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Last Updated On: July 8, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Premium Nutraceuticals, LLC
Corporate Address:
4816 Technology Dr
Martinez, Georgia 30907 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-406-0483
Company Contact: Charles T Huggins - Principle
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
Based On: 39 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 100

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $11,656.45
Average Reported Losses: $298.88

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Is Testoril a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Another Victim - Ripoff

I am another victim of this misleading company. Me too, as many others, ordered TESTORIL, paid the $4.95 “trial fee”, received the product and began taking the pills.

Then almost two months later, I noticed two charges of $89.00 on my debit card for a total $188.00. I tried calling them several times and either they disconnect the call or put me on hold for ever…

This thieves ripped the money out of my bank! This company is committing big fraud in small increments!…

How can I get my money back? Where are the enforcing authorities?

Premium Nutraceuticals Testoril/Vydox – 4820 Technology Dr Martinez Georgia 30907 | 619-587-7924

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Ordered a trial sample of Testoril. The product did nothing. The company states a 100% guarantee and refund if not satisfied. DON’T BELIEVE THEM. I called to receive my RMA# to send it back for my refund and they said, “all sales are final”. So they are ripping people off by continuing to charge your credit card with further shipments. The product is bogus. The company is running a scam. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT FROM THIS COMPANY! BE WARNED.

I bought testoril and it did not do anything for me.I thought I read 30days but it was only 15days.They ripped the money out of my bank.I asked for my money back but they would not give it.This company is ripping people off and they know it.I am going to put this all over the internet.And I am right with this Guy of file a big law suit. If the s**t don’t work why do I have to pay of it???????? What kind of a company is this if it does not work they should refund your money. the company… Read more »

Complete rip off. Charged 89.99 for the "sample" pack. Stuff is garbage and I shoulda done my research before giving them my information. Calling my bank in the morning to stop future debits to my acct. Tried the customer service number ended up on hold and disconnected 5 times. Tried to send email, there is an error in sending the email. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! This should be against the law!

I took one dose and had a seigure and could not quite shaking now the are still charging me for it I only order the $4.95 shipping now they keep charging me and I want it to stop

I ordered the free sample of Vydox and paid the $4.95 shipping on December,2013. The company had mentioned that there would be no other charges and I had never place any other order nor received any shipments from them. On the 14 March my bank account was charged $89.99. I called the company and the agent told me she was sorry and that was because I didn’t canceled my account. She offered me only 50% refund within 3 business days. I do agree that THIS IS THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF WE HAVE EVER RUN ACROSS!!!! BEWARE!!! IT IS FRAUD.

Saty as far away from this rip off company as possible, their company goal must be to rip off as many people as possible get as much money as fast as they can , they say 4.95 shipping than they charge 89.99 2 weeks lated as say the 10 days was buried in the fine print and their customer service is combative when approached by phone don’t do an online business with them , they are ripoff artists

I, too, was suckered in to the "only pay 4.95 shipping cost for a free trial"……………..days later I was charged 89.99, called to complain and was told , "You did not contact us within the 10 days, therefore, you lost your chance at a fee sample"…………..can you believe it. I HAD ALREADY contacted them requesting a monthly shipment because I was pleased with the product. But, now I have canceled everything because of this intentional scam on the "free trial". If you got hooked too, simply contact your credit card company, prepared to tell them the person and day you… Read more »

Watch out they also end up charging you twice for the shipping.

On the bottom of their advertisement, there is a section that says;"terms and conditions’, where it says trhat you will be charged $89.99 after 14 days if you do not call and cancel. Very unscrupulous way to do business. Bottom feeders. They should be sued, because the terms and conditions should be mentioned fron the beginning of the add. Was going to buy, but I checked the bottom of the email and saw the "T & C" clause. Thank God I did not buy trhis crap.

Folks as an update, READ the Terms and Conditions!
It clearly states that if you don’t contact them in a small amount of days they will autoship and Auto bill!
All these FREE Sample companies do it!!!
My wife just got suckered in by some DIet Crap! Same Deal.
BUYER BEWARE ring a bell?
Same thing goes for Elections!

I responded to an ad for Testoril which stated for $4.95 shipping, I would be sent a free sample; nothing said about auto-ship. The company’s web site states emphatically that the product is 100% guaranteed, that if one is not happy, their money will be funded, no questions asked. Ten days after receiving the "free sample," my bank account was charged $38.71. I called, waited on the phone 10 or 15 minutes to talk to someone, and was told the free sample was included in the small box I received and that the remainder cost $38.71. I told the agent… Read more »

File a fraudulent charge complaint
with your credit card company or bank. They should be able to get you money back.

I ordered the free sample of Testoril and paid the $4.95 shipping. The company stated emphatically that there would be no other charges. Nowhere did I apply for auto-ship. About 10 days after receiving the product, today my bank account was charged $38.71. When I called the company, I was told that the free sample was included in the small box I received and that the remainder of the box was not a sample and cost $38.71. I told them this was cheating a man in his 70s and that I wanted to return the product and have my money… Read more »

Some how these people should have their sight removed. they found a way to rob people.

I, ordered the ‘free trail sample’ and they billed me $89.99 and I have repeatedly tried to stop this stuff from coming but have been ignored. What does it take?

Call the SOBs and tell them you are going to the Georgia Attorney General and have them put in jail for FRAUD! They understand prison!

