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Last Updated On: September 15, 2017

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Reported Losses: $435.94
Average Reported Losses: $72.66

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They offered my a free trail on this product and they said i only had to pay postage and packaging, which i was happy to do as i didnt want to spend loads of money for it not to work.

Then find out that i at 69.97 go out my a bank account a couple of days later which has now made me go overdrawn and receive bank changes.Sent the company emails with no response and another withdraw has taken place.

And now i cant get hold of them


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They have been taking money out of my account already two months without a product. I am pissed.

I was charged $89.99 for these products that I did not order AND I never received. I called and they offer me full refund minus a re-stocking fee of $19.95 IF I send back the unopened boxes…the ones I never received! Or I can accept a 45% refund without sending back the bottles. What a rip off! Do not order from this company!

I did Not order no 89.99 twice! Give me my d**n money back!

These guys, whoever they are charged my account this morning without me ever signing up. I didn’t even know what this was until my account was 80$ shy this morning. I awoke at 6 and evidently I must’ve been sleep shopping because the charge was made at 5am.

This product is HORRIBLE!!!! This a*****e company takes your money and runs!! They KEEP YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!! They don’t tell you that you’re going to keep getting this product shipped to you until you cancel your first order! And each time they send it to you its even more expensive!!! Who the hell do they think they are!?!? This should be illegal and they should be reported!! This company should no longer exists because they have screwed over so many people!!
This product DOESN’T EVEN WORK!!!!

Absolutely stay away from this product – it is a major scam. Same thing happened to me. Ordered a "TRIAL" offer for $4.95 (which apparently is good for 15 days only ). Then – after 30 days when your Credit Card statement arrives – there’s that wonderful $105.00 charge. Then they won’t honour the return. MAJOR SCAM BEWARE

Free trial my ****…agreed. I concur with the feelings and the aggravation regarding the bogus bullshit this company and organization is perpetrating. A free trial should mean just that!!! If it works then you should clearly have the option to continue, not automatically start receiving a product and an outlandish price. This is a pure bait and switch scam that is meant to defraud. The pricing is totally ludicrous and the customer service and representatives a joke. I am hoping I am not going to have to cancel my card too to keep the **** out of my pocket.
I ordered the Coffee Pure Cleanse and the Colo Cleanse Pro at the same time as a trial offer. The website and ad in Women’s Health magazine stated that I would pay $4.95 for shipping and all I had to do was cancel to keep from incurring additional charges. (No mention of sending back unused portions or miscellaneous charges). A friend ordered both the same day as I and attempted to cancel as well after she had been charged shipping charges of $4.94 per shipment. The customer care rep on the line told her that they could not find her… Read more »
NEW COMPLAINT On April 8, 2013, I ordered the 15-day trial for the Colo Cleanse Pro. Within that trial period because of unexpected loss of household income, I sent two e-mails (April 10 & April 18, 2013) to: . I asked them to cancel my trial, requested that my account not be billed with further charges and asked if I had to return the TRIAL product. The trial shipment came from Canada Post in Toronto, ON. To which address, do I return the product? I received the trial package on April 11, 2013 and I have not opened it.… Read more »
I just had a similar thing happened. I ordered the Colo Cleanse online on April 28th. Nothing in their ad said that the 15 day trial period started on the day I ordered it. I received it on May 8th and it was from a Canadian address. Not sure exactly now cause I’ve since thrown it out. I sent an email on Saturday to cancel any orders and confirm that it was cancelled. I never got a reply so called on Monday, the 13th and they sent me a cancellation order. HOWEVER, i got billed $105 on my Visa and… Read more »
free trial my ****. they charged me 4.95 for mango pro and 4.95 for colo cleanse, then almost 100.00 for each bottle.its not posted on the web site of the total hidden cost. they are riping people off. do not get sucked into this free trial bullshit. signed **** off canadian sucked in customer

are you afraid of being honest

Did you think to look at the Natural Ingredients shown and explained on the website before placing your order? Was it after you were charged or before you ordered that you realized you couldn’t use it? Sounds like a little more investigating on this product would of better suited you. Sorry but true.


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