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Last Updated On: May 22, 2017

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Business Name: Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
Corporate Address:
PO Box 1017
Charlotte, North Carolina 28201 USA

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Family Dollar Phone Number: 866-377-6420
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Howard R Levine - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.56 out of 5
Based On: 15 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 8

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Reported Losses: $3,414.95
Average Reported Losses: $227.66

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Will hire people other companies will not!

Lawanda Denise is a store manager of Family Dollar and she has an arrest record a mile long. From theft to perjury.

This lady called the police on me because I would not leave my purse at her register. And I told her that I would not so she called the police on me and I sued the Family Dollar store and won my case in court. And the funny thing about this is all they did was move her to a different store.

So even if the store gets sued because of someone racial profiling actions you will still have your job with them. lol

Family Dollar – 3240 Us Highway 27 S Sebring Fl 33870

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Went into Family Dollar store yesterday (#11780 ) on Cranston Street in Providence, RI. The clerk or manager would not let me shop unless I left my small backpack or pocketbook with him at the cashier station. I believe this is illegal. Please explain, I am so irritated that I feel like calling an attorney. You people are messing with the wrong person. I do not steal and am a regular customer. I do not appreciate being treated like a thief or a criminal and I don’t know what kind of half assed staff you have. If it happens again… Read more »
II had a problem using my Smart Coupons at Family Dollar.I sent the email on the website for customer care. I received a generic reply with a phone number to call. For two days I called and held for over 20 minutes before I got totally frustrated. Today I had the time to waste waiting for a representative. After 22 minutes I talked to Ivan (wouldn’t give me his last name) and he was extremely rude to me and wouldn’t listen at all or try to understand my problem. I asked to speak to a manager and he said there… Read more »
I was publicly chastised by the manager for the way I was shopping for the way I was shopping this evening. I was attempting to coordinate a new bathroom rug set with matching shower curtains and towels. I was also accused loudly (with a handful of my students from class where I teach at a local high school) “SHE MUST BE ON DRUGS” (at least that is what I remember of his public and unfounded, character assaulting, and hurtful accusation… I finally returned all my selected merchandise (over 200.00 in products) and left the store before I was harassed any… Read more »

This is regarding the store located on se southern and 48 Th in Phx Arizona and there manager with long black hair and glasses. Rude rude unreal and when trying to contact a supervisor about her rud ebehavior asking I’d like your supervisors contact , she threatens to call Th epolice ya I di wa sgoing to complain about her she was going to call The police incident accrued on Jan 18 between 240-250 2017

I went to the Family Dollar store in Osceola Ar. on 1/13/2017 at 2:40 pm and the store Manager was extremely rude to a customer. When the customer was telling her that the corporate store ask her to returned the item of a cell phone to the store. And then about 5 minutes later a worker came in to the store asking the Manager about her schedule for work. The Manager was very rude again and told her that the schedule that she had before had change and told the associate to get out because your fired right now and… Read more »

After the way I, as a customer; was treated this evening by one particular employee and the management staff of The Family Dollar Store #1897 located in Dunbar WV…I WILL NEVER SHOP AT THIS STORE OR ANY OF ITS SISTER FRANCHISES!!!!! i WAS HARASSED, FOLLOWED, YELLED AT, SPOKEN DOWN TO, HUMILIATED, AND THOROUGHLY EMBARRASSED BY THE STORES MANAGER AND STAFF. i AM PERSUING LEGAL ACTION

I have just filed the complaint I am waiting for a responce .

I visited store #07061 at 2:27PM location 216 Bussey St. Dedham,MA. to discuss a tree stomp that was left and is still sitting in a parking space to the left of the building since 11-09-2016 at 4:27 PM that damaged my truck while trying to park in a legal space for parking in the store’s lot. The store Manager litterly ignored me and told me to go to your web sight For a answer he could not be bothered.I got a warmer responce from the clerk that night that took the time to come out and look he also tryed… Read more »

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