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Last Updated On: April 4, 2017

Sam’s Club Contact Information

Business Name: Sam's West Inc
Corporate Address:
2101 SE Simple Savings Dr
Bentonville, Arizona 72716 USA

Sam’s Club Customer Service

Sam’s Club Phone Number: 888-746-7726
Company Contact: Rosalind Brewer - CEO
Corp Website:

Sam’s Club Ratings

Average Rating: 1.45 out of 5
Based On: 53 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 40

Sam’s Club Reports

Reported Losses: $5,493.46
Average Reported Losses: $103.65

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Pathetic online delivery and horrible customer service

For a company that charges you yearly for membership, you would think they would have a better service. These guys are absolutely pathetic with no regards to how much the consumer is suffering. They are clueless with your order details and will waste as much time as they can before they kind of try and throw everything up in the air citing a horrible policy that only helps them and screws their customers over.

I ordered furniture from them and after they missed their original delivery date, they kept pushing the dates out for 3 additional weeks. Every Monday they would tell me my order would be delivered Wednesday and on Wednesdays they would push it out to next Monday.

After uncountable number of messages, calls to their delivery partners and their customer service, writing numerous emails, they told me that they lost my order. This in the middle of summer.

They wasted 5 weeks and then canceled on me. Never have I ever seen such absolute disregard and horrible treatment of a consumer.

I wish I could give them zero or negative rating.

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This is the 4th time I have contacted you in regards to missing items to my purchase, since December 2016 Each time I requested to speak with a manager and was told that they did not take calls. What is the problem!!!
Plainly states when purchased the massage table included a leg bolster, CD, and 75 disposable pillow covers. I still have not received them!

I was given a recommendation by a member to get a headlight restore done on my vehicle for $29.88 (2016) and a five-year warranty. One of the headlights had a coating that failed. I went back to the store for the warranty. The attendant told me I had to Pay an additional $10.00 because the price went up. I thought the warranty (5 year) covered any additional cost to the store. I ended up paying the extra fee but told them I would be quitting my membership due to deceptive practices. If you bought a vehicle that had a warranty… Read more »
Today I quit my job at Sam’s Club that I had enjoyed very much due to the way I was talked to and treated by the Manager Tori Young. When I applied to Sam’s Club and again at my Orientation I told them I was not available on Tuesday evenings due to my college classes. When I saw that I was scheduled I told my immediate Supervisor Joyce and it was not fixed. Today, I met Tori for the first time and I told her about the problem. She refused to listen to me, continued talking down to me, and… Read more »
I have a issue with receiving my cash rewards from my Plus Card membership at the Sams Club located at 5600 Landers Rd in Sherwood,Arkansas. December 2016 I checked the rewards on my Plus Card Membership and it showed 30.00 that would be payable in Feb.2017 in January I went to Sams Club and waited in line at the member services desk for s very long time . When I finally got my turn the lady (Sha) told me I had no cash rewards . As I explained that I should have 30.00 and that’s why I was there complaining,… Read more »
The Sams Club plus membership . According to the Sams club app. My membership had earned 30.00 in cash rewards that would be payable in Feb. 2017 when I called about my cash rewards they said I didn’t have any . I was a Sams club employee up untill dec, 29 th of 2016. So I am very aware of my cash rewards. As I see it , when I left Sams Club they took my 30.00 in cash rewards. I called the home office and was on the phone with them for over 40 minutes. Then was told a… Read more »

Their online site is horrible !

Just ordered priscriptions at Sam’s pharmacy. They charged me a higher price for a medication they have listed at $4. They also charged taxes on all 3 of my prescriptions. I have never paid taxes on these prescriptions before. On the receipt it had the taxes listed as non-fsa eligible. This is a problem being I paid with my fsa account. When I asked why they charged more than $4 on the medication, they blamed it on my insurance. Then they suggested I have it fixed next month. I insisted they refund the $1.15 they overcharged me. I brought my… Read more »

We ordered a mattress from Sam’s Club online at the beginning of December. The boxes arrived empty. So we are out of our money and my son has been sleeping on the ground since the beginning of December. Every customer service representative we speak to says they will get back to us tomorrow yet no one does. All we want is our money back immediately or a mattress. My son needs a bed. I know I will never again buy from Sam’s Club online. Wondering if someone can help us??????????????

