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Last Updated On: December 15, 2017

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Business Name: Wal-Mart Stores Inc
Corporate Address:
702 SW 8th St
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-925-6278
Company Contact: C Douglas Mcmillon - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.58 out of 5
Based On: 194 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 68

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $44,045.44
Average Reported Losses: $227.04

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Poor Quality & Non-existent Customer Service

I recommend you obtain your vision needs through anyone other than Walmart.

I recently obtained an eye exam & purchased contacts, regular glasses & frames, & sun glasses & frames for about $600.

After limited use, I reported I could not see well & was told, ” one eye is dominant & that’s why I could see better with one eye using my glasses”. Really, for about 65 years I’ve been getting new prescriptions so I could see 20/20 out of both eyes.

I went elsewhere for a second opinion & found the prescription was in fact wrong. I purchased another set of contacts & can now see well, but I’m financially I’m unable to replace the glasses with the wrong prescription.

Their staff is unprofessional, inept, & they lack customer service skills. Do not choose Walmart for your needs as they do not provide quality products & services & their customer service is non-existent.

Walmart location – Arkansas Bentonville

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They will not honor a gift certificate for a ham/turkey $15.00 the manager said they reached out to employers and told them that they could get their employees a gift card to Walmart for a ham or turkey, needless to say my company probably said well we wont be doing that and we the employees will give our business to harps,town and country etc…. in our area the only company that don’t take this coupon is Walmart how selfish of a company wont take a coupon I will never ever shop at Walmart again

Regarding the Walmart Neighborhood Store on 3372 Canton Road in Marietta GA.This store is not recommended for anyone who has a decent sense of morals. This store defends and even encourages pedophiles. There is a balding chubby stock clerk in the refrigeration section where the dairy products are that regularly conducts his sexual business in the refrigeration section beyond the eyes of the public. He advertises and encourages/solicits guys from the Grindr app pages. and then meets them in the dairy section and takes them into the refrigerator to conduct all forms of sex acts. This is well known among… Read more »
lWalmart almost framed us for robbery and got us killed . Walmart almost had us arrested jailed and/or killed for a simple return. My husband and I with our three small children went to Walmart one night to do a return/refund on an online order. My husband was trying to return the item while I went shopping. He then came back to me upset because the female worker made a snide comment saying that he was trying to pull a scam on them. It was an online order that Walmart had made a major mistake on. They sent us the… Read more »

You don’t know what to eat or who to trust! Please Share!
Tainted, Wal-Mart, Sol Group Marketing and Fresh Quest Melons LLC., Contaminated Cantaloupe, which even sicken Brenda Kidd; from Contaminated Cantaloupes to a…decomposed bat found in Wal-Mart, Marketside Spring Mix Organic Lettuce…What’s next? Sol Group Marketing-1751 SW 8th St, Pompano Beach Florida, Fresh Quest Melons LLC., (Produce, Fruits and Vegetables), 1410 SW 8th St. Pompano Beach, Florida; CEO’s Wal-Mart Douglas (Doug) McMillon and Fresh Quest Melons LLC., Alan Guttmann; follow the links…

I recommend you obtain your vision needs through anyone other than Walmart. Their staff is unprofessional, inept, and they lack customer service skills. Do not choose Walmart for your vision care needs as they do not provide quality products & services & their customer service is non-existent.

Walmart oNLINE IS FALSIFY ADVERTISING THEIR 2 TWO SHIPPING. I ORDER A IPAD ON FEB 1, 2017 AND THEY SAID IT WILL deliver Feb 4, 2017 and now they say it will NOT GET HERE TO FEB 7, 2017. They are so quick to blame it on fedex, which is not true. the ORDER WAS SENT TO fedex ON fEB 2,2017as a FedEx ground shipping. I F THEY SENT THE ORDER A 2DAY IS STILL WOULD HAVE REACH ME BY FEB 4, 2017 ( EXPAIN, nEXT DAYFEB 3, 2017 WOULD BE AND 2 DAY FEB 4, 2017). I need this… Read more »
At one time Wal Mart cared about their employees. That was years ago. They lie. They manipulate. They use their employees and walk all over them. Take it from an employee with 18 years in! They are doing all they can to get rid of older employees that have benefits. They have demoted all the full time employees with benefits (and no one else) which means a cut in pay rate in hopes that they will quit. They have taken the employees from jobs they have done well for years and given them jobs that would encourage the employee to… Read more »

I called walmart in Atmore, Al. To the pharmacy tried 3 times. It kept going to voice mail. I had to call store number to get my script called in. This is at 11:25 Am they said it wouldn’t be ready till next day I wanted it that day so they say it will be ready today will see .

