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Last Updated On: September 21, 2017

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Business Name: Duke Energy Corporation
Corporate Address:
550 S Tryon St
Charlotte, North Carolina 28201 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-521-2232
Company Contact: Lynn Good - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.36 out of 5
Based On: 26 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 16

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $358,250.02
Average Reported Losses: $13,778.85

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Who Do Power

I have consistently been on the phone with duke power for the last 2-3 weeks it started when I had service turned on at one of 5 of the meters I own all on the same property. A mobile home sits on that property and we were going to remodel it, however after looking at it we ended up tearing walls floors etc… None the less we didn’t use any power. There was only 1-light bulb present in the home and the electrical was turned off via breaker at the box.

Some time later I received a bill for $400.00 to an address that was not even our property. I tried several times to get them Duke Power to send someone so that I could simply show them it was not our power.

I then had a gentlemen who worked for me go around and write down the meter numbers associated with my property in which I had the power. When he did, of course none of the 5 numbers fit the meter number printed on the bill. He then went across the road to another residence and checked their meter number, and guess what, that’s the number that fit the bill to the power bill they sent me; and it was not on property I owned.

So once again, I turned to the duke power phone representatives, and they of course hung up on me and acted like I was lying. I again asked to simply have someone to come from Duke Power to see what I was trying to explain. I of course wrote all the names of the representatives with whom I spoke with.

In short she said I would need to file a police report. So I did.

When the police officer arrived he did not understand himself why did Duke Power had not sent someone to check on this situation and how unusual the circumstance was.

Of course I then contacted Duke Power to tell them I filed the report and ask where did I need to send the report because I was not going to pay a bill that did not belong to me… In the mean while they then instructed me to turn off the power at that address and meter number.

When this occurred the people who lived at the address spoke to me and we spoke of the situation. He showed me where he also had been paying the electric bill for his address and had receipts. This entire story could go on for hours because unfortunately this incident led to another incident that took place at one of our other accounts…

I have over 20 accounts with Duke Power and have been a customer for over 40 years. This entire situation could have possibly been avoided or at least stopped if there was simply a way to contact someone other than the customer service people who have not a clue.

This is my last effort to get in contact with someone in the corporate division for resolution the next contact will be my attorney..

My email address is yeltonbrenda@yahoo.com. And please do not read this and think this is where the story ends theres plenty to go with it I just don’t have time to type it all and I’m feeling like a broken record… WLOS 13 News would have a field day.

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today one of your employees came out to my house to check the meter,and turned all the lights off in the house-this also turned off my computer,and printer-due to this I,have to have my printer reprogramed!

Duke Energy cannot keep power on in our neighborhood. Stonewall Woods in Anderson SC

Please. . .please Duke Energy . . .make more efforts to keep our area with power.

I was a customer of Duke energy for 9 years. I always paid my bills on time. In 2014 I rented my house for couple of years. Now I am moving back to my house. When I called Duke energy to get the electric service in my name, they asked for $455 deposit!!! I asked them why they request a deposit, I’m not new to this company and I always paid my bills and my credit is fair but they could not give me any reason!! They just charge the customers high deposit for no reasons. I am asking the… Read more »
Hace unos meses llame para que se conectara la luz aun garage y despues hize como 5 llamadas mas para saber la razon no me ponian el servicio siempre me decian que sus registros mostraban que lla estaba conectada,dias despues el cobro de la casa tenia cargos de coneccion y era otro numero de cuenta,es cuando me di cuenta que DUKE POWER SE EQUIVOCO HIZO LA CONECION DONDE NO ERA .llame y les dije que era en el garage no en la casa nunca autorize que hizieran eso porque tengo como 15 años sin interupcion .Como no fue mi culpa… Read more »
Now wait till your power goes out! Moved from Balsam area and had Duke Power. Never had an outage in 2 years. Moved to Flat Rock area and now under the gun of Duke Energy, totally different ballgame. Power kicks out almost every day!! Call and they say they have no info of power outages in the area. Never send anyone to check. Last night had power go out this time 7 hours!! SEVEN HOURS!!! Recording said, vehicles have been dispatched to check out the problem. My whole neighborhood was out. After seven hous a truck came down the road,… Read more »

