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Last Updated On: December 25, 2015

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Business Name: Jotun Revelation Ltd
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2nd fl Afon Building Worthing Rd
Horsham, England RH12 1TL United Kingdom

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Phone Number: 866-992-6535
Corp Email: support@hcltdsupport.com
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $613.90
Average Reported Losses: $25.58

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Unaurhorized charges on Bank Account

On our July bank Statement I noticed a charge of $49.95 from Hcinssupport.co the number out beide the account was incomplete.

I contacted my bank and they canceled the credit card and told me that they had seen three complaints that day.

I went to the bank to have anew credit card issued and was given a toll free number listed for customer service on the charge.

I called the number and was connected to a rep who did not speak or understand English very well. I continully ask for a manager or supervisor and was told repeativley that once was not available. I was finally given tht following email address to contact customer service. So far I have not heard anything.

The email address I was given was support@ssfsupport.com

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I had this happen too and my bank sided with these jerks. I cancelled my card.

The only way to stop the charge(s) is to cancel your card. The company, although they say they will refund your money, are not going to. They are just stringing you along, so you will keep your card open and allow then to keep charging it. GO TO YOUR BANK/CREDIT CARD COMPANY!!! it is your only option people.

I have tried 3 times to get the 49.95 charge refunded. They keep telling me that they will just send the bottle of weight loss pills that I ordered….NOT. This makes me furious. Has anyone received a refund from this bogus charge????

I had 4 $49,95 charges plus the Bank’s $1.50 International charge over a 30 day period before we caught it. I called HCinc, they asked me for my Zip code, and when I stated that the charges were unauthorized, they put me on hold and never returned. Charges are from an overseas boiler room, India or similar. These are crooks or a company employing crooks. My card was also charge from another entity, doing the same thing. Appears the charges started after we went to the beach in NJ. (no offense). These people have buddies who then sell the card… Read more »

Same exact thing here. Person who answers their phone can’t even give me the address and actual phone number of the company that authorized the $49.95. Can’t transfer me to their fraud department because they don’t have one. Man, I guess lots of people let the charge go through and don’t fight it …how else acn they afford to pay these people to answer the phone and act dumb?

I too had the same fraudulant charge on my card. I called U.S. Bank and reported it, and the said that yes, they have been getting a lot of complaints about this company, all fraud.

Do not believe this company and their claims to refund your account. Just call your credit card company and let them know so that this company can be shut down.

Thanks. I found this charge of $49.95 “Hcincsupport com 866 992 6” on my business debit card account yesterday. Upon reading your post I immediately reported to my bank and closed the card. I also have another unauthorized charge of $4.95 “Eduinitiati8882185273” show up today as pending. I am surprised this card has been breached as I rarely use it and only with a select few vendors.

Same here. Didn’t even to attempt to call these fools; just went to my bank, with drew the cash I needed from ATM, then signed a charge-back affidavit, and killed my current card (7-10 business day headache, but whatever). First time in 20 some-odd years I’ve been compromised, and been making online purchases since the late nineties.

I just got a call from my bank fraud department (Chase bank ) asking me about a charge for 49.95 from hcinsupport.com and of course that NO! never even heard of them. I looked up the site and not to my surprise I read SCAM! SCAM! and more SCAMS!! What’s wrong with these people.

I checked my credit card statement this evening and there was a charge from hcincsupport.com for $49.95. I did not recognize this transaction so I Googled the website which led me to the conclusion that this was a SCAM. I called the toll free number located on the website and the customer service representative was able to refund the credit and I was told that they will delete all my information from their database system.

I have also been charged the $49.95 for the same exact thing. I noticed where you had call the toll free number from the website and they said they would refund the chargers. Have you seen the refund on yet? My bank also said they couldn’t do anything till it was processed so I want to take all the right steps to get my money back. Thanks

Today, I got a credit card alert from my bank that $49.95 had been charged. It, too, was from HCIncSupport—-. I have not ordered any such product or received any product from this company or any other. The HC Inc. Support is the fulfillment company. I don’t know how they acquired my credit card information. They had an address that was similar to mine, but the house numbers were different, that they said the shipment would go to. This is some sort of scam for sure.

Same exact thing just happened to me. The whole thing is very sketchy. A random charge from Hcincsupport.com for $49.95 and $1.00. I saw this charge pending on my account a couple days ago and called my bank. they said that VISA wont process a fraudulent dispute until the transaction is posted. Well it posted today! I have no idea how someone got my account information. I called the 1-866 number and the customer support lady said it was for a weight loss product called raspberry ketones. she refunded my $49.95 and said the $1.00 transaction charge would be refunded… Read more »

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