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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: McDonald's Corporation
Corporate Address:
2111 McDonald's Dr
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-244-6227
Company Contact: Don Thompson - President and CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.60 out of 5
Based On: 77 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 61

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $5,520.79
Average Reported Losses: $71.70

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My boyfriend went thru the drive thru and ordered 2 large caramel frappes. He brought them home for us to enjoy.

But much to my dismay, and after drinking three-quarters of my frappe, I took a sip and inhaled a hard sharp object to the back of my throat.

I immediately began gasping for air, however the object was stuck.

After aggressively choking, the object came back up.

Upon inspection, it looks to be a human fingernail and/or an acrylic nail with nail polish on it, that was sticking to the back of my throat.

I am deeply appalled and sickened at the lack of sanitation efforts taken by this restaurant. Some action needs to be taken.

Ps- I have pictures but cannot get them to attach here.

McDonald’s 7600 Cooley Lake Rd Waterford Township Michigan 48328

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Very dismayed about the removal of McRib sandwiich . It was not out very long when it was withdrawn. Suggest you keep the sandwich out for a much longer time, it was the best item on your menu. Suggest you do a study to determine viability of this suggestion.

The McDonalds in Rowley MA has had no Coca-Cola or other soda for over week!! The franchise owner will not pay to fix it! Unbelievable!

Web page keeps blacking out and not allowing anything past asking for E mail address. I just wanted to see the menu and I can’t because oage is blacked out

McDonald’s in Brandon, Ms is the worst fast food restaurant in Brandon. I stopped on October 6, 2017 for a fish sandwich & ice cream cone. After standing In line for 10 minutes, to be told the ice cream machine was broken, I said don’t worry about the sandwich. It’s amazing how much they don’t care about their customers, not to mention how slow the employees are. In the future I don’t plan on visiting this particular restaurant again.

Went into Mcdonalds put in my order paid, order was never made, had no more time to wait asked for refund. I had used my debit card they gave me refund slip, this was on Monday oct. 2 money has still not been put back into my account as of oct. 4th complaint line says it takes 7 to 10 days to get it back. So you pay for getting no food and then they steal your money. what great customer service. This mcdonalds is in azle texas 76020 don’t go there.

I went through the drive thru ,I ordered a cheeseburger happy meal the bottom bun had to have been dropped in water ,it was soaked it was disguiseding. I lost 4.00 dollars and couldn’t eat any of it, the apples were rotten as well. It was at 134 th and western ,okc

Never go to the Mcdonalds on 86th street Indianapolis college Park the owner paid me to never come back and had lied about the situation and call the Law on me and my wife review the tape I spent money there every morning The owner has a serious ego problem pulled me to the side offered me money and told me not to return basis on his ego problem he needs to get a call from the corporate office about this at the very minimum

Never go to the Mcdonalds on 86th street the have an owner there with a serious ego problem

I did this new curbside thing… ordered 1 salad. Credit card got charged twice. I called McDonalds customer service for them to tell me its my banks fault for letting the money come out back to back for the same thing. They said I need to file a compliant w my bank! No, its McDonalds fault for having a jacked up system and insensitive customer service reps. Still haven’t received my refund btw… They don’t care though. #pissednolongeracustomer

I went to McDonald’s on July 26,2017 around 5:02 pm and im not a low class person and I was not treated at all good I’m saying I want my amount back.The boy was waited on me he was ok but I asked for manger and a young girl walk up she’s was ruled to me she had blood on her arms and she looked high and I just your company sucks they is a woman works in the morning she has his and you need to test people. I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR YOU WILL MY LAWYER BELIEVE… Read more »

I have a complaint about the Mcdonalds on union blvd I Allentown pa.Every time we order from there we get home and our order is wrong.Th employees there are s slow my husband always ha to wait forever for our order.Also every time we go for around five oclock breakfast the drive thru is closed.tells us to come bACK IN AN HOUR.What happened to the all night breakfast.Bullshit

