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Last Updated On: March 14, 2017

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Business Name: Sears Brands LLC
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3100 W Big Beaver Rd
Troy, Michigan 48084 USA

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Kmart Phone Number: 866-562-7848
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Company Contact: Edward Lampert - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.44 out of 5
Based On: 75 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 61

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Reported Losses: $3,920.93
Average Reported Losses: $52.28

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New returns policy bad for customers

I’ve been shopping at Kmart for many years. I will never shop there or Sears again because they have changed the returns and exchanges policy to a 30 day limit.

Kmart refused to refund or exchange items I bought totaling about $40 for a gift that was not usable. Now I am stuck with children’s clothes.

I am not the only person who sometimes waits until I have more than one reason to drive to a town to shop. That is why I waited to return these items. Times must be pretty bad for them to need to keep customers’ money this way.

They will lose far more than $40 from me in the future sales. I am posting this to as many places as I can.

Kmart – 1000 Montauk Highway West Babylon NY 11704

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Abigail Holli Clemons
My son had been asking for a particular toy for Christmas 2016 and in the K-Mart Christmas toy booklet there was a coupon for $15 off the toy. I went into my local store in Grayling, Michigan and could not find the toy on the shelves so I asked one of the employees about it and showed the coupon. The employee told me that the toy I was interested in was not in the last shipment sent to the store and that they had been told by corporate there would not be any more shipped until after the coupon expired,… Read more »
For the past 30 years I’ve been collecting the teddy bears. they are priced at $10.00 each or two for $20.00. I never paid tax on any of them UNTIL last year. Since the Kmart I usually went to has closed, I had to go to the one in New Brunswick, NJ. This would make my 31st bear. I found the one I wanted and went to the front to pay for it. First of all, the cashier said she had no cash in her register, strange, then she said she only accepted debit and credit cards. ok, when it… Read more »

Boycott KMart ladies. They do business with the Trump products/family. Why enrich their coffers? Shop Target instead. Boycotts are highly effective.

Just getting an even exchange is not possible after ordering two pairs of jeans at in two dif colors. Seems even though they both say relaxed fit in the men’s jeans, they are not the same cut from hip to ankle (one is relaxed only from knee to ankle). Husband liked one not the other, so I re-ordered one of the same in the liked color and had it sent to the closest store for pick-up. I had a pair of booties bought for daughter in another state for Christmas that I’d ordered a larger size in as well… Read more »
I October 15, 2016, I began ordering the kids toys that were on my Christmas list. One of the toys was a My Tikes First Helicopter which a gift for the grandson. I found that the helicopter does not work properly, so since I order it online I called the number on my invoice. I gave my order and item numbers, and verified my address. I explain that I had order this item as a Christmas gift but it was not work properly. She apologized for the toy not working but was wasn’t able to do anything about it because… Read more »

Contact the manufacturer, they should have a warranty as well!

I am absolutely aggravated with Kmart in Greenwich ny. I went in and bought a pair of school shoes for my son which did not last more than 35 days I went in with the shoes to request to have them returned to get another pair and they would not go past the 30 days. I had to keep the sneakers that were all ripped out because they wouldn’t let me exchange them because their policy doesn’t go more than 30 days. Then my son receives a jacket with the tags on it for Christmas for $40 and he doesn’t… Read more »
I bought a car seat at Kmart in Kalispell MT for a baby shower in Grants Pass Ore, they did not need it came home to return an unopened box and was told they would not take it back because I was 3 days past the 30 days return policy. I could not return it where I was because I did not have the receipt. I called their customer service phone line refused to help. Sears and Kmart are not a customer friendly store. Please boycott these stores. Their managers are not allowed to over ride anything to help customers… Read more »
Went to Kmart in Roseville Michigan, buying a bike but I couldn’t fit in my car. I put the bike in layaway 2 weeks later I go to pick up bike…the layaway line is almost to back of store. I waited in line 3 hours. They had 1 person working the entire time. Manager by the name of Peggy came by after 2 hours of staying there made an announcement about help and taking tickets. Walked away and was never seen again my entire remaining time. They had so many people and lost layaways! With only 1 cashier who had… Read more »

They should have been able to do a sales adjustment right at the Cust Service desk and credit you back the difference to your card. Ask for Managers whenever you run into these types of issues. I find it makes a difference, always. No way I wouldn’t have been screaming for a manager waiting in line for three hours!

