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Last Updated On: August 18, 2016

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Business Name: National Assemblers Inc.
Corporate Address:
6586 Hypoluxo Rd #145
Lake Worth, Florida 33467 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 877-915-5505
Company Contact: Glenn SchneiderCorp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 85

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $30,200.00
Average Reported Losses: $6,040.00

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Sad Sad Company to Work For

National Assemblers is not the company to work for. If you go the route of pro’s and con’s working here, the con’s out weigh the pro’s. I worked four yrs for this company and the communication with the office is terrible to say the least .When you start out. expect to dish out for your tools needed… $500 and your first check in a month from hire date.

To start out with , they pay you .20 a mile after the the first hundred miles . Say you are sent to a store that’s 50 miles away from home and back daily for 5 straight days , you have traveled 500 miles with no reimbursement at all. There is NO travel pay, no money for daily food.They do pay for hotels if you are at least one and a half hrs from home.

Its not unusual to travel 400 – 600 miles a week also. National Assemblers pay you by piece work every two weeks and I will say I have never had trouble with getting paid from them. You can work hard and make good money, but you will be putting in a lot more than 8 hrs a day . They DO NOT allow overtime pay , so one works 10 hrs a day and claims 4 on their work order which allows you to work 7 days a week , which the company expects of you to do. Its a wink wink thing! It obvious when a worker turns in a work order for the day claiming say, 25 bikes and ten large grills , its impossible to do it in 8 hrs.

Another thing is scheduling your work. You don’t know where you are going to be the next day till you get online after working for the day and put your work order in. You may be working in a town 200 miles away from home and then the day after that be 200 miles the other way . No way to plan your family time or any other important things.

The busiest site on the work site is pay advance, which allows a worker to get a advance pay at the cost of $10 for every hundred you want to borrow. But the thing is , you are borrowing money off the work orders YOU have sent in for WORKING . You can easily spend at least $100 TO $150 A WEEK out of pocket to travel around store to store. One last thing. they expect you to get a “helper” to help you work. But YOU have to pay him at least $8 a hour and throw a tip at the end of the day. So you will pay him at least $320 a week to help. Good luck if you work for this company….just saying…………


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I worked for this company three years. The only reason I’m not still there is due to health reason. If possible I would return today. They pay twice as much per assembly than my previous company.

I haven’t been with the company very long but in the time I have been here I can definitely say I LOVE IT!! It really is an awesome company to work for and they are not just coworkers but a family. A Family who is always there for eachother, and work hard among each other. They give the true definition of TEAM. To be able to be happy to get up every morning to come to work is a true blessing not many are able to receive. I am very Thankful to be apart of an amazing TEAM and the… Read more »
Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” FDR~ I’ve never worked for a company that truly treats you like family! From the amazing ppl in the field to the outstanding leadership in the office- I couldn’t be more happy to clock in everyday. This job is not for everyone, you need thick skin and a great work ethic. There is money to be made and these fantastic ppl have given us a platform to better ourselves! We have an amazing team that every year seems… Read more »
“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” FDR~ I’ve never worked for a company that truly makes you feel like family! Every year seems to get better from the amazing ppl in the field, to the outstanding leadership in the office. We all work so hard for NAI to be the best and I have to tell you with the dedication of this staff we have outdone ourselves! This job is not for everyone, you need thick skin and a strong work ethic- there’s money… Read more »

I’ve been working for NAI a year now; been an assembler for 4 years. I LOVE THIS WORK! There’s always ups & downs no matter where you work, but NAI gives you many opportunities to make great $$$ & step up in the ladder if you are a SELF-MOTIVATED, HARD WORKING INDIVIDUAL with VERSATILITY & GREAT WORK ETHICS!!! Quote from a good friend “THERE’s NO CRYING IN BIKE BUILDING” (dh) for the individuals who can’t handle the sweat, blood, & no tears

Michael-4 year veteran
Like Q said… There is indeed no hand outs. You get what you earn. Hard work and determination will pay off. I wasn’t handed what I got now…I had to get off my a*s and get it! I was handed a foot and I am making a mile of it! I got a awesome support team of fellow TL’S & RM’S just a call away. And the same goes for the office staff. I have an awesome team of guys that are very independent and hard working individual’s. And on a final note…I muchly appreciate all that the N.A.I. family… Read more »

Anytime someone leaves this company, there’s always bs why… Any newbies coming aboard. Buy your own tools somewhere else if you feel like. They don’t force you. You have the option and opportunity to have them delivered like amazon. And taken out of your paycheck and not a credit card. It’s called convenience. There’s always a solution for old and existing issues. Just call. They will help. Any amateurs starting out can make close to $3000 every two weeks.
This is a jack of all trades kind of work. This not a normal *job* . it’s much easier.

I have worked with this company going on 7 years and it is a great company to work with. I work in our home corporate office and the people are some of the best people I have worked with during my career. We have a great team both in the office and out in the field. There are very few companies still around that you would want to stay with for the long hall, but I have to say that this is one of them!

I have worked with this company going on 7 years and it is a great company to work with. I work in our home corporate office and the people are some of the best people I have worked with during my career. We have a great team both in the office and out in the field. There are very few companies still around that you would want to stay with for the long hall, but I have to say that this is one of them!

