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Last Updated On: July 26, 2017

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Business Name: Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc.
Corporate Address:
1155 Perimeter Center W 12th Fl
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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Phone Number: 678-514-4100
Company Contact: Paul Brown - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.92 out of 5
Based On: 15 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 13

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $162.24
Average Reported Losses: $10.82

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We travel one hour and half to Arbys #1462 Gallup, New Mexico 9/20/2016. Arrived at Arby and placed an order of beef SW and a pork belly SW.

Cashier called my name. Beef SW and two drinks. Cashier responded he (Patrick) advised Arby doesn’t have any pork belly SW.

On the window the company has large pictures of pork belly SW. Manager should over see his or her inventory.

Plain beef SW was also served.

My wife has to request cheese on its SW.

I love pork belly SW. I missed my SW.

Refund was returned. New manager might help.

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Bring back the pumpkin cheesecake shakes. Pissed off when I found out they replaced it this year with an apple shake. YUCK. No one wants to drink apple shakes in the fall. NASTY.

Sat at the Arby’s Drive thru for 5 minutes, and no one took our order. So we drove off. So Monday we went back. Same thing,, no one took our order. We drove around the building and saw it was open. This happened in Emporia Kansas..

General Manager of Waugh Chapel,MD Arby’s is allowed to be up to 1 hour late (daily), verbally intimidates his workers, sleeps on the job, curses at his employees and gets very angry when customer complains about anything at the store.

I stoped at the drive thru 4/01/2017 store #5256 in Lebanon Tn. ask to hold. waited very long time.Could here someone talking from the speaker.After some minutes I heard someone say they will get over it.Cannot say that it was meant for me or not.I plan to stop going by this Arby’s as there were three people up front to serve us.This is knot the first time I have had this problem.

We were there last night the employees said the manager Jeff Gouch threatened him because he used to work at Pizza Hut! This is bullshit, how can you let him work there?????? I love Arby’s but I will never come back as long as he is there, He is a bad manager!!!!

Yesterday 3-18 it was nice weather and my two young grand daughter’s did some yard work for me. Yes I am a senior and for payment I took them to Arby’s for lunch. Waiting for about 20 minutes in the drive thru and with only one car in front of me. Excuse my language but I told my girls to hell with this, went to the window and said no thanks. I went to Taco John’s instead. The girls enjoyed!!! .

Debbie Bramlett Hawkins

We went to Arbys to day and ordered 2 combs and a order of cheese sticks, we get home and we don’t have the cheese sticks. Husband was so mad and this happens all the time with them.

The manager Karlee is mistreating the employees. I went there with my family. I had my kids with me. I was so disgusted on how she treats the employees. I will not be eating there again!!! She talks about the employees like they are below her. It’s teenager’s that are trying to work even if it is their first job. At least the kids are trying. Karlee is so negative to these kids and it made me furious. That’s why so many of the kids quit work there because of her and a few of the manages that think there… Read more »
sandy blowers and family

i’am so discussed with you Cobleskill ny store!!!! that manager john is very rude and treats his employees (certain one’s) not the young girls with NO respect is terrible ….I’ve been there 3 times in 2 weeks and he is very gross in his apparents and tone I will not be there with family anytime soon!!! you should be more selective in who you hire to run the store!!! the ladies are wonder!! thank you your time!!

I just got called a liar in so many words by a manager on the phone for the Saginaw, Tx location. I ordered and ask to make sure the fries were freshly made this time, once again they were not. Called back and manager who said her name was Dusty said they do not serve stale fries. Well it their not hot, and crispy yes they are stale, and I have to throw away in the garbage. I went there the week before and the bread was cold, how does that happen? Any one else receiving stale fries as well?… Read more »
I don’t understand how Arby’s can continue to employee a women by the name of Colleen Macintosh I have seen this women in action and it is totally disgusting. I have witnessed her humiliate discriminate belittle her employees for no reason but because she’s the boss and those young employees fear her. She yells and rants and raves at her employees as if no one else is in the restaurant. I have seen people leave because of her actions. It is not the atmosphere I would like to have my family in and will not ever return to Arby’s if… Read more »

Why would your boss have access to read what you post on facebook? You know, you can put your settings to private so only people on your friends list can view what you post. Or, did you add him as a friend? Why haven’t you and the employees approached the franchise owner (if there is one) or Corporate, as a group, with your complaints/concerns?

How in the heck do you forget your change due? How is this done? Stupid man just stupid. This is one reason our country sits at the bottom of the toilet.


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