I paid my bill as agreed and notice my account was hit twice. At first CSR Quin tells me I have to wait 30 days mean while my account sits in the negative. I ask to speak with a manager and Ty says she is the manager. I explain again that my account was hit twice. They blame me for it and tell me that since there is a remaining balance that there is no way to refund my money. So I’m stuck with no $$$ until next pay period and my account in the negative realloy thoughtless…..

There are only 2 of us and we have a small house in Florida . During the months when we don’t even use the air , Our power bill was nearly $600. When we called to speak to somebody , they told us all the ways to cut power . They sent somone out to check the meter and said it must be the A.C. … We called our A.C. serviceman … He said our system was working fine and there is no way it would cost this much to cool the house . We paid for an audit and… Read more »

Worst customer service.

My mom had her service disconnected which I understand if you can’t pay for service you don’t get it..however her power bill has been paid in full for a day and a half now..still no power..she is 70 yrs old I know she isn’t Duke.energy’s only customer..but when she makes arrangements to go home cause she thinks she has power then has to spend the night…and all day today so far..that is BS…its flipping a couple switches hit a few.things down…they don’t even flip the breaker…!!…dam Duke energy is that how.you want ppl to view.your company?….unfortunately ppl need you so… Read more »

Please post thank you

In December 2013 I went out of town for 2 weeks and while gone, I lowered my thermostat to 65 degrees- I usually keep it at 70-75 and I unplugged washer/dryer/tv’s lights. Keep in mind, while i’m gone there’s no one there turning on/off lights, running hot water, cooking, doing laundry, running a blow dryer/vacuum. Yet somehow, my usage was higher in December than in November and also higher than Dec 2012 when I DIDN’T UNPLUG ANYTHING OR LEAVE FOR 2 WKS. When I called customer service she jsut keeps insisting th reading is accurate. Yet when i ask how… Read more »
Duke Energy threating to cut off my power if I don’t pay a $250 deductible to have my late mother’s name taken off the account and mine put on. Lady "Shadawn" told me that it was due by end of day or early tomorrow morning before the transfer takes place other wise no power. That is extortion! I have called the Utilities commission (no calls back) I have even called other places no calls back. In the mean time what the heck am I to do. I only draw Disability and I don’t have $250. The woman even gave me… Read more »
My family has been on the the property here in western north carolina for fifty years. Recently duke took over from progress energy. We have a small two acre tract inside the loop of a state maintained road. Up until now they would come in every five years or so and cut a few small trees and trim branches over the line leaving the understory which served as a privacy barrier. I had a nice little nature trail that I had cleared to enjoy the wildlife with nesting birds and wildflowers. Oh well, a few days ago a crew showed… Read more »
Wow I feel violated… I’m disabled and honestly forget to pay My bill. So You’d think a simple phone call would fix the problem ? Nope a white pickup meter bandito disconects my power. OK so I call pay in full and told some time before midnight. that was at 10 am … I asked why couldnt they just call and remind me , the twit says we’re short of manpower. I said how about You and the meter bandito ..that’s a waste of manpower.. She actually told me it was a federal law. Also meter readers cant knock on… Read more »

Duke Energy has also decimated tree cover in the Southside Neighborhood of Greensboro where our neighborhood borders Murrow Boulevard. Again, they removed whole trees and left major tree trunks and debris and removed what was a visual, sound and safety barrier between our homes and a busy Greensboro street. We received no notice and no doorhangers. Residents of Southside are devastated over the disaster left by Duke Energy and support Westerwood in getting redress through the city and Duke Energy.



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