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Last Updated On: November 30, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: NBL Limited
Corporate Address:
4900 Alameda Blvd NE B
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-613-1731
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Nate Lind - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.08 out of 5
Based On: 44 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 57

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $19,555.26
Average Reported Losses: $444.44

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Is Mango Pure Cleanse a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Refund my money that was stolen

Was charged for no reason. I do not even know why I was charged or what it was I was charged for. I looked in my bank account and saw the $80.99 dollars taken out and I did not know what was going on I am complaining about it and want a full refund on this miss charge.

I need that money to pay my rent. I live by myself and need every penny I can get. I want to know why I was charged with all of this.

This is a scam of people stilling money and, I will not stand for it. I really need all my money back.

Mop Mangopure – 4210 Valley Forge Rd Mount Vernon IL 62864 | 618-315-2528

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I ordered the trial for 4.99 then checked my checking and was charged 79.95 and 89.92, did not agree to all that

i ordered a free trial bottle and all of the sudden monies are being taken out of my checking account I did not authorize this transaction nor did I read anywhere where this would take place u need to send an email or call a person before this happens to get an ok from them wow u are a big rip off and I want my monies refunded asap pat

they are thieves do not give them your info or they will charge you day after day

I purchased the Mango Cleanse like everyone else for the $4.95 free trial offer. I tried it and it did nothing, did not work for me. I did not see any small print at the bottom of the page when I ordered it, my mistake. On 11/12/2016 I received a confirmation from Mango Cleanse that they billed me $78.75for a automatic refill. I called them at the 5867 number and talked with a lady that said she would cancel my subscription but I had already been billed for the refill and there was nothing I could do about that. I… Read more »
Consumer Protection Agency (Sen. Warren’s baby); only one report at – they pursue for you but one isn’t enough; report Dr. Oz there as well. And always use a prepaid Visa with just enough to cover what the ad states. And my bank ALWAYS helps but you must catch it before you make payment (check with them anyway especially if you don’t pay in full each month – I charge everything as I make money via points and pay in full; if need money that don’t have I use my card that gives me checks with a year to… Read more »
I found the article advertising the free Trial for the “Trim Garcinia Gold” and “Trim Mango Clease”. I have always been warned to never agree to free trial ANYTHING that requires your card information. When I was 18 i didn’t listen and attempted to make a purchase for a “free trial” for something and like everyone else, ended up having to close my banking account and re-open a new one because the charges kept coming in over $100 a month and there was no contact number or ANYTHING to stop it!!! *****************************But anyway, I immediately knew that this particular article… Read more »
Another victim in their pocket…I saw an add for the Mango Cleanse and the Trim Garcinia products on Facebook. I read what I could (testimonials) because there was a timer… That’s just enough time to put your card information in and forget about time for the “fine print”. Anyways, I ordered them on 7/17/14, and got the bottles the next freaking day!! I was excited about the speedy shipment for only $4.95 per bottle…but I hardly remembered the 14 day free trail…so when I check my account today and see that I was unknowingly charged $79.94 for each freaking bottle… Read more »

i had the exact same thing happen but times 2. I was able to get all of out money back.
since we have the product I want to try it… did you have any luck?

I ordered a free trial, i paid for $4.95 each for the shipping on both trim garcinia and pure mango cleanse!! I just used it for 12 days so that means i didnt reach the 14-day trial..the costumer service guy named KURT said that the 14-day trial started from the day that they shipped it!! Are they crazy?? I was soo pissed coz they deducted my bank $79 each on each to sum up everything it’s $158!! I wanted my money back but he said he can’t do anything about it!!! I just threw my money in a non-sense… Read more »

WELL, their product is SUCKS!!! doesnt work. I do excersicing , I eat well and i I was looking for something to help me a little more. Those pills DO NOT WORK AT ALL. I called 3 times to cancel the trial but they wanted to extend the trial. When finally I could rid of this, they took $10 more dollars from my credit card WITHOUT authorization or notices. They told me for a trial free of compromise and just pay $4 for shipping but they obviously told sh@$()@ VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!

THIS COMPANY WAS A HUGE P**S OFF! So i didnt really put in all my effort and anger into fighting with the lady on the phone the first time i was charged, so i only got a %60 discount. I wasnt even fussed about that, she told me my subscription was canceled and that i would not receive and further shippments or charges, but then a month later, guess what happened? THEY CHARGED ME $101.69!!! So i called back, VERY FURIOUS, i just said i was going to cancel my card and call and say they were robbing me and… Read more »
I ordered a $4.95 trial of the product it arrived and i tried for a few days. When my wife found out what I was taking she suggested that I stop as the ingredients could react with the various medications I was taking. When my credit card bill arrived 13 days after the original $4.95 US charge was a $107.16 charge. I immediately called the company, they said that if you don’t want to continue with the product you must cancel in the first 14 days. To make a long story short I insisted on a full refund and was… Read more »


I am having the exact same problem now. I sent e-mail to cancel on April 2 and then got more product May 10. Called and cancelled everything and got RAM number. Did Cal Nutrasciences at 64 Bakersfield give you full refund?

david Sorry To say I am in the same boat as you all I followed Dr. Oz’s recommendation and tried the products I was sure to tick of the boxes on the order form for no refills and I still received the 2 products with no paperwork / invoice or return address I have been charged 207.00 Canadian. I have called the 1-888 #s received the confirmation of cancellation and requested an email to that effect. I am calling my Credit card to make sure that there is no Charge put against the account from these companies and will voice… Read more »

Did anyone successfully get their money back? I ordered the free trial and sent it back the same day. Just noticed they charged me 99.99 on my credit card. Any advice?

