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Last Updated On: April 7, 2017

Dollar Tree Contact Information

Business Name: Dollar Tree Variety Stores Co Inc
Corporate Address:
500 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 USA

Dollar Tree Customer Service

Dollar Tree Phone Number: 757-321-5000
Company Contact: Bob Sasser - CEO
Corp Website:

Dollar Tree Ratings

Average Rating: 1.57 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7

Dollar Tree Reports

Reported Losses: $9,986.00
Average Reported Losses: $554.78

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Child's Sippy Cup Comes with Taste

I bought a sippy cup for my little girl, thinking that it was spill proof and cute. When I got home I washed it with hot soapy water, dried it off and then put water in the cup for my daughter to drink.

I tasted her water at some point and it tasted disgusting like some chemical. My husband and I thought maybe some soap got left behind in the cup.

So we rinsed it out thoroughly. We filled up the cup again, this time with almond milk and tasted it. Again it tasted like something nasty and unnatural.

We’ve concluded that while the sticker on the bottom of the cup says BPA free, chemicals from the plastic are leeching into our drinks!

This is a child’s sippy cup. Don’t buy plastics for your children from the dollar store; they’re cheap and full of chemicals.

Colorful Double-Wall Sipper Cups – 9.5 oz. Barcode #6-39277-31107-8 | Additional product #196863-14432-017-062816, Made in China.

Dollar Tree – 3146 Western Branch Blvd Chesapeake Virginia 23321

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Today here In Hollywood, California I stopped by the Dollar Tree Store on my way home from work. I only needed a few items and have never had a bad experience at this location. I purchased Baby oil, deodorant, baby powder, shortbread cookies, Swiss Rolls, Long grain rice, a box of Toastem pastries, a pepper grinder, a bag of creamy delight candy, and one hefty one zip lock bag. I went to pay for my items and knew I only had about 10 items so my total should have only been about $10.00 dollars plus whatever they charge for bags… Read more »

Store # 5776, Girl by the name Of ANGELA!!!!! She is RUDE AS hell, useless as hell, And for second time treated my 87 year old mother like a skid row b*m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Store sucks anyway but only place mom can walk to. No wonder she works at a dollar store, who would hire that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can barely understand your story. The way you write is very confusing.

Dollar tree at Edinburg tx on
university 2760

Upset how customer was treated
Today I was at the Dollar Tree Store located at 2800 State Hwy 121 #200 in Euless Tx. The store manager is very rude she has no respect for the customers, the store was packed with customers only two registers were open. She open another register to help out she had 4 customers in her line she waited on two and the next lady in line was in a wheelchair and she is a regular customer and I was behind this lady, the manager said she was closing up her register the store is still packed with customers. The lady… Read more »

Dollar tree hires felons convicted of forgery and retail theft to work there. I will never shop there again and chance having my information stolen! That is so ridiculous. They even admitted they don’t do background checks on their hourly employees. Well dollar tree just because you don’t care about being stolen from doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to worry about it if we shop there.

i work at dollar tree in east haven i got 8 hours for the week not so happy today


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