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Imagine this scene.  You pull up to a rectangular, non-descript building.  After parking your car fifty yards away, and dodging the bad drivers that make the parking lot a dangerous zone, you enter into the building.  A faint fluorescent hum, and a loudspeaker voice fill the room.  Instantly, you feel a little sick.  Meanwhile, you’re trying to figure out just where exactly you’re supposed to go.

Where are you?  Why, you’re at the Department of Motor Vehicles, of course!  The Department of Motor Vehicles – or, the DMV, for short – has one of the worst reputations in the history of U.S. culture.  People hate the DMV more than they hate the dentist, ambulance-chasing lawyers, and telemarketers combined.  If there’s any institution that rivals the consistently bad service found at the Department of Motor Vehicles, it’s the IRS.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a complaint about the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This list contains just a few of the many things you might find complaint-worthy about the DMV.  However, you don’t need anyone to tell you what’s so awful about the DMV.  Chances are, you’ve experienced it yourself already!

Long Lines

Aside from the sickeningly dull atmosphere, the long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles are usually the first thing to strike visitors.  If it seems like there’s a long line at the DMV no matter what day or what time you go, you’re probably right.  With little drive for efficiency, most DMV services accept long lines as a way of life.  However, if you feel enraged by the long lines at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, then you should file a complaint on  Others will want to know just how long you had to wait before you got the paperwork you needed!

Bad Customer Service

Suggesting that you might have bad customer service at the Department of Motor Vehicles is like suggesting your keys might drop to the ground if you let go of them.  It’s simply guaranteed.  Maybe – and this is a big maybe – you’ll have a different experience.  However, DMVs around the nation are known for having notoriously bad customer service.  In the event that you experience this typically bad customer service, you might want to consider filing a complaint on  However, if you experience extraordinarily bad customer service (again, not too unlikely), then filing on Complaints List is essential.  You owe it to others in your community to warn them just who at the DMV is giving you an especially hard time!

Unhelpful Staff

You might also find that the staff at your local Department of Motor Vehicles is unhelpful.  They may not be particularly rude, but when you ask a simple question, you’re simply waved off and ignored.  Or, even worse, you receive some answer that is clearly not intended to help you.  If you’ve had this kind of experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles, let others know.  If citizens in your area have other options when it comes to taking care of their motor vehicle-related business, they may want to visit a different DMV once they read your story on


Of course, with an institution as notorious as the Department of Motor Vehicles, this list is just the beginning of potential complaints.  Whatever your issue may be, your community needs to hear your complaint.  You might not be able to change the DMV, but you can at least save someone else the trouble and hassle of having the same experience you endured!

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