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Last Updated On: September 29, 2017

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Business Name: The-Electrician.Com
Corporate Address:
8330 Williowplace Dr S #813
Houston, Texas 77070 USA

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Phone Number: 281-955-8658
Company Contact: Wade Jackson - Registrant
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Very Disrespectful Nasty Attitude Unprofessional

On or about the date of 9-18-17. This person was paid to fix the doorbell problem.

Upon him arriving, he was very dirty. Didn’t want to take his dirty boots off at the door. He had a very nasty attitude, cursing over and over.

He didn’t have a helper so I had to help him to do his job. He really didnt know what he was doing. He said it was one thing an wasted my whole day while he was messing with a door bell.

I had to end up going to home dept an buying some parts. He said that was all needed, ok get back to the house then he says ok that’s not it need to order a transmitter.

So I payed him in full and he told me he will come an install it soon as it comes in. So the transmitter comes, he installs it.

The door bell is working, but ever since he went into the attic and took the wires loose, now the breaker flips 3 to 4 times a day knocking out the power in that room which my internet box is connected there so when im doing work.

Everything is cut short.

I called him and told him about it he had a very nasty attitude about fixing it. These were his words – he told me to kiss his black a*s, an that I must be pulling bullshit out my a*s. He hung up, and I called back an told him that its ok im reporting you. He then stated so what I don’t care do what ever in the f**k you want to do.

This guy was very unprofessional and disrespectful. From the start and I should have said no to his services once I seen him getting out of the truck.


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