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Last Updated On: July 6, 2017

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Business Name: Burger King Holdings, Inc.
Corporate Address:
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr
Miami, Florida USA

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Phone Number: 866-394-2493
Company Contact: Bernardo Hees - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.64 out of 5
Based On: 41 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $23,269.29
Average Reported Losses: $567.54

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Rude, Nasty Store in Macon

A person would be hard press to find a more devoted Burger King customer! I use to eat at Burger King at least 3 times a week and as many as 6 or 7 and many times twice a day. I have talked time and time again about problems with the store manager Mores and have talked to Bo Wilder area manager several times to no avail.

I have put up with counters where they serve the food that are so nasty I would tell them my food even thaw in a bag or on a tray on the counter. I even have asked about the nasty counter and I mean they are REALLY nasty to the employee or the manager and both would either ignore me say something smart and do nothing about the counter. I had one-night manager tell the young man serving me to come stand by where they pick the food up and he stood there long enough he could have cleaned the counter 10 times waiting on my food but the night manager would not let him!

One of the times I eat there twice in one day I went to the drive throw in the morning and told them about how nasty the front side of the counter was where all the customer could not help but see it. This was around 9AM at around 6PM I went back to get something to eat and in all this time they still have not cleaned it! (I have pictures)! This was just one time and there have been many!

On Monday 7/8/16 I went to get some breakfast and order two sausage and biscuits and paid after getting my money I am told there will not be any more biscuits for at least 10 minutes which show someone is not doing their job! This is not any ware near the first time I have been told this! I asked can I get a discount on something else and the manager very rudely said no like it was my fault so I got my money back which she was upset about and when to Taco Bell.

I did not go back for over a week. On 7/13/16 at 4:14 PM I gave them their last chance I went to the drive throw I ordered a double bacon cheese burger and a crispy chicken rodeo sandwich the girl at the window was DRondra (which is on my receipt that I still have) I had to ask for napkins which they always put them in the bag no big deal. When I got home I had two sandwiches one was correct one was not instead of a double bacon cheese burger was a rodeo burger not only did I not get what I paid for but was given a lessor value sandwich.

The examples above are just a VERY few problems (If I listing them all this would be no less than 20 pages long) I have had it at this BK and nothing CHANGES! This BK use to be a very good place but seems over the last couple years it has hit rock bottom!

I have been teat very rudely ignored and down out right talked to poorly as well as yelled at not counting all the mistakes on my food so all I can figure out is BK does not want my business even after talking to the head manager of the store and the area manager as nothing changes. If you do now want to be teat poorly or see how nasty they let things get and do nothing I recommend if you eat a BK NOT to go to the above BK. BK has lost all my business no matter what store as I just no longer trust them! There are way too many place that give good serve, get the food correct and are polite I do not have to put up with being treated poorly! I have seen bigger companies clasps and do not think it cannot happen to BK!

If you try and call Bo Wilder you are unable to leave a message as his voice mail has never been actuated! Tells me a lot about him.

It is a shame I am 62 years old and been eating at BK most of my life you have lost one of your most devoted consumers and seems BK does not care!! I am disabled and have much time on my hands and have nothing better to do then post this all over the Internet!

I will be sending this to the CEO in a letter marked personal and will have where HE has to sign for it not one of his employees! Let’s see if he cares as so far no one else a BK has or either they just are not doing their job!

PS I just went by the BK to give the Morris the curtsy of a copy of this letter. The above situation where the night manager not letting the person serving me to wipe off the counter. I even called Bo about this and come to find out Bo never even talked to Morris about this. I have witnessed this manager which Morris and Bo knows who she is yelling at Morris in front of customers being extremely disrespectful to Morris and no one has even addressed this situation. Bo said he would handle it but never even talked to Morris about it.

So problems with the store is not only a problem but upper management will all so do nothing. Guess everyone at BK is there for one reason and one reason only a PAYCHECK as they sure do not do their job!

Burger King Store #6382 – 3820 Riverside Dr Macon GA 31210 | Manager Mores – 478-471-0041 | Area Manager – Bo Wilder – 478-960-0711 | CEO – Daniel Schwartz – dschwartz@whopper.com | 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami FL 33126 | 305-378-3535

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The Burger king in Montgomery Alabama on Atlanta highway has the worst manager in the world. Her name says Steph on her badge and she has a tattoo of red on hand. My daughter was hired as this location about a month ago. She is new to the area attending Alabama State so she is 19 a college student who needs a job to help with her little expenses. The first day on the job this manager Steph leaves a new hire sitting in the lobby for over an hour then comes out to tell her that she can’t work… Read more »

The new hot dogs are a joke!! There are no decent toppings ,the mustard ,ketchup ,onions are pathetic. Look at hot dogs at Sonic for ideas. I love Hot Dogs but I want Chili, slaw,mustard and onions. Please make them right!!!!

I can’t eat Burger King because of the "New hamburger meat" MY STOMACH ALWAYS HAS PROBLEMS DIGESTING all Burger Kings food for the past 14 years, it Always gives me Painful Wet Gas, execept The Angus Whopper which I loved but they don’t offer it anymore.

BRING BACK CHICKEN FRIES . Everyone nurses ten .. Burger King sucks without chicken fries.
– a customer who much enjoyed chicken fries

I went to Burger King to get your sweet potato fries, so yummy, so I thought. You have changed them to sweet potato curly fries and they are not as good. I will not be back for sweet potato curly fries. PLEASE change them back to fries! FYI, I have heard other people say they found them not as good as the fries.

I was just coming into burger king after work when I saw the manager and a account lady making a **** video in the middle of serving I was like wtf!. I then shouted ewwwwwww and they asked me if I wanted to join so I agreed:), they then strted to T-bag a burger!!! I was like ohh yeeeee she then fingerwed he self with some chips!:)

I was there for this too. I’m the cameraman. I got stiffed.


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