Dispute A Complaint

The Dispute process is for companies or people who have complaints posted about them on our site. If you don’t own or represent the company with the complaint you want to dispute do not use this page.

To open a Dispute there is a one time fee of: $499.00

What to do about False Content posted on our site:

If you prefer, we also offer a free Response option if you do not want to file a full dispute as an attempt to have the page removed, for more information on how to file a response click here.

We understand if there is false information submitted by users of our web service it can be frustrating which is why we have a strict policy against users submitting false information on our site, and if they do they are violating the terms of service they strictly agreed to opening themselves up to liability from both us and the law. Of course we are an open forum for people to post claims, if they decide to risk breaking the law and lying you likely could file a law suit against them for defamation any other sort of violation they are committing. We are not a legal authority though and cannot make judgements as to the accuracy of claims.

There are many ways content can be removed from our site:

1. Obtain a Judgment in a Court of Law
2. Obtain a Subpoena from a Court
3. The Poster Withdraws their Complaint
3. Use our Dispute Process from this page which is outlined below

Ways Content Will Not Be Removed:

1. Asking Us To Remove Content
2. Threatening Us
3. Suing Us

For more Information why we cannot remove content for these reasons please visit this page: Content Removal.

Dispute Process:
File a dispute with us. In many cases this can be the most economical way to deal with a false complaint. Going through legal channels can be expensive and not worth the cost of getting a complaints removed. To this end, we have a program where for a nominal fee of $499 to administer the program, which includes our time contact the poster, send any correspondences between claimer and disputer to the other party, and process any changes. If you decide to file a formal dispute please read the following information on the process:

To file a dispute, you must click the Pay Now button above, after you complete payment you will be redirected to a form where you must complete information requested. After we receive your submission and verify your identity we will send you the remaining steps which include allowing you to give us a message if you want us to relay something to the poster. Then:

  • We will contact the poster and request documentation, written verification of the accuracy of the post, or other written response relating to any issues you believe are false or inaccurate. We will also include any message you may wish to send them.
  • If the poster does not respond within 7 business days the complaint will be withdrawn automatically due to “non response” from poster.
  • If the poster replies with any documentation, verification or other written response relating to the content in dispute we will forward that to you and allow for you to respond through our Dispute process.
  • If the poster doesn’t provide a further response to any further comments or questions you send them we will remove the content.
  • If the poster agrees that the content is false we will also remove the content.
  • If the poster does not agree that the post is false but is still willing to remove it for whatever reason the post will be withdrawn.

To open a Dispute there is a one time fee of: $499.00

Please note that as an open forum the dispute process is not a pay for removal program in any nature and we do not take into account the content of the complaint or post, we simply act as a facilitator of communication between you and the poster. Removal of any content only happens within the structure of the dispute process and no content will be removed based on evidence or arguments supplied as we legally cannot make judgements on the accuracy of posts or be involved in removing and or altering the content of posts based on any judgements on our part.

We do not independently assess the truthfulness or falsity of any claim. We will only remove content as part of the dispute process when a poster or claimaint does not respond during one of the stages of the dispute process or if the poster states in writing to us that the content was false or they agree to withdraw it. Also, our dispute process only includes communications made through our dispute portal. We do not consider communications sent to us purporting to be from another party to the dispute unless that other party confirms the communication originated with them.

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