Entertaining Kids on a Budget: Summer 2013

Summer’s coming, and it’s coming fast. For working parents and stay-at-home parents alike, there’s a certain tension in the air… So, what do I do with the kids for three whole months? Summer camps are expensive, and day care definitely doesn’t feature any kind of “discount summer rates.” (If so, let us know where we can sign up!) What to do?

Well, the good news is, your community probably offers a host of opportunities that you aren’t currently aware of. Look into the following options in your city…

Public Library Events

The library is a great chance to cool down and get out of the summer heat. From early morning puppet shows to afternoon picture book readings, many public libraries offer lots of entertainment programs for kids. Plus, checking out books at the library will give your kids something to do and incentive to return!

If you’re really at a loss, look into the movies section. Why rent online or at a commercial DVD rental facility when you can usually find the same movies for free in your local library?

Public Parks

There’s nothing like a playground and open space to wear your kids out. Even better – admission is always free. Pack a picnic and take a magazine, and have some free summer entertainment, courtesy of your local municipality.

Arts & Crafts

Most kids love to make things. Websites like Let’s Go Make and The Crafty Crow (not to mention Pinterest) offer plenty of ideas, templates, and more. Arts and Crafts build self-confidence in your kids and give them opportunities to let out all of that energy in a directed, (somewhat) orderly project.

Play With a Dog

If your child loves pets, but you don’t have a pet, go down to the local animal shelter and take out a dog for the day. Many animal shelters are eager to have someone walk the dogs for a few hours. Why not lend a hand and teach responsibility without having to actually sign up for the Real McCoy?

Happy summer from our family to yours!

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