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Last Updated On: August 9, 2017

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Business Name: Macy's Inc
Corporate Address:
7 West Seventh St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 513-579-7000
Company Contact: Terry J Lundgren - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.29 out of 5
Based On: 74 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 36

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $18,825.17
Average Reported Losses: $254.39

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Hung up 3 times for asking where my order was

I ordered two items that were exactly the same. They shipped separately, I had no problem with that, so I waited.

9 days pass and I try and call to find out what the status was, they said status will be updated in 24 hours if we don’t contact you, please call us back.

To no surprise, I call them back after 24 hours to be hung up, not once but 3 times. I call back and demand to speak to a manager, she states that I would have to wait 10 days for them to file a report. I complained again and she tells me that apparently, we do not agree and began talking over me.

I cancelled the order since customer service just means talk over and belittle customers to them.

I will be cancelling Macy’s credit card and take my business elsewhere.

Macy’s – 7 West Seventh St Cincinnati Ohio 45202 | 513-579-7000

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Exactly—They have tormented me on the phone for days during dinner time—-for the purpose of telemarketing, surveys, and or fraud—having been a custumer for over twenty years—I am canceling my account–They are currently being sued by the State of California for fraud: “bait and switch” with huge financial damages—they are rude and hire dumb people from overseas—who are inept and do not understand English—beware, they are also vindictive—as I told them to cease the calls and threatened legal action—these thin skinned bullys can dish it out however, they cannot take any responsibility for their actions—Motivated by greed, they shall go… Read more »

Those f***s in the Philippines are idiots while trying to resolve issues with them. What? No American workers? Tried to go on line and pay bill and again cannot due to either email or password is incorrect. I getting sick for it’s a third time. I know my passwords and my email. Will go to pay off at store and cancel card. There are plenty of other stores willing to work with me and take my money

I ordered $800.00 worth of shoes online over a month ago. I received an email confirmation with an order number. After not receiving the shoes, I went to my account to check the status. Only then did I see that my order was cancelled. I called the 800 number and after being placed on hold for 15 minutes, I was told that my order was cancelled because my billing and my shipping address are different. I shop online all of the time and if there is ever a concern over the difference of addresses, the retailer calls 90% of the… Read more »

Just cancelled my credit card with Macys..I’ve been shopping in the INC dept for years. I’m an African American and every time I shop at the store in Fairview Heights, Il. in the INC Dept the little Asian lady that works that dept. always give me a hard time. Well I over heard her tell her co-worker that “Those People” meaning blacks that she really hates waiting on people like myself. Well missy you don’t ever have to worry about this black lady again!!! I’m done with Macys!!!

Just cancelled my Macy’s credit card. My wife has already cancelled her credit card. We are both furious with your allowing politics to enter into your sales campaigns. We will not shop at any of your stores in the future. Too bad; we really have enjoyed your merchandise and the number of stores presently in the Salt Lake City area.

I have cancelled my card and do not intend on Shopping Macy’s and I am a huge online customer. Three of my friends cancelled their accounts as well as both daughters

Furious that Macy’s is so political they dropped Ivanka Trump Line. So sick of you liberals. You are here to serve all and not be bias. I know longer need to shop in your store or online. My Friends have posted on Facebook and we have friends up north that are doing the same thing.

were is my order, took my money $200.00 hundred dollars never sent me
my order. call Macy’s tell I was blue in the face over and over again have not reimburse me yet sales associate Brenda at Chicago store is rude and
said that’s not her problem she works in Eileen fisher department.

I do not like the commercial.with the young girl doing that bamboo commercial.she. Looks like she is very bad taste.I would never let any children watch .. Any girl parade around like that people are complaining mad in Colorado and you made the wrong choice

July 2016, I received an email from Macys’ telling me the balance on my Macy’s account. I found that ODD considering that I had not used my card since March 2016. I looked up my Macy’s account to see what the hell was purchased for $2,025.64. First of all, I noticed the shipping address had been changed from my address to an address that I did not recognize. The charges were not listed because this was an online purchase. Keep in mind, my Macy’s credit card was in my drawer in a safe place. When I arrived to work, I… Read more »
I called to inquire about charges of $4.00 on my account that Macys is charging me for interest after paying my balance off on due date and customer reps in the Phillipines wanted me to pay using a cust. rep. I called several times to pay via automation service and kept being kicked back to a rep and they kept telling to call back, then they switch the story telling that I could not pay via automation which I felt was bs on their part. As a result I will cancel my account and never shop in any Macys again.… Read more »

This happened to me also. They charged me $2.00 for the same thing.
I will be closing this account. For another reason also. They allowed fraud to be charged to my account with an on line purchase and Macy’s did not notify me until it was time for them to receive payment on purchases that I HAD NOT made.

Did not have a good experience here and will not be going back anytime soon!

OMG!!!! I just discovered bedbugs on my new box spring i just purchased a year ago..there were no bugs on the mattress but the box spring is infested..i am so dissapointed right about now. I have not slept all night had to put my sheets and covers in the washer at 3 in the morning, have not been able to sleep. My house is brand new and im afraid im going to have it infested with these bed bugs. But take it from me i will sue Macy’s for the damages, report them to consumers affairs and Blast them in… Read more »

You had the mattress for a year. How is the bed bugs Macys fault? That’s your issue, idiot.

