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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Stage Stores Inc
Corporate Address:
One Peebles St
Lawrenceville, Virginia 23970 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-743-8730
Company Contact: Andy Hall - President CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $88.60
Average Reported Losses: $44.30

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Charging For Cancelled Magazines

I shop at peebles stores. they always pressure you to purchase magazines for 3 months free and won’t charge if you cancel before 3 months. I did that and they kept sending them anyway. After several calls, they admitted they were wrong and sent me a refund check and also credited my account.

Now they said they made another mistake and want part of my refund back. I feel the high pressure sales approach and stall tactics take advantage of people.

I am forwarding a complaint to the new York state attorney general for his information and assistance in this matter. I have an excellent credit report and this will affect it.

Stop this practice.

comenity peebles magazine branch


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The magazine scam is getting worse. The number you call to cancel DOES NOT give you the option to cancel. Your only option is to “cancel” BUT continue the subscription at a $2 fee!! There is NO OPTION TO CANCEL OUTRIGHT. AND I am continuously being charged for MORE magazine subscriptions every month!! I’m sick of this!!! Cancelling this card!!! Yet the only instructions to cancel an account is to cut up the card and send it with a letter. Leaving the customer with NO PROOF that they did so. Do NOT get an account with this company. They are… Read more »
the Thomasville peebles the new manager of the store is just down right rude, she is wrong doing, and unfair. you never see her actually doing anything but sitting at the computer, she will never get up to help you unless something is said. ive even heard the phone ring and she is sitting right beside of it and just will not pick it up. the store is nasty and unorganized since she got there, it is not the same since all the good hard working people left. not willingly I’m sure but that’s another ball game. I hope it… Read more »

I am very disappointed in your stores in Staunton and Waynesboro Va. I have gone into the Staunton store 2 times in 2 wks. They had no new merchandise. I leave 40 minutes away. I wasted a trip. I’m no longer going to shop st peebles since the merchandise is the same every time I go.

I am a big shopper at Pebbles in Hornell NY and I understand they are doing away with the coupon books each month. That will hurt our store. I don’t have a Smart Phone or a printer on my computer. to receive coupons either I HOPE the books will return before too long. Thank you.

Their stupid debit card machine would ONLY speak to me in spanish. UM I dont speak spanish! When i asked the lady why its in spanish and i dont know what its asking me to sign etc she ignored me!! TWICE!! Third time she said,” We wont get into it” WTH?? Nope…you dont talk to me in ENGLISH…our language of the UNITED STATES then i wont spend my money in your store.

They convinced me to sign up for the free 3 month subscription and promised they would cancel it for me after the 3 months. They never did and I just got charged 18 dollars! I don’t know who I call to cancel this.

I bought a pair of Clark sandals in Peebles last year for $39.99. I had a 40 percent coupon that I used, needless to say this year they changed the price to $39.98, so you can’t use your coupon, because it ends in 98. I find it despicable, I fact you will probably lose a good customer.


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