Walmart has no problem taking your money, but if you need their assistance with a purchase you will not get it! If You contact customer service they will be rude and unprofessional.What ever happened to “The customer is always right”. If you proceed to the Corporate office in CANADA, You will receive a call back from someone like Vee, who alleges she is in a Corporate position???? She will rush you off the phone, then call back and allege there is nothing Walmart can do to assist you. Even though there certainly is.Walmart just can not be bothered to spend… Read more »
I walked into Walmart in hillview Kentucky and as soon as I walk in I see a woman covered from head to toe I about walked out. What I don’t get is why are they allowed to be dressed like that but Americans themselves cannot wear ski mask in there? the only thing you could see what was The eyes. I about s**t my self my heart jump out my chest. How is this far to American culture Americans are used to wearing a ski mask normally during the winter but if we choose to wear them all year round… Read more »
March 5, 2016 my phone stop connecting to voice network, I was told I had to turn it on in my zip area before it would connect, such a lie, will phone still not connecting. On March 7, 2016 I went to Walmart and their person talk to straight talk and they promised to replace phone I was told I would receive a new phone with instructions on how to send my old one back. I waited several weeks and nothing so I called was told they were waiting for my old phone so they told me they would send… Read more »
Walmart Scarborough Towne Centre,canada New 2016 rules from cashiers 1/ coupons must be printed by home computer on a single page,donot cut out surplus paper surrounding it. 2/ donot move grocery seperator platsic bars on conveyer belts without cashier permisiion. Pile groceries high at end so most of belt remains empty until cashier allows belt to move. 3/ Bring own plastic bag is allowed but will only be filled if you open it for cashier. Placing it on belt will be acknowledged but not used unless open 4/ persistant complaint will not be resolved by customer service it will be… Read more »
I send my nurse to do my shopping for me, since I cant get out very well. each time she has gone to the Lucas location she has been treated like she just reach into the cashiers pocket and was trying to rip that individual off. I do price matching, I go through all the adds, compose my shopping list with the store having the sale, the item, sale price and the total according to the amount of one item. every time she goes in she has this list and all the papers in her hand. Each time they fight… Read more »

am tired of the walmart here in roebuck alabama. pharmacy customer service is hell here. the pharmacist are a*s holes. i hate hate this walmart please fix it

almart shoppers BEWARE! I just returned from Walmart where I used my debit card. When I scanned my card, the machine should have then prompted me for my pin number…it did not. This has happened in the past and each time I questioned a manager, I received a different excuse as to why. Today I called my bank and the Walmart Corporate Customer Service Line. I was told that WM has a “new” policy. If your purchase is less than 50.00, they will not require a PIN nor any other type of identification. So, first and foremost, if you lose… Read more »
Walmart in my area does not even have self-checkout lanes. Why? Uh, it’s close to the hood. I refuse to buy their fresh meats, as the few times I have, it was low quality. The cashiers don’t stay there long. Though, I must say, the few times I have asked for help finding something, the associates were really nice about helping find what I was looking for. Always make sure you retrieve all your bags/items from that rotating bag holder, too. If a bag is overlooked, and the customer behind you ends up with your goods, you will play h###… Read more »

I don’t use them anyway. They are just screwing people out of a job.

I felt that I was profiled by the black security guard as I was leaving because I am white and wore a cowboy hat, he had the temerity to ask for my receipt as I left the store, I complied and he saw that all the items were paid for, but it rankled me, If I had been armed, I might have shot him in the a*s or face. He was racist “fo sho”.

EVERY SINGLE WALMART STORE IN THE NATION LOSES MILLIONS TO THEFT every single year because people have learned how to walk out without being checked …sometimes with shopping carts full of meat, not even bagged…just walk out

Ringo – you might’ve been correct. But you lost any right to be upset at the guard by stating “If I had been armed, I might have shot him in the a*s or face. He was racist “fo sho”.” YOU, Mr. Ring are acting raciest. AND you are giving gun owners a bad name.
Take the high ground, treat others how you wish to be treated, but don’t anger if they do not. -the things you were taught in Kindergarten still applies.

