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Last Updated On: June 5, 2017

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Business Name: JC Penney Company Inc
Corporate Address:
6501 Legacy Dr
Plano, Texas 75024 USA

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JCPenney Phone Number: 800-322-1189
Company Contact: Ronald B Johnson - CEO
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Average Rating: 2.11 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

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Reported Losses: $4,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $400.00

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Formaldehyde And Contact Dermatitis - Yes What They Put In Dead People!

So I purchased a shirt and a pair of pants from jc penny along with more than $200.00 worth of other clothing items for work. I shop there frequently and pay good money for what I recently discovered was clothes soaked in embalming fluid! Yes! That same stuff that they put in dead people. I wore the shirt and pants and itched all day. All day! Couldnt be my body spray because I didnt spray my back or legs right? No! Its my clothes. For days I itched and scratched only to find out that I had contracted a rash all over my body! My neck, my arms, my chest, my legs and stomach and yes my behind, can you imagine being so itchy that it wakes you up out of your sleep?

I have a baby all of 4 months old. I couldnt hold him for the past week because I have been covered in ointment, calamine lotion and creams! Mother’s day!? A very unhappy day, because there was no relaxation! Just itching and burning! No resting my baby on my chest because im covered in ointment.

I went to the doctor on monday and was told it was contact dermatitis!! See the wrinkle free clothing that jc pennys sells is soaked in formaldehyde. Its supposed to make the fabric stay wrinkle free, just like its used to keep dead people wrinkle free!! You almost ask yourself who would sell this stuff to people and jc penny does! What of my baby had touched or lay on my shirt? Talk about one pissed off a*s mother.

Its bad enough ive suffered for the past week, but I call my local jc penny store and they offer to give me a refund on the shirt and pants along with a little something extra to try to get me to forgive the situation. I figure maybe a gift card with a nice chunk of cash to help me get over the anguish!! I go in, I get my refund for the clothes and the manager leaves me an envelope. I was slightly excited and then I find that they think so little of my situation that this inconsiderate a*s person leaves me (2), yes two $10.00 off coupons for a purchase of $10.00 or more!! Insanity!!

Whats more is that she (this manager named kendra) and I talked about my situation and how horrible my mothers day was with my baby because I could’nt love on him and relax!! She even had the audacity to tell me the story of her friend that contracted contact dermatitis from some washing powder that she used!! Talk about your thoughtless inconsiderate a*s people.

Ill be taking things a step further. How dare they fail to be more considerate of the level of damage that has been done mentally and personally!! Funny because the doctor I went to wondered why my blood pressure was so high when I went in!! Im through the roof!

Jc Penny – Lakewood, Ca

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Morning Went to your J C Penny store on Sunday June 4th in Carlsbad Ca to get an Invicta watch that I had gotten for a gift Christmas of 2016 sized. In your watch department a young lady was able to help right away, but she then walked away with the watch to a different counter where another lady named Rachel and a gentleman were standing so went over there in front of me they said they were going to Google how to take some links out.I noticed as I walked up she had a scowl on her face,said is… Read more »
Dear Aptly Named "Hardcase", First of all you are obviously an ignorant person. But just because you fear and dislike what is different from you doesn’t make it a just cause to despise other humans – and certainly doesn’t mean someone is "putting it in your face", just because they support homosexuality and get endorsements from people who are gay. Gay people exist and shouldn’t be any less represented than any other people. Further, for your information humans can procreate without having **** with one another, and it’s been happening, legally, for over 50 years in the USA – therefore… Read more »

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