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Last Updated On: June 1, 2017

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Business Name: On Time Electric Inc
Corporate Address:
16204 Tumbury Oak Dr
Odessa, Florida 33556 USA

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Phone Number: 813-545-9333


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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $95.00
Average Reported Losses: $95.00

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Financial elderly abuse

My husband and I responded to a newspaper ad stating no service charge. The ad was from On Time Electric. We had recently purchased a home and knew when we purchased it that the garbage disposal did not work. We wanted to know if there was power to the disposal before investing in a new one which is why we called On Time Electric. The man came and used his meter to test for current in two places.

He was here for ten minutes and did no repairs. he then gave us a bill that had a pre-printed price at the bottom of $95.00 for a service charge. He crossed that our and wrote in that he checked the switch for power and charged us $95.00. We called and complained and the owner of the company said he would refund $20.00 which he did not do. We are seniors with limited income and I feel this was financial elderly abuse and a rip off.

The company, again, is On Time Electric tel: 727-207-4246 address 16204 Tumbury Oak Dr Odessa Fl 33556 Thank you inadvance for looking into this before any more seniors spend money they can ill afford based on false advertising and over-charging.


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