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Last Updated On: May 15, 2017

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Business Name: Internet Service Group Ltd
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2338 Rowland Ave
Savannah, Georgia 31404 USA

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Natural Cleanse Plus Phone Number: 855-627-5871
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $24.41
Average Reported Losses: $12.21

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Colon Cleanse will Only Clean Your Bank Account Out!

I had a similar experience as the lady who commented previously. I purchased the free trial. There was no mention of “Later Billing”, or that you have 2 weeks to respond to them. You also do not receive any of this information with the product.

I read everything I could find, because I’ve been scammed before. The customer service representative assured me that it was located in the “terms and conditions” but it was located nowhere in plain sight or on the paperwork received with the product.

This is a scam. The product did not work.

Once again, I’m very disappointed. These products make it difficult to shop online.

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Charges showed up on my account. I called the bank to dispute, not paying the charges. Only wanted the try it, but never authorized any additional billing. Also had to call about the ebook issue and get that canceled and refunded.

Ordered both supplements. Got a call from my bank fraud dept asking if I OK’d a purchase pf $9.97 from a company in Canada. I had not. Come to find out Natural Cleanse somehow gave them my debit info and was going to send me an e-book which I did not order from this company in Canada this was March 17, 2017

I ordered Slim Fit 180. I didn’t get the product until last week. Didn’t see any change in 5 days, & my credit card was charged $90 today because I didn’t cancel in 15 days. The 15 days should start from receipt of the product not when the order was placed since it took two weeks to receive. I will never order from the Internet again & cancelled, but the damage was done.

Total scam, got my 90 year old mother. Refused to fully refund.

This is scam. Happened too me too. All I wanted was a free trial, but they didn’t give you a chance to try it; they charged you as soon as you got your credit card number. They never answered your phone, email, and the like. No tern and condition. They charged me for something that I didn’t even order.

I have unauthorized charges on my credit card going back to the summer of 2014. I was never sent the trial products that I ordered. I am just now able to review all charges which are exceedingly high and expensive over time. CPL- Cleanse Plus: 855-6275871 (is this a phone number??) Optimal EX Tampa FL 877-846-9014 Are these products from the same company? Very confused about this. All I wanted was a trial package which was never delivered to me. If it was sent and returned for some reason why would company continue to charge?? How do I get refunds… Read more »

I have an unauthorized charges on my bank account. The transactions number are: checkcard 1214 optimalhealth 877846901474483144349010861893390 and checkcard1214 cpl cleanseplus 855-6275871 FL 24559304349900010974487 recurring


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