I got 75% off the Mango Cleanse and 100% off the Ultra-fast Garcinia. How do I complete the 30 day trial but in 15 days. Horrible scam. Filing a complaint with BBB.

File a claim with your credit card

Easier said than done Mike. Am on disability, receiving only $741 monthly; have debit card through bank and am being put through the mill as if I’ve committed some heinous crime. The bank temporarily reversed charges of $159.88 plus on top of that they charged me overdraft fees of $35.00 each. If I lose, they will take all that away from me, yet, by law they are not to touch monies I receive (SSI & SSDI). Have emailed the company regarding this but to no avail. They do not like to respond or when they do the people are very-very… Read more »
I just spent 1.5 hours with VISA and the manager there call the company directly while I was on the line. Finally, to make a long story short, I have had to cancel by VISA credit card and go through the VISA fraud department. I would suggest everyone do the same thing. I contacted the two companies who claim they are different (but they are not) … Mango Cleanse and Colon cleanse… even when the customer service person told me they are the same company. I emailed them within 6 days to emphatically let them know that I have a… Read more »

Despite calling to cancel what I had no idea was a subscription when I ordered a free trial for 4.99$, I have now been charged $200. Very upset!

I was charged about the same & I didn’t even receive the product. When I called to cancel, they just hang-up.

Readers be ware….this is a pure marketing scam, chapeau to them for being so clever! side note; NO Email notification was never sent even confirming the charges after the trial period was over and Agent at Customer Service insisted that only credit that would be applied (at greater amount) was if I returned the unopened bottle…wow, over $40 lost in shipping costs?!!? what a crock. Hope these reviews hurt their reputation/product.

Scam! Yes it is a scam based on people’s unwillingness to read the very fine prints in the "Terms and Conditions" section. I fail for it too. However, trying to "unsubscribe" is more difficult than just a phone call or email. Their email address: IS WRONG. Secondly, if you’re from Canada and the dshit is mail to you from Ontario, your "file" might not be in the Canadian’s client file system. If the Canadian system doesn’t have you, then try the US client file system which means you have to phone back the 1-866-613-1731 and start over again with… Read more »

I need the phone number to cancel my shipment. Also, does one have to cancel in writing. Help.

Hi there. I just called the 18882433876 and spoke to Jackie. I cancelled my accounts-which I didn’t know I had and she gave me RMA numbers to write on the unopened packages I received, much to my surprise, this morning. SHe said when they received shipment back they would refund my charge. Fingers crossed. Sadly I didn’t realize the 15 day cancellation so yes I took got suckered for about $120. I also have had my credit card blocked and am having a new one issued, means I can’t use it for next 7-10 days but at least neither can… Read more »
I also ordered the trial for $4.95 mango cleanse and $4.95 coloncleanse. I never did receive the trial only 1 months supply at a cost of $94.22. I called them the next day after I ordered trial and cancelled any further orders which they did. I kept the month’s supply but never would have ordered that much, I agree it is a SCAM. On the positive side I have had good results with the product. I am taking it for Fibromyalgia and it certainly has helped but I certainly will not order from them again.

Called the 866 number. The phone rings once and then nothing, just silence. Hoping to cancel ASAP

I too ordered the free trial and sent two e-mails not to send it again. They are very smart that charged me 104 dollars on 24th Jan and when received the money the shipped the product. received on March 6th. I called CIBC bank a very rude Indian woman spoke to me and told me to send the product back to Mango cleanse so as they can return the money back to me. she said I authorized the company for three purchases!!!!!

well i have to say i am very up-set , i never ordered a thing of here , i asked for a free sample they were offering to try and they stole 99.99 of my credit card and i was only to pay 4.95 for shipping , i am **** off to no end

I didnt do any research before i send for the free trail. When i came accross this when i got the pills i called my credit card company right away and reported my card lost so they could send me a knew one and mango clense couldnt take anything from my visa. Did receive a email from them saying my trail as ended and account cancelled. Glad i read this thanks:)

Please cancel my account, Rosemary Allen, 3612 – 31A Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6T 1H3. This product did not help in any way and now I find a charge on my card for $98.79. Please remove this with 48 hours or I will contact my credit card company, my bank and the FTC. thank you for not being very clear.

Thank You for saving the rest of any potential customers. How can we bring these criminals to justice. Sounds like they need to be out of business. Hope the emails shut them down!

Thank you all for this! I am glad I found this page. I googled the product to see if there were complaints because I was caught with a similar diet program 4 years ago using Acai berry juice and Wei tea. The tea cost $75.00 and turned out to be regular chinese tea you get at the market for $5.00. I also had trouble getting out of that scheme. I don’t understand why there are no laws to protect consumers from fraudulent, misleading marketing. Also – are there any juried trials that show these pills ‘do no harm’??

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