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You’re at a nice dinner, taking the first sip of that Argentine Malbec.  The table cloth is white as white can be.  And then, in the candle glow, you see a movement.  It catches your eye.  A shadow?  The curtain swaying?  No, of course not.  You know what you saw: a roach.

Roaches, mice, pest, and other things you don’t even want to know about are all over many restaurants.  However, most restaurants keep them out of sight.  If you’re disgusted by a pest problem at a restaurant, you should file a complaint with Complaints List!  Pests aren’t just disgusting; they also pose dangerous health issues to patrons.  Whether you’ve experienced pest issues while dining at a nice restaurant or a Denny’s, filing a complaint is an effective way to draw attention to the issue!

However, pests aren’t the only popular complaints diners have.  Even more so than roaches, the wait staff can really ruffle some patrons’ feathers.  If you went out to eat and had the world’s rudest waiter, then you should file a complaint.  However, don’t feel like you need to have an extreme experience in order to file!  Your waiter may have just been stand-offish or ignored you for most of the evening.  These can certainly be justifiable grounds for filing with ComplaintsList.com.  After all, when you go out to eat, you do so because you want to.  No one’s forcing you to visit their restaurant!  If your experience isn’t what it should have been, file a complaint today!

Also, your complaint may not be about anything crawling around.  It may not be about anyone walking around, either.  One of the biggest complaints diners are prone to have is with what’s on their plate.  From bad food to bad presentation, food complaints are some of the biggest challenges many restaurants face.  However, don’t let their problems be your problems.  If you ordered a dish that was recommended to you by the waiter, only to find it hardly edible, let others know about it!  Filing on ComplaintsList.com can be an effective way to get the word out!  Make sure others don’t make the same mistake!

Whatever your dining issue is, please don’t hesitate in filing a complaint today.  Sometimes your words will be the only ones on the Internet that can warn a person away from a restaurant!  File with ComplaintsList.com, and insure no one else has to eat at the same awful restaurant you endured!

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