Ford Fusion License Plate #OBX-4592

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Filed Under: Reckless Driving
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Fusion
Vehicle Plate: OBX-4592 North Carolina
Location of Incident:
I 440 West
Raleigh, North Carolina
Date of Latest Incident 09/08/2015
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Drove like no lives were in danger

Ford Fusion cut off multiple people and almost ran into several more. They were speeding and going in and out of lanes without a turn signal. They were reckless and drove like no one else was on the road.

He looked like he had been hit a few times before and just kept on going. It was a white Ford Fusion with scratched up bumper and he drove like no ones lives were in danger.

I think it was stolen but I Don’t know. He was driving, like, very badly. I’m just glad my son was not in our vehicle.

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