I went online on 12/3/16 to bought 6 items and was charged on my credit card for all Items ordered to find an email from kmart today 12/5/16 Stating – “Unfortunately, all of your shipping item(s) below from salescheck #XXXXXXXXXXXX are no longer available online, and we’re very sorry we had to cancel this order. The out of stock item(s) are listed below in this email, and your refund has been initiated. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for the refund to be credited to your original form of payment.” WHY WOULD IT ALLOW TO SHOW & CHARGE… Read more »
didn’t want to resort to this, but I am so appalled by my experience and how it was handled by Kmart/Sears customer service that I feel compelled to share it so no one else has to waste their valuable time on this company.I have a Kmart store about a mile from my home, but have preferred to spend my money at a competitor’s store, which is the same distance from my work as Kmart is from my home, due to better prices and selection. In the past few months. I have opened up to shopping at Kmart once again. Today… Read more »

I would like to know why KMart has NO AUSTRALIANS in their TV commercials what do Australians NOT wear Hoodies?????? Your shop has inferior cheaply made products and I NEVER shop there but KMart who is your target market certainly NOT AUSTRALIANS shame on you!

BROCKTON,MASS. STORE EMPLOYEES VERY RODE AND DO NOT CARE IN THE LEAST ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE.Really bad experience.Even dealt with some manager on the floor who was rude also.When you’r on the Titanic of department stores you should try a little harder.It was my 1st visit to kmart in 10 years Now my last.


Why does Kmart even have a Black Friday ad, if they are never going to sell it to you? What a nightmare!!! I ordered 21 items….they managed to ship 2 of them correctly. I got the wrong items or never got them at all. I get the run around when I call or get “disconnected” because they don’t want to sell you the items. My items were canceled because they are “out of stock”, but the same items are on their website for sale right now! They won’t change the price if I reorder the items that they never sent… Read more »
I ordered a few items through the kmart website the order form provided does not come with a return label but yet it has instructions on how to require a shipping return label through the kmart order center website. However, the website made it extremely difficult to print a return shipping label and I made three phone calls speaking to customer service representatives (who all three of them spoke with a very strong accent) making them aware of the problem. The third associate so called manager I spoke with ended up saying I ordered the right items they will not… Read more »

had a $10 coupon with a new Rx (I was going to buy coffee maker there) and was told with M’care you can’t use it–transferring “All” my Rx’s to Publix !!–you are losing “all my business” –being punished because I am old !!–
I have worked hard all my life–never depended on the gov’t for anything until now–thks for making me feel like I am getting something for nothing !!!

Went to get my layaway today and the employee’s are very rude and their rude to everyone who was standing in line. There this older blonde lady who hates her job always rude and rude every time I been in there, if I acted like that I acted like that were I worked I’d be fired. What happen to being helpful and nice to the people your waiting on. No wonder Kmart’s are going out of business. Do you every teach your employee’s how to treat people. Here a hint you’d get a lot more business if your employee learned… Read more »

What a sad sad store. Dirty disorganized rude. Terrible marketing terrible commercials no target market. Just shutdown. “Where members get more”. wHAT MEMBERS. The store is horrible. Every site not just one.

The Kmart in Bed ford In. is closing and have a ton of toys and if no one buys them on Sunday they are going to throw the rest away, instead of giving them to children in need or to Riley for Christmas presents, now if that don’t say Scrooge then I don’t know what does.

The Human Resource person at the Steger Kmart in Illinois is an idiot and should be fired. When she hires you she lies about hours wages and work you will be doing. The turn over of people is horrible. Nobody wants to stay. Every week there is a new face in that store. She’s been at her job too long and needs to go!

Who is Butch?

Bought a Singapore Chain reg Price 499.00 on sale @70% off Was then home went on Amazon they were selling exact same one for 45.00.isnt this considered Price gouging or at least bad buisness.kmart You Have Lost my buisness and since store is closing i Cant return it.

I shop at kmart in Olean,New York and there is only one power chair which hardly works am handicap and can onley walk so far I thjnk they should have more than one chair so Im gone to have to shop at a store nthat sit up for handicap people that has more than one power chair gonnnne to miss shopping akmart unless they get moree piower chairs FOR THE DISABLE PEOPLE.

I went to the Athens,TN K-Mart and tried to purchase some post-seasonal clearance items. The sign posted over the Thanksgiving items said, "75 percent off current price." There were two prices listed. To me, the current price would be the one listed last. I expected the cashier to take 75 percent off the most (current) price, the lower price. Tammy,the manager informed me that it means 75 percent off the original price. She refused to honer the add, or to change the sign. It should have stated clearly 75 percent off the original price,if that was what it meant Hobby… Read more »

I work there and it is suppose to be 75% off the discounted price. If it’s original price is $10. and it is marked $8. You would get it for $2.

I’ll never shop at K-Mart or buy Joe Boxer products again.

The Joe Boxer commercial was the worst, disgusting and shameful ad I have seen in a long time… Shame on you…for the love of money or for whatever reason you did this…it was terrible…little children with all their innocence and love of the Christmas Holiday were exposed to this…I will never shop at your store again…even the men that would take part in such a disgusting display of bad taste ought to be ashamed…forever ashamed…and again…SHAME ON YOU!!!!


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