Reckless Driving

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For the most part, drivers in the US are well-trained and respectful of other drivers. Although some would argue in certain areas of the country that everyone is out to get them, it’s fairly amazing that the hundreds of millions of cars on the road are able to “get along” as well as they do.

That doesn’t mean there are reckless drivers out there. Reckless driving is a crime and often puts innocent people in harm’s way. If you’ve witnessed reckless driving or know of a company or service that frequently drives recklessly, this area of Complaints List is the place for you to file your complaint.

This section of our site shows all of the reckless driving complaints that we have on record. You can find out if your situation is an isolated one, or if it’s part of a pattern by an individual or company. Reckless driving should be taken seriously!

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