Chef Nick at McDonald’s (3904 Ridge Road, Highland, IN). June 13 at 3:05pm · Highland, IN · I almost never stop at McDonalds but with 6 kids traveling to Ohio the other day they find it a treat. I have 2 of the 6 kids under 2 and diapers needed to be changed. I took them in the men’s restroom and found a nasty soggy toilet paper wrapped toilet brush on top of the baby changing station and a cleaning bucket next to the toilet with chemicals. I took a photo and found an employee, discreetly showed her the photo… Read more »
Iam sorry for calling the manger a fat a*s and a b***h, because of a simple buger the could not make a truffle and cheese burger the worst burger ever my own dog would not eat. asked for a burger to replace the other one the manger said no because she made one so it was two they had stuffed up, I was given a refund and told to leave because I told the young fella to have respect for making food, but they do not care what u pay for it, they think u will accept whats in front… Read more »
I’m tired of going to McDonald’s and they never get my order right or they leave out one or more items that I paid for,when calling back to complaint about it,the manager, make seem like it’s my fault because they forgot to complete my orde. I have lost a lot of money by going to your establishment ,and paying for items I didn’t get, plus I need someone that can speak English and I’m not a races It’s hard to do business with those who don’t speak English.PS I’m sure you get many complaints the store I used 3318 Estes… Read more »

Went to mcdonalds tonight around 12:30 AM and never did get waited on other lane was getting waited on very slowly but my lane never did get recognized they said something was wrong with the system sorry place.

Frederick is on register in Acton, MA McDonalds tonight @ 7pm, 3/18/17, he argued with every customer, berated them so he did with me. He got my order wrong 4 times and argued when I wanted to correct it, he said I should consider being done – not sure what he meant by it – only he knows. He humiliated quiet few people tonight so he not only told us we could not pick our toy (Note: not because they don’t have it – because we can’t – mind you) and he felt need to stop us by the door… Read more »

I took my 8 year old daughter Lisa and 11 year old son Michael to McDonald’s for breakfast. Address is 1406 E. Yosemite Madera, CA (559) 664-89310. Two tables were smeared with left over food ketchup left on the floor main isle. So what? Well wait it gets better in the Men’s room feces was left on the toilet seat. This so called restaurant demonstrates a deliberate indifference to public health as well as public safety. The Management needs to be replaced with a person who is both competent and guest oriented!

McDonald restraints areoffensive in their choice of music as the lyrics are ungodly and of explicit sexual content (verbal p*********y) which is totally AGAINST the glory, holiness, virtue and divineness that the God of Israel has commanded for all who believe in Him, and to that life ! Allowing McDonald restraints and other establishments to fill Christain souls with their verbal pronography is what causes immorality and results in a higher rate of crime because people ACT on what their memory absorbs, not counting that the soul absorbs and remembers such filth after death and my GOD, the I AM… Read more »

I asked my daughter to get me a mac junior cause I saw the commercial and the pics and looked good. My daughter brought it home and it was cold and the bun was slides all the way leaving the cheeseburger askew with all the mayonnaise spread. It looked pretty nasty and it also tasted awful. This was at the McDonald’s on Madison St. In the lower east side in Manhattan. Can’t wait to stop by and talk to the manager there about the lousy job his employees packed those lousy burgers.

This happens more than once in last year . Don’t like waiting in line for food for long period of time and Burn $5.00 in gas for a 3.00 meal. Where is the Fast in Food at McDonald’s ? Then after all the wait ‘no complimentary offer ‘just here you go ! it does not make for a Happy Meal ! McDonald’s let the customer know if there is going to be a 30+ min wait for there order before they pay for food . Did not come there to get a Frown Face ! I want a Happy Face… Read more »

Went to McDonalds told them I wanted the 2 items for $2 offer they told me it was $2.50 + tax that is not what is advertised in local area. Went to Burger King instead (better value).
They lost this order and all future business from me and my friends.
Tried to complain but you can not on the web site you have to use either snail mail or call but when you call they want you to leave a message and they might refer it to the local facility. That is no way to treat customers!

Karen , grandma of 7 kids



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