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Last Updated On: February 25, 2017

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Business Name: Customer Service
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12760 S Park Ave #1610
Riverton, Utah 84065 USA

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Phone Number: 866-963-8145
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 26

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $882.99
Average Reported Losses: $126.14

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My story is exactly like one I read. I ordered the product. When I noticed they took $160 from my account I called them because the add said you only pay for shipping. They said the order had already been shipped and I couldn’t cancel. They gave me a return authorization number to return the product when I got it.

Two months later I have not received the product. After 5 calls to their customer service number and several people telling me I would get my refund; on my last call I was told it was past the warranty date and I could not get a refund. I explained that I was told several times that I would, he made it clear that I would not.

When I called back to get the company’s name I was actually told again that they would put my information through to get the refund; I told them I was going to file a complaint and make sure no one I knew would order from them. I explained again, that I should not be penalized because their company did not send the product. She told me the company had had shipping problems in January but it was now solved. I explained to her that I had been told two days after the order was placed that the order had been shipped, that’s why I couldn’t cancel; so that must have been an out right lie.

This company is a scam. Do not order from them

Most Recent Reviews

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Scam. How do we get our money back and how can this keep happening. We work to hard for our money!!! Dam!

Does anyone have info? I m thinking about having my bank do investigation on this scam. My bank said it normally it was a good turn around. Thoughts

Same here i got suckered in with the free trial just pay shipping. within minits my acc was charge $159.00. When i called they said to to wait to get then call back. i never received shipment nor refund. I order in feb 2 2014. . now is march 28. 2014. I called the # 555-373-3911 . also sent email to SUPPORT@SECUREHLTHBUYER.COM. nO REPLY. If anyone know how to get a refund from these people. please post thank you Harry.

I ordered product on Jan 12, and $187.39 was charged to my credit card. When I hadn’t received goods by Feb 12, sent an email,and still just an auto reply. Have rung numerous times asking them to cancel my order, but told "company policy is, after 14 days if you’re not happy, return goods & we’ll refund". I kept emailing & ringing, & finally told them I was taking further action. Finally got goods on Feb 25th, so have returned them by registered mail. Trouble is, I sent them to the return address on the post bag,(Sweden) then lifted a… Read more »

The absolute exact situation happened to me! They have managed to hack into my friend’s Twitter account and post about "the best product ever". Therefore, I (dumbly), looked into the weightloss product and fell victim to this ridiculous scamming scheme! I hope others do learn from this before purchasing from them.

We too made the fatal mistake of applying on line when this so called company offered us its complimentary deal. I will admit I was dubious about submitting our credit card details as confirmation we were legit customers but hubbie assured me "it’ll be right!" Well it wasn’t all right!! We have had to cancel our card and file a dispute….which of course the bank is required to do, but is basically a waste of all our times!! The product itself took much longer to arrive than the required 14 day return policy and we were still charged reguardless!! All… Read more »
I took an on-line survey with no sales pitch and no sales transactions inplied. As an entirely free gift for taking the survey, I was offere a choice of a free gift. Two bottles of Garcinia cambogia capsules (180 count). Although the two bottles arrived within a matter of days, with no chages indicated, my subsequent credit card showed a charge of $159 for the capsules and &$1 for shipping. SLIM GARCINIA SECRET NORTH MIAMI BFL made the charges on Jan 19, 2014. The purchase order customer information was given was #PO#2261422614B, but I made no purchase. Order No. was… Read more »

They are fraudsters. They use e-mails, Amazon, Doctor’s names etc. If you get scammed, you have to cancel your credit cards and you won’t get your money back. An investigation into their activity is necessary or get media like Mkt Place involved

I received this product and was immediately charged the $159 and $1 (no 14 day satisfaction guaranty). When I contacted the company and explained that I was returning it because I never authorized this charge, I was given a RMA # and told to return the product and I would be refunded the entire amount charged less their shipping fee of $9.95. The product was returned on 1/27. I called on 2/18 to inquire about my refund and was told w/o a tracking # a refund would not be processed. After a very heated conversation I was informed a full… Read more »

has anyone got anumber for these please so i can contact them

866-963-8145. Good luck in getting any satisfaction.

