Mi First let me say we go there often but something is happening to that store. When we ordered we asked for a coffee and were told "We are all out of coffee" Didn’t say " we are making a fresh pot and will bring it to your table. The restaurant was empty with the help standing around but nobody attempted to make coffee. Another person in our group ordered a Med Coke and was told "We are all out of Med Cokes so I will just… Read more »
im tired of their system, they give you coupons on the backs of the receipts….I kept the last one just to see when I did it, the last one I filled out was in Ocrtober and when i go in today, its telling me that I cant use this one because its been less than 30 days, IT HASNT BEEN……IF YOU DONT WANT US TO USE YOUR STUPID SURVEYS, THEN DONT PUT THEM ON THE RECEIPTS. No one is using my email address to fill one out and this system sucks. This alone is a reason for me not to… Read more »

I actually love Wendy’s food but I have a problem with the salads. The chicken is never fully cut up and the plastic knife and fork do not finish the job for me. You either eat the chicken in big globs or with your fingers and that is not what I prefer. Just cut the chicken into bite size salad pieces and I would be a happy camper!!! Suzi Lynch

It seems Wendy’s has a track record starting here. You live in Ohio, I live in New Mexico. I have NEVER been thru the drive-thru line and NOT been short=changed by anywhere from a couple of cents or even up to 25 cents. Minor, yes. However, if they do this to everyone, sooner or later it adds up. I complained to Wendy’s HQ and they had their store manager call me. What a waste of my time. He started off saying it didn’t happen and then his lie switched to some lame excuse about the register malfunctioning. Well, the register… Read more »

Grabbed an apple "walnut" chicken salad on my way to work. When I got to work, no walnuts. The girl was distracted and it took her forever to fix my salad. Sometimes I think the employees there are stoned the way they act. Wendys on I40 and Ross, Amarillo, Texas.


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