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Last Updated On: August 8, 2017

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Business Name: AFC Enterprises, Inc.
Corporate Address:
400 Perimeter Center Terrace #1000
Atlanta, Georgia 30346 USA

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Phone Number: 404-459-445
Company Contact: Cheryl A Bachelder - President, CEO
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Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 69 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $123,406.34
Average Reported Losses: $1,788.50

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Rude Employee in Stroudsburg

Upon placing an order via the drive-thru, the employee stated they didn’t have what I wanted and it would be 10 mins. I asked if they had any other chicken to make up the order, and was told yes. I accepted what was available… Then I said, I’d like to place a separate order for someone else who was in the car. She said no, I can’t place another order. I told her I’ve placed 2 orders from my car several times before. She told me, it’s not allowed.

So, my son went inside to order is sandwich. I drove around to the window, paid for my order, and received the 10pc. chicken. She walked away from the window, as I stayed there to count my chicken, since I’ve received many orders since they opened, that were short 1 or 2 pieces of chicken.

Sure enough, it was short 1 pc. She refused to come to the window, so the manager asked if he could help me, I explained it was 1pc short of 10 pc, and he served me.

In the meantime, my son is listening to the girl who served me say, “I don’t know why she’s still at the window, I don’t care, I’m not helping her. She needs to leave.”.

I honestly thought this was a Madea movie! She’s very luck I didn’t act like Madea!

Two things to be learned here:

1 – the customer is the reason you have a salary, show some respect.

2 – Be careful as to how you treat your customers, they may be your BOSS!

Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuit Store# 11154 – 1137 North 9th St Stroudsburg Pennsylvania 18360 | 570-476-1200

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i went there and my order was all wrong had to turn around go back and the manager acted like i caused her and her staff problems by bringing my incorrect order back, manager called me a b***h and yell f**k yo momma as she walked to the back to hide. i called the complaint line and they sent me a crap $5 coupon and sent my complaint to the same manager i had the issue with, the $5 was said i had to use at the location in question i go to use it the same manger is there… Read more »

i asked popeys in vidaila louisiana did they have the popcorn chickin and said that they had the popcorn chickin and when they gave it to us it was popron shrimp.
they got kinda of mad when i asked them for to go box and i had to say it twice
anless it chances we want go back.

Last night I went to the Popeyes’s in Plano Texas on 15th.i asked the employee if I was bothering her. She mumbled under her breath every time I ordered something. She was horrible. I wanted to leave the drive thru. But I didn’t want to be rude. I do know that I will never go back. I posted the way I was treated on my colleges FB Paige.

rude people in Orlando even there boss never order right the onColombia I thing new people

I purchase chicken dinner today when I arrived home I notice I was missing a biscuit and the chicken was not cleaned I can see feathers on the wing and small black bug I have the chicken in the same box they was given for the take out. Should I inform the store manager or take pictures.

Today I went to The Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen located at 16900 Meyers Road, Detroit, Mi 48235. I arrived at approximately 09:00pm, went to dine in and discovered that the door was locked. I observed the sign displaying the lobby hours and it clearly stated that the lobby was opened on Friday’s until 11:00pm. Since it was only 09:00pm I knocked on the door and an employee came out from the kitchen and told me the lobby was closed. I pointed out that their sign clearly stated that the business hours for inside dining was until 11:00pm on Fridays. The woman… Read more »
Wait until you all hear this,I worked at popeyes chicken on sunset road in las vegas,nevada.I thought great place to work.Suddenly an employee decided they did not like me.I thought management should be able to fix this and move on.Not so,I was being harassed and picked on.My store manager did nothing about it.One day I was working,and I told an employee to lay off that had been giving me a hard time.Management lied and said I cussed when I said I was tired of them being rude. I was told I am unrehirable. The store manager also accused a customer… Read more »

I went to popeyes in Florence s.c.and the prices were really high and they do not honor TV advertising I will not eat there again

After visiting the Popeye’s restaurant in Hesperia, California this evening, I’m convinced that corporate needs to shut down the restaurant for the day to hold food safety training. I recall recently the store was closed about 4 hours early one evening to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, and so it should not present an inconvenience. First, the two specials I purchased that included 6 Cajun chicken wings and ranch dressing, each, were overcooked, partially breaded, and visibly not fresh. They boxed it up, bagged it up and nonetheless served it to me. Secondly, there were no cajun wings available and to… Read more »

New Popeyes Brighton Beach Ave. BROOKLYN NY…chicken wrap looked like an eggroll…cold, no coating and improperly wrapped….intimidating cashier…the cherry cream cheese was excellent but had ink writing on wrapper.

