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Pinkin Frank Is A Scam Artist In Training!

Said payment would be sent but it was too much, to send some back.

I read the report already filed against her and figured out her moves she was gonna try and pull.

Get a real job, frinkin pank!

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This man is indeed horrible… gave me some sob story about his grandparent passing away. I started being suspicious after he was taking way too long to send anything and proceed with the purchase. I even got an email from a person saying it was a scam. So glad I found out soon.

I will be giving him a piece of my mind when or if he replies to my next email.


Give a guy a break his granddad just died of cancer! I knew as soon as I got the first email it was a scam. He better think twice before he scams me. As of today check is in the mail and I got the story about how he is a god fearing person and he does not want me to be dishonest and keep his additional funds. When FedEx delivers that express payment they can just keep it on the truck

I just got the exact same email as Ingrid. Apparently he doesn’t believe in hell.

I received e-mails from this person for 3 items I had for sale. Used the same message about being out of town to visit his son. He is now using vfvrjvee231@gmail .com as his web address. SO GLAD I LOOKED HIM UP sounds like he is ripping a lot of people off BEWARE

Thank you for your comments. I have just been contacted by this person re: something I had for sale. He wrote that now he was actually out of town (from visiting his son) and "how about let’s do this." He proceeded to ask for more personal information and said he felt okay about the prices and would send me a check. He ended the message by saying "I need you to be honest as I am a god-fearing person." OF COURSE I was suspicious and searched his name….and found your comments. Sounds like this guy makes a career of ripping… Read more »

Anyone who refunds money before the check clears is WAY TO TRUSTING.

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been contacted by this person with the same email address about an item I had for sale. I began to suspect this was a scam when I got a message telling me his secretary had made out the check including moving charges and asking that I refund the excess.

I wasn’t going to refund any money until his check actually cleared.


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