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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Dollar General Corporation
Corporate Address:
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, Tennessee USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 615-855-4000
Company Contact: Richard W Dreiling - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.43 out of 5
Based On: 100 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 81

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $509.46
Average Reported Losses: $5.09

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Rude, Careless

I went into Dollar General and i was going to buy food for my family. A few of the items i picked up was expired. My Fiance works there and that same day she was pulling expired food off the shelves. She had 3 carts full of expired food, she hadn’t eve got through all the items.

She went to work the next day and told her District Manger what she did and why. He said back to her to never do that again, because it was not on the list of what to do that day. She had 3 customers complain to her that day about expired food that’s why she went through the food.

You know the saying “customer’s are always right” and “make them happy “He Manager and District Manger wrote her up for not following what the paper said to do.

They will not let her take any expired food off the shelves. We also have seen maggots with the rice and beans and peanut butter. She had to clean the shelves because no one else would. I want that store to be cleaned very good or they are losing a good customer.

Dollar General – 1695 Philippi Pike Clarksburg West Virginia | 304-623-0913

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Alternate/Additional Business Names: Dolgencorp, Inc., Kohlberg, Kravis, Robert & Co., Dolgen Corp


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First, most Big Box Stores have a toll free phone number.

I have been to the Dollar General Store in Kenansville, N.C. twice to shop in the last two months. I am an elderly diabetic who has to go to the bathroom frequently. I have had to go twice while I was there and twice I was told that I was not allowed to use the bathroom. I want to know why. It is a law for a bathroom to be in use in Stores and in companies. I think my rights have been violated and I do not intend to buy from that store again. I just walked out without… Read more »

our dollar general in troy pa is brand new several months ago and it doesn’t matter what time of day we stop as we use a lot of cat food !! the cat food and litter shelf is always empty but every other shelf in the store is stocked or over stocked ! we will have to go somewhere else to purchase cat food if this isn’t corrected ! Ron

I have been a regular loyal customer for several years. However the last several times I have shopped in Dollar General in Chanute, Ks. the isles have been so cluttered I can’t get through. Product everywhere. After struggling to get through and get even part of the products on my list, there is a wait at the checkout for a cashier to appear. Many times, I have seen customers lay down their products and leave without purchasing anything. You need to clean up those isles so shoppers can get through and have a cashier at the register when customers are… Read more »

I went to dollar general on Nashville HWY in Baxter TN yesterday the store was discussing dirty floors merchandise all over the floor shelves not stocked could not get down the isle. I left and went to another store. This is terrible. For the last few months this store has gone down hill fast. They have no management. Employees are rude have no training. This is the worst store ever.

The same in all the Dollar General stores in Duplin County, North Carolina.

incompetent employees, I live in Bessemer al directly across from the police emergency operations center, next to it is a dollar general, I went into this store to purchase a propane tank Friday evening to give to the church who need it to cook the following Saturday,neither employee knew how to sell it to me,one with dreadlocks had the keys and did’t even bother getting it and trying, a shame

I was in a Dollar General store today in Bonaire Ga on Hyw 247 and I placed coins on the counter because I was counting out 7 pennies. The cashier told me I could of put the money in her hand and not on the counter and that I was being rude. I told her she was kind of rude too. Won’t go back there.

Store # 12602 in Bastrop, Texas Manager’s name is Angelo, however, he was not working on this particular day that I went in to return my purchase which was made the same day, with receipt and tags were still on the purchase. The Hispanic lady that works in there stated that she could not help me because my purchase was made at a different DOLLAR GENERAL store, I then asked for the manager and she falsely told me that she is the manager, when in fact she is NOT. I went to another Dollar General Store in Bastrop, Texas and… Read more »

I was at dollar general in Whitney Texas pulled in the parking lot pulled up to the concrete curb didn’t see a 4 inch piece of steel rebar sticking out one side ripped my bumper on the car I haven’t had two years They say it’s not their problem