Was shopping a Macy’s today and when I went to use my Macy’s charge card I was told I needed to reapply because I had not used it in 2 years….my card expiration date is Sept. 2014. I am shocked that I could not shop anytime I wanted to up to the expiration date. I am done with Macy’s and I will not reapply as I will no longer be shopping at Macy’s.

My wife was shopping at Macy’s and tried to use her credit card. She was told it had been cancelled since it hadn’t been used in 2 years, "would you like to open a new one". She said yes and the clerk submitted the info. 2 days latter we got a from Macy’s saying they thought someone had tried to use her info to open a fraudulent account. We gave them the information they needed and was told it was all set. 2 weeks latter we got a letter stating the card was turned down due to "inability to verify… Read more »

Welcome to the new Macys!

Anyone fooled by this shark of a company should be embarrassed, they have let go of all the good people who stood by them for years, only to increase the fat pockets of a ceo who could give a crap less .

Enjoy the market for now , it wont last …. just walk into any macys and see for yourself , might as well shop at kmart imo.

Have to say I disagree. Still heads and tails above Kmart and most large retailers for that matter. One of the few retailers with a positive future. As far as “it won’t last” goes…what does? Macy’s has been around for 150 years. You don’t achieve that being crap. Where are Gimbals? Orbachs? A&S? Filenes? Caldwells? They went the way of the Dodo while Macy’s has thrived. They must be doing something right.

I went to exchange several suits I received for Christmas and when I went in the store I had to search to find someone and then I was sent to a specific register to have help but only to find the cashier was busy having a great time with a couple and just pointed me to the wrong section and laughed when I went there. The customer was looking at me laughing. I guess they thought I was "beneath" them with my gym suit on. When I did not find the suits I went back for a refund and was… Read more »

Was told by a employee at Marcy’s in Fairmont, TX, when looked at me, to shop at Wal-Mart or Target. All I wanted was a blue coat that was on sale.

xtreme emotional hardship as I have to re-pay the health insurance provider and have been unable to do so due to the lack of a salary. As a result, I now have a collection and lien against me. It has been very difficult financially these past months as this set back has triggered my other financial obligations such as continued delinquencies on child support payments, late/delayed mortgage payments resulting in pre foreclosure of my home. The very possibility of facing the loss of my home has added to the mental anguish of now being homeless and trying to focus and… Read more »
About MACY’S Customer Service: Without any doubt, MACY’S has the worst customer service. I received a notification about a fraudulent activity on my MACY’S account which was reported to my credit bureau, degrading my score credit unbelievably low for an amount less than $50. I called the fraud department and let them know that the transaction does not belong to me. They told me to fill out a form and include my driver’s license copy to investigate the process. After that, my account that was set to auto-payment, automatically paid the invalid transaction. I called the fraud department again, and… Read more »

Maybe you can use a general credit card to shop there. I just filed a fraudulent claim last week and went and filed a police report for fraudulent activity on my Macy’s account. Macy’s is sending me another card with a new account number. However, I really don’t want a new Macy’s card, because I feel they do not protect their account holders.

I have not been in Macy’s for a long time and tonight my husband and I stopped by the Macon Mall in Macon GA to look for me a blouse at Macy’s. When I gave my Macy’s American Express Credit Card to the lady, she had to call someone to check it out and then they told me that because I had not used my card in a long time, I would have to go the office and reactivate it. It has on my card that it does not expire until September 2013. I told the lady that I would… Read more »

Stay far away!!!! Macys sold me a damage Beautyrest Black mattress and then tried to lie about it. The have dumb people who work in their warehouses in NJ and cannot read. DO NOT BUY MATTRESS FROM MACY BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN SITTING IN THE WAREHOUSE AND THEY ARE USED!!!!

I have been a good customer, and have used the Macy’s credit card and never been late nor missed paying off all the debt on time. I missed this payment because mail was mixed in with a neighbor’s delivery and I received it late. I called in and spoke to Clayton in India and he refused any leeway for the late fee which was more than one fourth of what was owed. I went immediately to Macy’s in Newington,, New Hampshire and paid the bill and had the card destroyed by Luis from Ecuador. I have cancelled that card and… Read more »
I would warn everyone who comes across this comment to stay away from Macy’s!! I worked here for almost 5 years of my life! And I gave it everything I had, however when I became pregnant last year it seemed that my manager and co workers were trying to make my job harder than what it really was. I was denied FMLA because I supposedly didn’t work 1250hrs or more during the previous year, however I made a little over $13000 last year you do the math $13100/$9.20 = 1,423hrs so somewhere someone is lying and it isn’t me. Furthermore,… Read more »

Macy’s company very abusing employees, please do not buy anything from them, the worse stores in America.
Especially the store manager from Westminster, her names Maria , she was unprofessional and no educated…..

I agree with you, you have to specific the store Westminster California, she made me so disappointed when i shopped their in the month of November, she danced on the floor like she is in the club……..

been working for Macys for almost 3 years and no raise yet. The only way one is given a raise is if you meet your daily goal everyday and get two plus credits everyday. I guess helping the customer find for 2 hours for a wedding, or helping a customer reslove a problem doesn’t mean much anymore these days. Oh well.


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