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Last Updated On: August 8, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Kingfisher Media LLC
Corporate Address:
330 W 6100 S
Murray, Utah 84107 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 844-230-8676
Corp Email: support@zenweiloss.com
Company Contact: David William Pettigrew - Director of Sales
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 20

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $4,450.19
Average Reported Losses: $247.23

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On 12/5/2016 ZENWEILOSS.com took $119.49 out of my account because I ordered a free sample and paid $4.96 shipping. This might not seem like much to some, but it started a land slide that culminated in my rent check bouncing.

I am devastated that through my trusting nature my family has to suffer. But due to a good landlord we can pay next month, which thankfully we make enough to cover.

But…paying $1,800.00 is going to be difficult, so I am writing this complaint. And in my heart I know that if you are so cold as to steal, you are reading this and proud of all the people you scammed…

God forgive them for they know not what they do.

Zenweiloss.com – 317 W 6160 S Murray Utah 84107 | 844-706-8676 | zenweidrop.com

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More About ZenWei

Alternate Business Names: High T | ZenWei | KFM Brands | zenweithin.com | kfmbrands.com


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Yes they lie and steal money from you even after you cancel they conviently don’t have a record of your call! God will deal with these thieves!! Worst experience of my online trials! These people are so greedy.. DO NOT BE HOOKED INTO THIS SCAM!!!

I did a survey and for doing so they said i get a free gift so a bunch of products came up try to close it but would not so to get off of it I had to pick something. But everything was sold out except Zenweiloss . had to pay process and handing well that cost me 485.47 cause they shipped me another order which i didnt know about.call to find out why got run around. Shipped th two orders back. but they said by me giving my payment information i agree to a contract. Told them that a… Read more »
The same thing happened to me as everyone else and out of the blue they charged me $119.49. Here’s the thing – you’ll be on the phone with them for awhile when you call to ask for a refund. They’ll try to talk to you about how it works, say they’re a weight loss counselor, etc. No matter what you say they’ll insist on explaining it to you. Then they’ll say if you’ve gained weight it’s because the pills have turned fat into muscle and muscle weighs more. Then finally they’ll offer you a discount. When that doesn’t work they’ll… Read more »

I had gotten take for a $119.49 for my free trail. what a scam these people are. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM.

This is the biggest scam I’ve ever heard of and Ive been reading complaints going back years. How can they still be in business?? This forced me to close a credit card account I have had for almost 25 yrs. They need to be shut down

Just got taken for $100 after a “14-day trial” period. I had the product about a week when I was charged $120. After fighting through a major up sell job, I was able to secure a $29 refund, which is supposed to hit my account in 3 days. Too late to keep my account from over drafting. Attempted to speak with a supervisor to no effect. So, the product doesn’t work, the fees are outrageous, and the customer service is subpar, to say the least. If you want to try garcinia, get it on Amazon. At least you’ll know how… Read more »
Beware this is a scam!!! I realized this was a scam the same day that the order was placed. I sent an email asking for the order to be cancelled about 4 hours later. This happened on a weekend so the offices were closed. I called when the offices were open on the first business day asking to just cancel. They would not cancel. Stated I would need to send back with tracking (about $15) then pay a restocking fee of about $25 per bottle ordered. Also said I would need to call 2 days before the trail was over… Read more »

If aggravation burns calories I’m going to lose a thousand pounds with this diet aid. You need to call somebody 2 days after you order it and cancel it or you will be charged $240 for these useless pills I have gotten more results from a Tic Tac!

They must be stopped! Why can a company be allowed to do this to consumers!

What a SCAM! THESE PEOPLE MUST BE RAKING IN THE $$$$!How can any company get by with this! I can’t contact customer service and the 119$ keeps coming out of my account. Not to mention the product it junk!

Very Frustrating…I talked to someone to cancel this Inflated Product for them to turn around and send me another one. When I called again to get an RMA ….they said I cannot since I had already purchased it and is mine….Cannot Return although I never Opened the mailing package…Still sitting in Package….Over $400 for 4 bottles. I want my Money back ! I need help though.

I had the same problem with getting an RMA # I called back and told the customer service guy when he said all calls maybe recorded that this one definitely was and I was going to use it under the freedom of speech act to put up a web page so anyone who googled them would get a chance to here for themselves and he just gave me the pills free and told me that he was canceling my acct and would send me an email asap. within 3 min I got the email. It can be done.

On June 1, 2015 I was given a choice of 3 FREE items to choose from…I chose the Garcinia Cambogia hca and the Cleanse Complete Natural Colon Care & Probiotics, the other two item I had tried before. So of course I cliked on it and then it said there was a $3.95 shipping charge, PER ITEM. I thought no big deal, just to try it right? I also read the fine print where it said after 14 days if I was not satisfied with the product, just return the remaining contents of the bottle and there will be NO… Read more »

Feb. 11, 2015 The exact same non-customer service was given me as was
given to S.A. Keating dated 2/10/15. These products were offered as my
free gift for filling out a Walmart survey. The “return” process
incurred restocking fees, shipping, making multiple calls to two
different locations at different stages of the process over a period of
weeks, and by then the second shipment would be sent and I would be
charged for it as well. This company really gets you by the neck in a

Walmart! Disconnect yourself from these people!
Mrs. L. Wymore, Missouri

Just got this and a call to inform me of my refund…AFTER calling TWICE and informing them I will have my lawyer sister handle the matter. “This email is to inform you that we have refunded the amount of $94.89 back to your payment method originally used on order number *******, which was originally purchased on 01/19/2015 05:08am for the total amount of $94.89. (2nd email) We have refunded the amount of $93.87 back to your payment method originally used on order number ********, which was originally purchased on 01/19/2015 05:08am for the total amount of $93.87.” If you have… Read more »

How long did it take for the refund to appear?

Such a scam. I fell for it. Tried to cancel. deactivated my card immediately. They are rude and sneaky when you call to cancel. They try to talk over you with there salesman speak. Dang…I wish I could warn everyone!!

I am charged $99 just today.. and I even drink 1 capsule of the free trial for 1 month.. how can I cancel this????

if it was charged on your visa or mastercard, check with your bank about getting it back from them, due to them scamming people

They got me too.. They use the whole “Well it was in the fine prints..” Well the LARGE prints said something completely different!! False advertising. They advertise “RISK-FREE TRIAL” but the “fine prints” say you can only return the product for a refund if you haven’t opened it (how are you expected to try it?) AND you have to pay a 15% restocking fee PLUS shipping!! That’s equivalent to $25- $32 per bottle.. WAAY more than the $4.95 shipping… They should have their business license revoked..


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