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Dollar stores are great if you need something quick and cheap. Perhaps you are throwing a birthday party and just want some plastic cutlery, cups, plates, and balloons. There are party stores you can go to for your party planning and they may cost a nice penny for all your party needs. But if you’re looking to save some money and still buy something functional then the dollar store is your destination.

Dollar stores are like any other store except that they sell lower end materials. So you shouldn’t expect to go to the dollar store and buy top quality products. If that is the case then you may have quality complaints about your dollar store. Hopefully, they are not trying to sell you damaged goods because even though their products are low end and cheap they shouldn’t be selling damaged goods.

The employees should still be courteous and helpful. You are a customer coming in to buy whatever supplies you need and they are the employee representing the store. They should still offer to help you and assist you in what you are looking for. They should provide you with sales suggestions if you are planning an event and need help figuring out everything that you will need.

Hopefully, the store will be organized and well maintained. No one wants to go shopping in a store where merchandise is all over the floor and the shelves are a mess. You want your shopping experience to be quick and easy. If you have to dig through messy shelves or walk around clutter this is not only inconvenient and frustrating but presents a safety hazard as well.

You also want the store to be well stocked. When stores start to have bare shelves and are not getting the merchandise in as much as before it may be a sign that the store is about to close. If you go shopping you want the store’s shelves to be stocked with whatever it is you are looking for. If it is not on the shelf hopefully it is in back. And if not in back then the sales associate might be able to inform you when their next shipment can be expected.

If you order something like party balloons to be filled by a specific weekend then you will want them to fill your order and have them available for pick up when you need them. Anyone would be angry if they ordered something and was told it would be ready to find out that the store or associate never filled the order.

Any customer would be angry if they pre-paid a part or the entirety of the order only for the store to not fill it. And if you have returns you want the store to take back your return without too much of a fuss as long as your return is legitimate or the store doesn’t have a strictly state “no returns” policy.

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