This is not a response directed toward this comment but a general one based on the comments that I have read on this site. I cannot believe the sorts of things that people complain about. If you don’t like the service don’t shop there! As far as the quality of products – what did you expect? Do you really think you are going to get high quality for a cheap price? And as far as being a poorly treated employee, get another job or go to school and better yourself. Everyone expects a great job for no effort. I worked… Read more »

I tend to agree, why would you complain especially about stores where the reason why you are shopping there is because they are cheap? Walmart is known for low prices and that means it cannot afford to pay workers very much. If you want 100% guarantee of great service shop somewhere more expensive. You don’t drive-thru McDonald’s and expect filet mignon.

feb 26, I ordered an office chair. They took my name and phone. said they would call when it came in. Mar 7, I checked and they said, yeah it came in but we sold it to somebody else.. You will have to wait for the 5 more that are coming in. This was an expensive chair, 139,00 and I was treated like crap. Just wanted to let you know I want the chair, but will never deal with the La Grande Walmart – just a bunch of jerks. I will order online and have the chair sent to my… Read more »
today – Feb. 15, 2014, I shopped at the Walmart grocery store in Lincoln Ca – NEVER AGAIN Absolutely awful. I’ve shopped there a few times before and I always feel irritated whenever I leave. The shelves are understocked , there are never enough checkers. If you buy an alcoholic beverage you can’t use self checkout. The produce generally looks as though it’s weeks old. Today there were not even any bags in the produce department. The only bags available were shopping bags. To increase my irritation, there were only two checkers and I was behind a young woman with… Read more »

I hate Walmart. I just makes me hot and heavy mad!

The Ipad Mini Walmart put on sale (Price: $299+$100 gift card) on the day of Black Friday 2013 had “One Hour Guarantee”. That means in that one hour guarantee period, whoever got the ticket of that item and paid for that item must have the item too. They cannot say the item is out of stock, and especially, they cannot say the item is out of stock when they already get paid for the item 17-18 days ago. And now they sent me an email showing they canceled my order saying the item is out of stock. When I paid… Read more »

Walmart treats their employees like cattle and worse.They cut hours for full-time workers and hire temp workers and give over-time hours to some "favorite employees". I’ve worked there for xx hellish years and it gets worse evey day. The management is rude, disrespectful, and think the workers are robots.
When I see their propaganda commercials, they make me sick. "Save money, live better" is only for upper management and the corporate board members who a worth BILLIONS each.

Why am I sometimes told I have to take the item back to the same Walmart store I bought it from to return it??? For the too many stores they have built already I thought they were thinking maybe for customer’s convience. What if Im on a trip?

Did you know you can buy a Walmart Gift Card with a Walmart Gift Card as the money tender? Meaning I have a $100. gift card in my hand when I walk into the store. I pick up a blank gift card at the checkouts. I walk up to the cashier and tell them I want to put $12.00 on this card. There are so many Walmart employees that are not trained for this kind of transaction. Ive had one employee tell me, " Ive worked here # years and it cant be done." So said I was a liar.

Why do you not put someone in charge of keeping the shopping carts wheels from making that stupid sound ? bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump I hear this ALL OVER THE STORE my cart also bump bump bump bumpp bump ….. Please stop this bump bump bump bump

I am 84 years old and have had 5bypasses and a leaky valve. The Kokomo store doesn’t have enough riding cars. It is not unusual to wait an hour and sometimes longer for them to find a cart. I like shopping at Walmart but there shouldn’t be an hour wait for a riding cart. I don’t have to wait near that long at other stores. Please see if you can accomadate us with more riding carts..

They don’t OWE you an electric shopping cart. The costs of buying those are passed on to the consumer. Get your OWN, which, by the way, is ALSO passed on the the taxpayers.

those carts costs thousands of dollars each and they say RIGHT ON THEM do NOT take them out into the parking lot when raining or snowing…because the wheels get shorted out and the carts are no good after that. IT IS THE USERS OF THE CARTS who reduce the numbers of carts at each store…maybe down to only one or two working carts in winter…the users are supposed to bring their cars up to the doors to load their cars instead of just driving out into the parking lot rain or snow/// next time its raining and you see them… Read more »

I could not agree more! I read through these comments and all I hear is how everyone has an overinflated view of their own self worth and importance. How did we ever become such a nation of whiners! We are a nation of materialistic, selfish, self-absorbed adolescents in adult bodies. Get your heads out of you-know-where and spend your efforts and time on things that really truly matter instead of how the world revolves around you!

You are a JERK! P**s off!


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