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Last Updated On: September 26, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: J. C. Penney Corp Inc
Corporate Address:
6501 Legacy Dr
Plano, Texas 75024 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-322-1189
Company Contact: Ronald B Johnson - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.92 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $5,143.87
Average Reported Losses: $367.42

Most Recent Complaint

Is JCPenney a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

New Hoodie has BedBugs, Nymphs and Eggs...Boy and Family Hurt!

JC Penney Battle Creek Michigan Black Boys’ Size Hoodie. Bedbug nymphs and eggs inside of sleeves.

Feeds on Boy’s Upper Arms and Tops of Hands While he is wearing it, and then creates an infestation in the child’s bed and bedroom.

He receives more bites each night until infestation is cleared through spraying and vacuuming and mattress cover boxspring cover.

I have to do the same thing for other beds in the house and for the couches. And the carpets, everywhere.

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Yesterday I went to JC Penney in Leominster, Ma. I was terribly disappointed when I got home. I had been overcharged on several items and the cashier had rung so many items at the same time that I did not see this until I checked my slip when I go home. An example: $10.50 for a nail file that was in a bin marked by 2 and get one for .01. I had to by 4. I feel that $10.50 for a nail file, (not even metal) is ridiculous. SKU96100-095886 So I feel I am out $10.50. Then I purchased… Read more »
bought a bogo set of recliners on Columbus day sale. 890.00 chair on sale for 460.00 with one free. selected 1 and waited on my chairs. shipping company called and said they had my chair ready and I asked why only 1 chair, they had no idea. called pennys and was told I only selected one not 2. common sense would be if listed as buy one get one free only check one, if checked 2 you would get 4 chairs. she said it was confusing and had been changed. asked if she would send other chair and she said… Read more »
Morning Went to your J C Penny store on Sunday June 4th in Carlsbad Ca to get an Invicta watch that I had gotten for a gift Christmas of 2016 sized. In your watch department a young lady was able to help right away, but she then walked away with the watch to a different counter where another lady named Rachel and a gentleman were standing so went over there in front of me they said they were going to Google how to take some links out.I noticed as I walked up she had a scowl on her face,said is… Read more »
Dear Aptly Named "Hardcase", First of all you are obviously an ignorant person. But just because you fear and dislike what is different from you doesn’t make it a just cause to despise other humans – and certainly doesn’t mean someone is "putting it in your face", just because they support homosexuality and get endorsements from people who are gay. Gay people exist and shouldn’t be any less represented than any other people. Further, for your information humans can procreate without having **** with one another, and it’s been happening, legally, for over 50 years in the USA – therefore… Read more »

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