My wife, daughter and I wanted to eat out today, 05/01/2014, Thursday around 5:17 PM at Popeye’s off I-49 to University Parkway street in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We brought cash ($): 3 Cajun Chicken combos, two extra Cajun Fries and a side order of Cajun Rice for a total price plus tax, comes to $24.91. We waited nearly 12 minutes while a lady kept coming up to the order counter complaining to the cashier on register 1about her chicken combo, two times. Well, we got our order finally, and sat down near the windows in the restaurant to eat. Immediately, my… Read more »
I also have had it with Popeye’s. The one on 350 Hwy and Raytown road in Raytown, Mo. I stopped in on my way home from work, ordered the 3 pc all dark, red beans and rice comes with a biscuit and small coke. I ask the little weasel at the window if the red beans and rice was in the box and he said “should be” I new I should have looked. When I go home I had 3 wings spicy and a biscuit. I can not eat spicy. I have no way of going back, I have no… Read more »
ok so we ordered chicken at 11pm in barrie ontario yup 12 15 no chicken told us to drive there and we will get half off!!! yup after being drunk half the nite!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha yup WHY DO THEY HAVE DELIVERY?? and im sorry if your driver broke down!! NOT OUR FAULT!! you want to open a new franchise up here in BARRIE ONTARIO CANADA!! then make sure you are ready!!! have back up,,not our fault you break down,,,just dont get us up here to drive after an hr wait!! BULLSHIT!! Thats why we order not to drink and drive!!!YUP WE… Read more »

I well never go there again. bad service.

I was standing at the counter waiting for someone to take my order and no one asked if i have been waiting on, I stood there for 10 min. I was the only one in there, the manger said to someone (i’m not taking care of the counter someone else can) stood there for another 5 min. still no one they all looked up at the counter and still no one. my tine i was there was 5:00pm. so i just left and wenr to kfc where i was a customer. I will never go back to another popeyes again… Read more »
I recently was given my food order and was the last person in line before closing at the Popeye’s on Forks of the River Parkway in Sevierville, Tn. It was not fresh to say the least. It was more like rubbery batter with a tiny bit of chicken inside. We could not even eat the food! I called and complained to a manager the next day, letting them know that the reason why our food was so terrible, was because we were the last customers before they turned off the lights. That is no excuse….I payed for a good meal… Read more »
My husband and I had just walked in to Popeye’s Store#4528, located at 1747 Cherry Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76108 today just after 4:00pm. Somehow my husband was oblivious to a young child, most likely the age of 18 mos. to 2 years being changed on 2 chairs in the food prep and serving area; I cannot imagine how because the child was crying loudly. I watched in astonishment that this was happening and not one employee was concerned or had skipped a beat as if it were a common occurance. I observed a Latino male, later determined to be… Read more »
Today I went into Popeyes (#3283) to get my weekly usual and for some reason this time things went terribly wrong. I waited momentarily while the employees assisted the drive thru. I then complain and thats when AUGUSTINE comes over to assist but obviously bothered I requested his attention. I place my order and when I proceed to pay he snatches the money out of my hand with an attitude. I then complain about his rude and nasty behavoir and thats when ISABELL begans to yell, scream and really become biligerant with me. The other employees held her back and… Read more »
Popeyes in St. Louis was truly a scary experience.I made a complaint that was needed to be made to Popeyes complaint department and had a harassing phone call from a manager on her cell phone and I gave these people my address too.This was truly crazy.Every time one of us from work goes up and picks up lunch there’s a story that comes back with it.I went myself and WOW,never in my 37 years have I ever experienced what I have with a place of business..They actually gave the manager at that location my information and I had to rush… Read more »

please hire good poeple a manager 2 years in prison selling drugs in the store covington hwy 190 felons giving food ?????

oh my god where is corporate popeyes on 190 in covington is turning to a catel …..


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