This is a great job if you are a self starter and have a vision for success. If you need to be on the clock with someone standing over your shoulder telling you what to do all day than this job is not for you. I have worked for this company for 5 years all over the country and I can say I have consistently made 30k to 60k a year even in the slowest years. Work hard when it’s busy and save your money for the slow times. Simple but not everyone is disciplined enough to make it. I… Read more »
Well I will say this job isn’t for everyone. There are no hand outs. I’ve made more money with this company then any other. I’ve been in the military and have had government jobs. It’s not easy work. Long hours and a lot of travel. But at the end of two weeks I see a check for $2500 to $4000 after taxes it’s all worth it. You get a few months of training and you can make the same. Tell me another job you can do that on. No college, no trade school. And by the way they teach you… Read more »
Hi. Diesel here. Letting you know that a serious paycheck can be made with this company. You want a 9-5 job? Pays better than most. If you’re reliable and dedicated, you will prosper. If it takes you 8 hours to do 80 bikes. Or ten hours. So… Or only 6 with a helper or two. It doesn’t matter . aim high, get over $1500 a week. Paid twice a month. Set some aside for winter slow down. If you’re really good at this you’ll come out ahead. If you’re not. Ask for assistance getting better. Swallow your pride. Don’t worry… Read more »

65 bikes a day is not 350 dollars, that’s over 7 bikes a hour, you must only build the easiest ones, and the easiest ones don’t add up to 350 a day, I think you are one of the cheating techs.

Nope.. I actually practice blind folded at my house. Ever play a violin? Or a piano?. Are you good at it? Guess what the people that are good at those things. Do ? . Practice.?.correct!. Until you’re perfect. Perfect makes over 6 bikes an hour. By him/herself. With a helper you should double it. For not having to prep it yourself. Just put it in the bike stand and go…! Five minutes.. Five bucks 12 times 5 equals $60 an hour. Minus $9 hr for helper. $51 an hr. Time 7 hours cuz some people actually take a lunch. (To… Read more »
Be your own man not someones s
Yo my man it takes 7 minutes just to open box and prepare the bike for assembly. Ive worked along team leads and they sure dont build any quicker. Plus they lie when you call to apply. They told me I would receive 20 cents per mile plus a minimum hourly rate at the start. Also, there schedulers are all up in your business. There likevsome random wirlwind that pops up whenever they chose causing great inconvinience. My biggest complaint is they totally take away your desire to go the xtra mile or this so called feeling like its a… Read more »

BIG (Pete, Dave, Bill) are all clearly the same person Flurry of activity 19 days ago as if the company told their employees to post here and drive down the negative reviews. Very, very sad that a positive review has to be goaded and coerced

Why are their 6 new posts all on the same day? Very very sad that this company can only get positive comments by telling the workers to put comments here.


Do not believe the hype.National assemblers is for real.i know i get paid on time.Not like other company’s out there that are full of promise but cannot even pay you on time..i went to ASAP for short spell .it wasn’t for me terrible experience..still owe me money and im happy national let me im paid on time.

I’m tired of these silly stupid comments about the company i work for. A company that offers fair and competitive pricing in the industry and pays the best compensation to the assemblers….
National all the way.

AGREED National assemblers is for real the best company out there.


Great company ive been working here nearly 3 years. i dont agree all the time with how the company runs its show but im making my living payin my bills and never had a problem apart from bad schedulers who dont see how hard you really work but there cool.

First let’s say this this job isnt for everyone if you wanna work hard and bust your a*s $$$will flow your way if you want to be a slouch and milk a clock this isn’t for you yes you will drive a lil bit most peolle drive 15-40 miles each way to work for pennies you might travel 50-100 one way but your not making 10-13$an hr if you really work and are a go getter I’ll make your week check in a day or two sounds like a bunch of lazy bums looking for hand outs there’s $$ there… Read more »

simply put do not get anywhere near this company or after your horrible experience with them you will be compelled by consence to post on this forum like the rest of us and warn other potential victims. and after that sit in silent wonder at just how bad and mean and cruel people can be without actual physically torturing you.

worked for them ended in 2013. they left me hanging on the road three times. twice sending me to jobs that were not available out of town. once stranded in oklohoma (300+ miles from the house) without payment and broke, had to get my wife to wire some of her money. i was sent to jobs that did not pay with promises of more income than i was going to get and they knew it. like $100 to travel both ways to auburn for 40.00 worth of work. promised three days and 600.00. been pulled off of jobs that had… Read more »
I’ve read the other comments and complaints about this company. most of it is wrong. one thing was correct they only pay you 20 cents a mile after you drive the first hundred miles but you’re making about $200 a day. if you ask me or anybody else that’s worth it. you may not know what town you’re going until two days before but you can request any day off you want without question. also if you are unable to hit quota within 8 hours then there’s something wrong with you not the company for the workers out there that… Read more »
Caught in the Crossfire
Just left the company and here are some observations. -People I’ve dealt with over the phone and e-mail are nice and seem to have your interest at heart. Having said that there seems to be a lot of disorganization in the head office because policies change faster than anyone could possibly keep up with. Recently, new assembly procedures have been implemented in an attempt to create a standard for assemblers to follow in order to improve quality. A good idea in theory but a complete failure in practice because communicating these changes was done haphazardly and piecemeal. In the last… Read more »

NBAA is something National dreamed up. I also hear they are calling stores multiple times a day for work. It seems to really be p*****g off the stores. Keep up the good work guys, your competition is grateful.

They have been confused on when the work week starts and ends ever since a class action lawsuit was filed over their failure to pay overtime


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