Has anybody been able to get their money refunded after returning the product as they instructed? After making NUMEROUS phone calls and asking to speak with a manager, I was finally given an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization), and was told to make sure this was on the outside of the box when I return the unopened product, and to ship it via FedEx or UPS to be able to track the package. My worry is that after going to these lengths I still won’t be refunded my money, and I won’t have the product either

Listen up people out there..beware of amazon gift cards they are only good with amazon products.instance..if u buy from a outlet or a refurbish electronic from will not honor there gift card for another persons product..You have to look and see where it is coming from..Thank you..Best regards Becca

Does anyone know if the product is genuine?

I have done the same thing but from NZ and I have no way of getting their product back to them within the 14 days, but I am concerned they will continue to debit my credit card each month!!

I too fell to this scam, I answered a 30 sec survey who offered a free gift for completing the survey, I stupidly choose Garcinia Cambogia, which incurred a fee of $2.95 which was for postage, then I incurred a further fee of $50.95. for a product that was suppose to be FREE. I never received the product and then this fraudulent company continued to take out $179.00 from my bank acc. When I noticed this on my statement I phoned my bank and advised them of this unauthorized transaction and cancelled my bank card. After doing this I have… Read more »

Heather I ordered the free trial only to find that my credit card had been slugged a massive 460.00 . I tried calling all the numbers only to get no reply .I would like to know how these people can live with themselves .BUT CAMA WILL COME THEIR WAY .I HAVE NO HOPE OF GETTING MY MONEY BACK ……

After seeing video by Dr. Oz about Garcinia Cambogia, my girlfriend decided to try it. An offer on the YouTube page from YourOnline Order offered a free bottle for shipping of $2.95. I got a call from my credit card company today for a suspicious charge of $159.00. Called YourOnlineOrder and rep. asked if I had read the "term and conditions", which allows them to charge $159 if the order is cancelled within 3 days. I told him that I would dispute the charge and file a complaint with the FTC I cancelled the order. Got a reference number for… Read more »

Hi Ian,
I am just wondering if you have received a credit for the $159.00 back into your bank account yet as I am endevouring to do the same thing? I am an aussie victim of this same scam. I appreciate your comments on here. Thanks Kerrie

i did the same. called chase and filed a fraud against them no point of talking to these people just let your bank handle it. i got my money back

I’m going thru something similar. I got an email confirming an order I NEVER placed showing just the shipping amt of 2.95. I check my bank acct and they are charging me for 159.00. I called and after 20 minutes of hold spoke with someone about this and they said I’d have to wait for the product to get to me, return it (at my own cost!!) and I was getting charged 9.95 to restock the item I never bought. I got the return address which is someone in Utah. I am glad you said that about the return number… Read more »

this is what is happening to me now..what number are you talking about please.

Did you ever get your money back? I am going through the exact same thing!!

I order their product with an advertisement of "free trial" only having to pay shipping and my banking acct was deducted a total of $207.00!!!! I called to cancel the order and was told that I would have to wait for the product to arrive, call them back and get a return number from them. I placed my order on Nov.1 and I received the product on Nov. 13. I called right away and was told if my return was not postmarked BEFORE Nov. 14 I would not get my refund!! Soooooo, I rushed to the post office, put the… Read more »

me too. same thing happened to me. someone help………

I never go for free trials.there is always a catch.learned my lesson awhile ago with a legit co.n good thing it was legit.the trial says free for 30 days.then when you click contoinue it says your card has just been billed for $150.00.I dont call that a free trial.fortunatly the # was on the page n i called it right away.he first stated i would have to wait 7 days for it to b put back in.i began to go nuts on him,said he was a scammer,and if he took it now i want it back now befor we hang… Read more »

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