Regarding CLUB # 4805, Billings, Montana: Do NOT place any on-line orders, on Sam’s website, and specify “Club Pickup.” At this Sams Club location there are as many different ideas on how the “Club Pickup” process works as there are employees at this location. Even the Assistant Managers were giving me wrong information. Compounding this problem is that this location is either unable, or unwilling, to properly handle phone calls from customers. Unless you are asking a very basic question, like what are your hours, you will be placed on hold for upwards of 20 minutes. THEN, some employee will… Read more »
We made the dreadful mistake of ordering mattresses and paid express shipping to have them delivered on 1/8. Before placing the order, I called their 888 number twice, to ensure that they would delivered on that date. The order came to approx. $1000.00. On that date no mattresses arrived. When we called Sam’s Club, they said the order was in process and that paying for express shipping meant they would just start the order a little sooner. We explained that we needed beds to sleep on and that we wanted to cancel the order. They said it was too late,… Read more »

I bought through Sam’s gift cards. Both of the cards had no value on them when we tried to use them. I called Sam’s twice to have the problem resolved. On the phone for probably over an hour each time. Both times they could not get the problem fixed. Both times I was promised they would call back. It has been over two weeks now and they have not called back. They have the money and no incentive to help. Very disappointed with Sam’s. Don’t buy gift cards from them.

I’m a Business member at Sam’s club, either she goes or we start going to Costco. This is a demand and not just a request. Either Sam’s sends her down the road or they can have my membership back !!!!!!!! I’ll be watching the news for her dismissal or I’m gone to Costco for it all !!! My Wife, myself and my whole Family are OFFENDED over this and it can not ! be passed by as a slip of the tongue !!! I have many Family members and Friends that are going to stop going because of this, you… Read more »

I have to complain against store #6435 in Tuscaloosa, al. They have adopted a poor policy of making us paying members lift our items to put in cart then lift it out , the poor cashier has to transfer it to another cart, then we have to then lift it again to the car, then again at home. Whew its too tiring to shop at Sams; We need Costcos in Tuscaloosa,Al!!!!!!!!! Annoyed……

They are doing the same in Dublin, OH. I spoke with a manager and she said it was sams new policy. I told her I was a customer not a servant and there is no customer service included in this new policy. I told her my membership is up next month and I’m not renewing.

They are doing the same thing to us at the Sam’s Club in Irondale and I am 64 yrs old and have a bad back and they wanted me to lift a box with 3 gals of bleach and I refused to do it again, with my back it was all I could do to get it into the basket the first time and they wanted me to lift it again when all I had to do was scan it with the wand. That was crazy so finally two not one but two lifted it out and put it into… Read more »

yes; I do believe they are trying to lose customers; If they don’t trust their customers anymore than that than to treat them like thieves maybe they should lose all their customers!!!!!!

Tired of Sam's Club Pharmacy

Problems with Sam’s Club Fishkill Pharmacy. Errors with script-serious ones. Management not responsive. In fact, when pharmacist at Sam’s Club made a serious error, the zone manager wouldn’t use her anymore but they still let her work at Walmart. Folks, your copay for drugs will be the same everywhere in the network. Go to your local pharmacy.

