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Last Updated On: December 25, 2017

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Business Name: MasTec, Inc.
Corporate Address:
800 S. Douglas Rd 12th Fl
Coral Gables, Florida 33134 USA

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Phone Number: 305-599-1800
Corp Email:
Company Contact: José R. Mas - CEO
Corp Website:


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Is MasTec a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Is Tony Velazquez the Real “Undercover Boss” at MasTec?

Dear MasTec Employees,
I don’t believe that MasTec CEO Jose Mas would approve of rewarding his management people for succeding in denying his own employees their legal rights under Federal Law ! That is, of course, if his appearance on the hit television show, “Undercover Boss” wasn’t a complete farce. We will definitely be contacting the television show to inform them of the mistreatment by MasTec management to their employees in Hamburg, New York. Maybe they would like to do a follow-up show on national television to let the public know how MasTec really treats their employees!

Tony Velazquez was brought back to work by MasTec at their Hamburg facility for only one reason; to sell-out all of his co-workers and coerce them into signing a ((decertification” petition for his OWN PERSONAL GAIN! What kind of a man would sell his soul to the devil at the expense of his co-workers? Tony Velazquez and Julio Negron did just that. While MasTec’s negotiating team was “surface bargaining” with the Union, it appears Tony Velazquez and Julio Negron were promised “Supervisor” positions if they could succeed in tricking everyone into signing the decertification petition. They knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, but to get a Supervisor position, they would do anything, even if it meant hurting the people they worked with.

It is no coincidence that MasTec sent everyone an e-mail on Friday, June 7TH, to inform them that Tony Velasquez and Julio Negron were promoted to Supervisors. This was just a few days after the desertification hearing took place at the National Labor Relations Board where Tony Velasquez was selling out his co-workers to become a supervisor.

The Union will continue to fight to protect your rights at MasTec. We will do everything in our power to make sure that public knows what kind of a company MasTec really is, NOT THE ONE THAT WAS FALSELY-PORTRAYED ON TELEVISION!

Don’t fall into MasTec’s trap. They know that you will be far better off by having Union representation. That’s why they are going through all of this trouble and expense to make sure that you don’t have a Union. With all of the company’s money that was wasted on their attorneys fighting the Union, they could have given each of you a substantial raise. Unfortunately, MasTec rather give their money to outside attorneys than to the employees who make them !heir profits!

New York City Centra! Labor Council New York StateAPL-CIO
New Jersey State . FL-CIO
Long Island Federation of Labor

Northeastern States Conference of Machinists New York State Council of Machinists New Jersey State Council of Machinists

District 15
InternatiollalAssociation of llfachinistsand Aerospace Workers ~ A~FL-CIO
652 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232· Tel: 718.422.0090. Fax: 718.422.0177′ Email: Dlstrictl5@gmaiLcom -154 Ridge Road, L mdhur: t, NJ 1)7071 ~ Tel: 718.42;;.0090· Fax: 201.804.9706. Website: www.lamdistrictl


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Technician (Former Employee), orlando fl – December 9, 2014 Pros: None Cons: Is all about there core numbers DirecTV and Mastec have used deceptive business practices to gain an unfair business advantage against the very workers providing installation services. These practices include charging companies full retail value for equipment that was installed and activated in customers homes, deducting money from pay with no back up or documentation to support legitimacy, providing forged documents in an attempt to collect money from contractors for equipment not received by contractor. charging for phone lines that were allegedly not connected at time of install… Read more »

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