I got your EverPet dog treats from your store in Canton ga. gave them to my dog he had 3 treats in 2 days. on the 2nd day my dog who has never been sick had a seizure from your treats that were made in Thailand. Your Kimberly Boyle Customer Relations Dollar General Corporation called me today to let me know it wasn’t your treats because they were made in thailand and not china. she was sure it wasn’t that. WELL that is the ONLY thing that has changed in my dog’s life. YOUR customer service is the WORST EVER!!… Read more »
Yesterday after work. I went into the Dollar General store in Laguna Ga on Commerce Street. I was completely igored while the clerk “Reggie” talked and turn his back to me as I was standing at the counter. When he did finally come to the counter he had a nasty attitude. I asked him if maybe there was some Excepting Magraine in a box that was sitting over on the floor Marked Excedrin, he said No go to Walmart and turned and walked away. My head was killing me. I just felt terrible left and went to Walmart. Please contact… Read more »
I just got back from the dollar general in almo, ky. I have never been treated so rudely in a store in my life and I am 64 years old. I went to the store which my family and I do often. Once again the main check out was closed and I had to use that little square at other register. I mumbled to myself about it. The cashier asked me what was wrong and I told him that I found it very inconvienent to use the little space with having so many groceries. He looked at me and said… Read more »

family dollar rocks !!! great people

I am getting really tired of the dgcoupons that I load to my phone,and they only take a few off, it happened again with the Maxwell house coffee and the kelloggs cereal this week, they really don’t have a customer service dept. they direct you to this web pg. to write about your complaint, you D.G. are a joke,, I hope your nascar car that u sponsor NEVER WINS AGAIN !!!!, YOU SHOULD PRACTICE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS…HERES A TIP… CONTACT FAMILY DOLLAR..They will teach you customer service service skills, oh and by the way …I will get my 2.00… Read more »

you mean to tell me i have to be approved by complaints list . You people are rediculous . I hope you are not associated with Family Dollar . They send you coupons through the mail for all month items . You have yours for $5.00 dollars off on a purchase of $25.00 . And ends in a few days . I have enjoyed shopping with you . But i will be trying Family Dollar from now on .

They are not apart of Family Dollar up until 2 years ago family dollar was independently owed they were bought by Dollar Tree..

I cannot get on the survey . You are puting this at the end of your receipt to enter a weekly drawing for $100.00 , and a monthly drawing to win $500.00 cash . When you go to it , it cannot be found . This is false advertisment . Shame on you people .

I also can not get past the survey!! enter my email address and push the claim button and nothing!!! So how do i get the $3 dollars off my next purchase of $15??

Cannot get on the survey

I am too angry to continue going into detail about my “incident” as Risk Management calls it, instead of my injury. People shop in Family Dollar daily, as I once did. I never thought that if I ever got hurt there, especially in front of a store filled with people, the Dollar General Management would be so cruel, as to not even return your phone calls. Hey people, “I Was Injured In Your Store!”. I was a welcome customer until you didn’t want or need my business. You set up business in lower income areas and then don’t think the… Read more »

At dollar General in ft worth tx Chris parillo was trying to make Richard filling like sitch and did not like the way he was being treated
At 12128

On December 17, 2016 I slipped and tell at the dollar store here in Brookhaven, Mississippi on North Jackson Street. I have had knee pain every since. I was told that someone would be contacting me. It has been a month and I still haven’t heard from anyone. That store on Jackson Street needs to be shut down or they need new management. The store is always dirty and flutters and all the manager do is stand outside smoking and gossiping. Now I really know how they feel about their customer’s.

I went into Dollar General store number #12610 on 1303 Rancier Killeen, Texas 76541 yesterday evening around 7pm, bought a few items to do laundry, and Christian Figueroa (CHRIS) was the clerk that check out my items, I used my debit card to pay for the transaction and didn’t realize that there was a sign of ” no cash back ” and of course I asked for cash back, when his teal opened he slammed his hand down and grab the notation of ” no cash back” that was located on the back of the total screen, and said ”… Read more »

I came and the cashier named Tina was very helpful and polite she was extremely nice and when I asked her where an item was she new that so cool to know your store and where to find it I will definitely come back love the store in Robert wi

Please put a Bell!!!!

I would like to complain about customer service. Everytime I go to pay I can’t seem to find a cashier. PLEASE PUT A BELL OR SOMETHING SO I DON’T STAND THEIR ALL DAY.THANKS IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! OTHERWISE I LOVE UR STORES!!!!!!


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