I live in Athens, GA. and twice I have had my prescriptions filled there only to be told that they don’t have it in stock….I upgraded my membership to a $100 a year, so I could received the discount on this medicine, but it’s never in stock when I go to get it filled. Each time I called to check to see if it was ready and they said yes…However, when I drove over to pick up the medicine, it wasn’t even in stock!!! Horrible customer service at Sam’s Club Pharmacy, and I will be cancelling my membership when it… Read more »

maintenance underpaid and over worked new ppl. that work in this department beware you will be doing way more than maintenance duties and other ppl. in that dept. will be no where to be found!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a complaint to make and all you have done has made me shop elsewhere and no it was not at Walmart ,it is elsewhere in Colorado Springs at Costsco. I haven’t made any large purchases up there but it is going to place soon if I don’t find some changes at our local Sam’s here in Pueblo. I have always but powdered form of Coffee Mate from here in Pueblo. NO LONGER AVAILABLE here. I got it elsewhere! My phone number is 719-545-2143 or cell 605-390-7799. It is up to you to how long you want my business… Read more »

i purchase some items from your sam’s club in phila pa for one price wanted some more of the same items so i went to another sam’s in new jersey but your service people said do not honor cost 19.00 more and that’s with my receipt it does not matter membership is same price from one store to another why as a consumer do we have to pay a higher price for the same items this is not business will u honor prices from your other stores?

Sam’s club has signs posted on items stating sale when in fact they are only for exclusive club members. This is in my opinion, false advertising. It should state so on the sign advertising the items are only for certain members. Sam Walton would not be happy with the way you treat customers. All you care about now is the bottom line and how to cheat the shopper out of more money. I am seriously considering dropping my membership. Who needs this aggravation along with rude employees who don’t care about anything but themselves and their prior evening. ENOUGH. I… Read more »

There seems to be very little reason to shop Sam’s Club over Costco. I can’t complain about the personnel or service, but when my Bose speakers malufunctioned 1-3/4 years into ownership they told me they could do nothing as it it was beyond their 90 day return policy. I was further told, that they, Sam’s "flollow" Costco’s return policies, which they said are also 90 days. This is not true, as Costco doubles the maunfacturer’s coverage. Had I purchased at Costco, my pricey speakers would have been exchanged without question. What’s the advantage of Sam’s?

I have sent several emails and NONE of our emails have been answered. I would like to submit a complaint about the Bristol Va. Sam’s Club. Almost every time we go there, they have quit selling items we buy all the time, or they are out of stock. They never leave the item in the same place. I do not understand why they have to move their items weekly to a diffent location in the store. Currently, the only large container of yogurt the Bristol Sam’s Club carries is Greek Yogurt (which is more expensive then the plain yogurt). When… Read more »
Your Murietta store is in need of some adult supervision. While I doubt that you even give a s**t about my complaints, I will tell you anyway and hopefully discourage anyone from going there to expect any where near decent service. It is strictly help yourself store, that afford no customer assistance unless you have all day to wait for someone. Purchase an item that requires you present a chit to the cashier who in turn will have the item brought to you. Well, the person he sent for the item came back five minutes later, only to say we… Read more »

i say the same thing all the time about walmart, the founder would be turning in his grave if he knew the way they run the company and how they treat their employees. even something as simple as making converstaion in line is above the cashiers at either store.

I wish I’d read this page before I decided to purchase a watch from Sam’s online. I was sure that if I don’t like the product that I buy online, I could return it to the store at any time for immediate refund. My experience with was absolutely wonderful, so I did not hesitate thinking sam’s offers the same level of services. I was so wrong! The watch that I purchased came 3 days later than they had promised. But that was just the beginning of my sufferings. After I returned the watch to the nearest Sam’s, I was… Read more »

My wife is Asain and experienced the worst possible humiliation by a food server at Sam’s club. She went up to see what was being served and was completely ignored. I went up not knowing what had happened and asked what was being served and was immediatley offered as sample of chicken that was being kept in AL foil.

We all should be treated the same, as this act is racist if you ask me!!

Could you provide more information on how the server was racist? I’m not challenging your account, just curious.

Went to Sam’s club this afternoon to look at classes. I heard they had good prices and great customer service; nothing could be further from the truth. I picked out some frames and the associate looked at my prescription and said "Oh, those won’t work with these glasses". Picked out some other ones and asked the associate how much for the frames and lenses. He had no clue. He pulled out a sheet and started calculating, stopped twice to chit chat with another associate, then could never tell me the total price and said if you want to order them… Read more »

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