Do what I did, cancel the credit card you used and have your bank send you another one to replace it!

call you bank and cancel the debitcredit card asap

I will call to cancel this scam and I will also do it in writing. I don’t know what else it will take. CANCEL MY ORDER NOW!!!

I too received another package in the mail, but they refuse to honor the 68 day advertised guarantee on their web site, stating I did not notify them within 14 days. When future packages arrive in the mail, do not open, but refuse it and return to Post Office. Good luck!

I aw on the web had a trial14 day supply of testoril for $ 4.95 so ordered a 14 day supply. They sent me a big bottle and when I received it there was month supply of 64 pills. There was a note to say if I did not return the bottle after the 14 days I would be charged $ 84.00 I called up to cancel any account and when I was charged an extra charge .The number on the web advertisement they do not answer There is another number and a different name in Georgia. I called and… Read more »

File a fraudulent charge complaint with your credit card company or bank. They should be able to get you money back.

i am so upset…IT IS THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER AND PEOPLE SHOULD GET TOGETHER AND FILE A LAWSUIT against them and there is no customer service at all….I got the trial and they have been billing $89.99 since 4 months and when i called they said there is nothing they can do….this has to stop pls….do something..it looks like everyone is getting hit by them….Is there anything we can do to stop this……

If you go to there main site testoril,com They say they have a 68 day guarantee 100%. so If they charged $89.99 for the product and it has not been 68 days since the purchase, tell them your dissatisfied with the product and make arrangements to follow their procedures to receive your 100% refund no questions ask!

Do not open the package, but refuse it and return to Post Office and have your bank reverse the charge. Wish I had seen this page before I ordered the trial.

WHAT A RIP-OFF! – – Also goes for their other Rip-off, VYDOX. a) They offer you the product for $ 4.90 shipping only. Then they charge you – unexpected, not authorized $ 89 (because, they say, you had agreed to this charge if you didn’t return the product within 15 days; total El Torro Poo Poo). b) Buy the key ingredient, Fenugreek extract – – more than twice the amount in Testoril – – for $ 9.99 from Swanson. They also have another rip-off: VYDOX – with Arginine (which doesn’t work) as the active pro-sexual ingredient. Stay informed about anti-aging… Read more »

This stuff is bull**** and when I got in touch with them I was not aware they were going to charge my account $89.99 no one wants to talk to me. they did offer me a 15 refund. Bull, i’m getting in touch with the BBB and report them as a scam. don’t fall for their bull like I did !!!!!!!

does this sound FREE if you DO cancel in the 14 days? It sounds like the hit you the full fee even if stopped after but 2 days: If for any reason during the Trial period (defined in the offer) of your Trial Promotion, you are dissatisfied with your Product, you will need to call our Customer Support and request either an extension of your trial period, or a cancellation of the service. If you wish to keep the 30-Day supply you received, you may choose to pay for that month only and cancel your autoship program. If you are… Read more »

You must be an employee of the company. Your as full of s**t as the companies customer service people. I did the same as A. Nelson above. The ignore your requests to cancel via phone or email. The add I responded to said nothing about 14 days. They advertised a “Satisfaction 100% Guarantee”.

100% satisfaction guarantee should not have anything to do with 14 day trial or 68 day trial. 100% guarantee mean legally if NOT satisfied you will be refunded, period.

This is a bunch of BS , they know that they are going to screw people out of 89.99 each month as long as you don’t catch it on your statement.I will get to the bottom of this however long it may take.It’s not so much the money thing as it is the wrong thing to do.Watch out Testoril this is not over I can assure you.

I also got scam 89.99 without ok it only took les than half of free sample don’t oreder sample

Curtis Dupuy 2 weeks ago.

I had a medical issue with the supplement, and they want to charge me $39.00 when I cancelled. They don’t have a complaint department.

Anyone in Georgia who was defrauded by Testoril? I was also charged $89.99 2 weeks after I responded to their free trial offer. I went thru their ordering process again and nowhere there is a statement about automatic reorder. I submitted my dispute to my bank with a complete file of complaints and ordering page. Victims of Testoril don’t have to suffer from their fraud. They can send contact info to ceo@1-solar.com . i will make a list of all complainants and send it to victim in Georgia for a class action with a Georgian attorney working for his cut… Read more »

See my reply above to Allison where I encountered same problem everyone else sees to be having. Very disreputable business practices and California and Georgia Attorney Generals need to step in and put a stop to this company and its affiliates from conducting business. I have been ripped off $180. for 2 months..

please if u need any kind of help from me just email and i will do my best…. email address is rnjwas@gmail.com and name is Nasir jamal…thank you. also did your bank gave u the money back or no?? please let me know thanks

before it even starts w me, I have here the free one month supply (FREE) one month supply of TESTORIL… I doNOT expect to see any additional charges…I don NOT expect to see $89 charge…I don’t expect to pay $38 to have the thing cancelled…Chances are I may enjoy this drug…if so, then I will purchase each monthly supply one at a time w/ a check or money order…I would hope that these folks will NOT attach any orders to my credit card…so far, nothing has happened yet…Im just getting a jump on it…

How can C.H.Huggins Stay out of jail when he runs an out & out crooked scam TESTROIL to steal as much as he can get away with from 1000’s of people all across this country. why arnt the c c companies refusing to accept orders from this company & .What can we do to put this C–k Sucker behind bars where he belongs. If I ever run in to this a*s hole I will send him to er’gent care where he belongs.

please cancell this bull s**t it was a one timt thing and u are still bill ing me do not send puy my money back


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